My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 851

Chuck stunned for a moment, Chuck, who had never cried, tears in his eyes, “Sister Li, what are you talking about? My mother?”
“Mr. Li’s way to the technology company, the road collapsed, Mr. Li drove into the river…”
Betty cried!
This is the first time she is so sad!
When she received this news, her grief came out instantly!
Karen li has nurtured her to the present and has unparalleled trust in her!
This is the feeling that others have not given her!
However, this person who has great gratitude to her is so dead!
Chuck knows that he has not dreamed, this is true, his mother? !
Chuck burst into tears!
Last time I hurriedly hung up my mother’s phone, and now Chuck regrets it! !
I can’t answer my mother’s phone anymore? !
Chuck remembered the words of coach Qiushui, and he never knew when to come by accident!
“Master!” Betty cried.
“My mother’s water is so good, even if it hits the river, she will not die, absolutely not! I will return to my country immediately!!”
Chuck wiped tears!
Mom’s physical fitness, is that top-notch? ?
Even if people take a car to the river, can there be a way to save themselves? !
“Master, that river is the most smiling river in the country, not to mention that it is more than 20
meters high. When people rush down, no matter how high their physical quality, they can’t resist it!” Betty didn’t believe it!
However, this is the case!
The power of a moment of falling can’t bear it! !
This is common sense! !
“I don’t care, I want to look back at the country now!” Chuck didn’t want to stay for a moment!
“Well, I’m ready for the plane!” Betty prepared the plane in advance!
Betty knows what Chuck is thinking!
“Okay!! Wait a minute, Sister Li!”
Chuck ran back!
Yolanda, who was nervously waiting for Chuck, suddenly saw Chuck rushing in!
“Chuck, you solved the opposite person so quickly?” Yolanda was stunned!
Too fast?
“No, I’m going back to China now! You’ll deal with things in China!”
“Okay, Chuck, are you crying? What happened?” Yolanda was more shocked.
Chuck, a 20-year-old man, why did he cry when he ran out just now?
“I…” Chuck’s nose was sour and weeping!
He doesn’t think men can’t cry!
Especially when a loved one has an accident!
Chuck couldn’t help crying!
“Chuck, what happened? Why are you crying?” Yolanda was shocked!
In her heart, Chuck is a super rich second generation!
Good fighting, good psychological quality, this kind of man, cry?
There is only one reason, something happened at home!
“My mother, something happened,” Chuck choked!
Yolanda was shocked!
“I will take you down now!”
Yolanda was stunned and Chuck went downstairs!
parking lot!
A bullet came over!
Betty’s eyes are cold!
“Master? Is this?”
“Ouyang Fei and them! Solve them for me!” Chuck didn’t want to stay for a moment!
When he reached the river in the country, Chuck was looking for it!
Even if you are looking for a lifetime, as a son, Chuck does not want to let his mother’s body stay calm in the river.
“Okay! Master, rest assured! There is also your escort team here! They just shot a few times!”
Betty took out her phone, “Come here for me! The place on the top of the building, blow me up!!”
Ten seconds later, she made a second call, “Hey, I bought your house master! Don’t ask who I am! You must sell it! The money will arrive tomorrow!”
Within three minutes, ten helicopters flew over!
On the sky, such a spectacular scene, the people below were stunned!
On the plane, a bomb dropped!
boom! !
The roof of the building burst!
“What happened?”
“God! Was it attacked?!”
“Still demolishing the building!!”
People on the street are stunned!
They don’t know what happened!
However, there are many planes on the roof!
There are explosions!
So scary!
Ouyang Fei, You Tianle is angry! !
“Chuck, that bastard, actually used this trick!”
Ouyang Fei has the strength, but she can’t carry the bomb! !
She and You Tianle were looking for a place to hide, and bombs made her two embarrassed!
Ouyang Fei screamed! !
A blasted stone hit her!
The roof collapsed!
Ouyang Fei screamed, and fell in fear with You Tianle!
Chuck looked up!
“Let the guards protect Yolanda!” Chuck said coldly!
“Relax, young master!”
Betty drove!
“Ouyang Fei, wait for me, and I will commit suicide by yourself!!” Chuck called Ouyang Fei!
“Chuck, you are a scum, you plant a bomb? You!”
Ouyang Fei was extremely angry!
She is still alive!
“wait for me!”
After Chuck finished speaking, the phone hung up!
“Yolanda, you get off here! I’m going to squint country!”
“Okay!” Yolanda got out of the car. “Chuck, I don’t know how to comfort you, you, mourn!”
Not to mention okay, Chuck’s eyes were red again.
Betty drove away!
Liu Na came down from the upstairs and she smiled enviously, “You and Chuck went out? How are you talking?”
“What are you doing with sighs?” Liu Na didn’t understand what Yolanda meant!
“Chuck is going to squint country, his mother… an accident!” Yolanda sighed, she seemed to follow Chuck a moment to squint country!
Liu Na was stunned. “Really? How could this be?”
She knows that Chuck is the second generation of super rich!
Then Zhang Ze’s mother is dead, what is Chuck? ?
“I don’t know, just know that life is impermanent!!!” Yolanda suddenly sighed.
She didn’t seem to have seen Chuck’s mother, but through Chuck, she roughly knew what kind of person Chuck was!
Such a person, say no, it’s gone!
“Yolanda, what about Chuck?”
At this time, Zelda happened to pass by the square!
She asked about Chuck!
For a while, Chuck didn’t find her.
Yolanda talked about Chuck’s mother, Zelda was already dumbfounded, “So, Chuck, looking back at the country?”
Zelda was already stunned. “Is that policy very sad? It must be! Alas! How could this be?”

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