My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 846

“Miss! Long Yi has completed the mission!!”
Wan Ziwen’s bodyguard is excited!
This is the best news he has gotten recently!
The last time Karen li hurt him, he wanted Karen li to die!
He couldn’t do it himself, but Long Yi did it! !
“Oh! Are you sure?” Wan Ziwen sat upright!
Her expression is not lazy!
There is excitement! !
“Okay! Long Yi, designed an explosion point! A bridge was blown up. Karen li’s car hit a stone.
The car was scrapped. When she came out, her head was bleeding and her hand was broken!
After some fierce fighting, Karen li was exhausted. End, and finally forced to jump down by Long Yi!” He said more and more excited!
Feeling completely uncontrollable!
“Jiaohe?” Wan Ziwen suddenly frowned!
“Yes! That river is the most dangerous river in the National Super League. You can jump over
20 meters! You can’t stand the iron! Not to mention people? Long Yi noticed that for nearly 20
minutes, Karen li did not Come out, washed away by water!”
Wan Ziwen was relieved.
The man said the river, she is clear!
The river is so steep, if people jump down, they will definitely die! !
Karen li jumped down in the case of serious injuries and exhaustion, which was undoubtedly the last trace of useless struggle! !
“Good job!” Wan Ziwen appreciated!
Long Yi is worthy of being the first master of Wanjia!
Encountered by Karen li is also a dead end!
The facts also prove this!
“That is, who is Long Yi!”
“Do it clean or not!” Wan Ziwen barely worried about this.
“Miss rest assured! Long Yi, you can rest assured!”
“If it weren’t for Karen li to be so intrusive, I don’t want her to die so early, because, how can I say that she is such a woman, I still can’t afford it! However, she doesn’t know what to do! It’s no wonder I! ”
“Where is Chuck!” Wan Ziwen asked.
“He’s still dealing with his own business empire! But it’s useless. It’s unbearable!”
“I want to meet him!”
“Miss, would you like to tell him that his mother is dead?” The man was terrible!
Wan Ziwen glanced at him, “I don’t want to, how can I tell him this kind of thing? This must be told by someone else, I can’t even show up! Just see how he reacts!”
“What reaction can he have? Chuck hasn’t depended on him as a mother? Without Karen li, Chuck is nothing! Now that Karen li is dead, Chuck will only lose a backer, but now, Zhang Miss Ce You, this one is close to you, but it is more useful than Karen li!”
He dismissed Chuck! !
“Go, look at Chuck!” Wan Ziwen went outside!
The man followed immediately! !

Zhang Qingyang is looking at the map, he is looking at the Zhang family’s place!
This is a homework!
Zhang Qingyang didn’t look at it, he was restless! !
He wanted to drink water, the quilt in his hand fell to the ground and shattered into pieces! !
He squatted down to clean, his fingers were bleeding!
When he frowned, he called Karen li, but it was turned off!
“It’s rare for Karen? How could it be shut down?”
Zhang Qingyang murmured to himself, and didn’t understand why Karen li’s mobile phone would be like this!
It’s never been like this before! !
He continued to fight, still like this!
He stared at the phone and someone knocked on the door!
“Come in!”
“Homeowner please!” This is a woman who came in.
“Grandpa? Didn’t you meet just this morning?”
Zhang Qingyang muttered to himself, got up and followed the woman to see his grandfather!
Still in a dark room!
A pair of cloudy eyes is obvious!
“Grandpa, what do you ask?” Zhang Qingyang asked.
“I want you to go to China immediately!”
“Go to China? Didn’t you tell me not to go out recently?” Zhang Qingyang muttered to himself, the uneasiness in his heart was particularly obvious!
“Things change! I want you to find your son!”
“it is good!”
Zhang Qingyang also wanted to see his son, but he had never seen it last time!
He sometimes feels that he is like an invisible person. He has no control over Chuck’s affairs, and Karen li has always dealt with it.
Will Chuck be strange to himself like this? ?
“Remember, I asked you to find Karen li, and did not make you and Karen li have a son, Chuck, he is still your pawn!!”
“Grandpa, Chuck is my son! Not a chess piece!”
Zhang Qingyang shook his head and said definitely.
“Asshole!! Chuck didn’t enter the genealogy! He is an outsider, and an outsider is a piece that can be used at any time! I hope you figure this out!!!”
“Ah! I go to China!”
“I let you find him, don’t have to show up, help him secretly! Don’t let Wanjia, Youjia know, Chuck is your son!!”
“I know, by the way, grandpa, why did you suddenly let me go to China?” He was uneasy and asked him to continue!
“It’s no big deal! I looked away! A chess piece is gone.” Zhang Family head shook his head and said that there was no mood swing!
“No? Who’s gone?” Zhang Qingyang shivered.
“My favorite piece, Karen li! I just received news that Karen li was on her way to her technology company. There was a problem on the road, and even someone drove the car into the river!
The Zhang family head is talking about a trivial matter.

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