My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 853

From the birth of Chuck to now, he has never been so angry like now! !
My mother was attacked by someone, tortured, and forced to jump out of this turbulent river, maybe it was pushed down!
Well, when my mother was dying, it was very painful!
He died after being tortured!
Chuck believes that any mother in the world can’t let his mother be so defeated! !
However, as I told my dad, my mom broke her hand and was seriously injured? ?
Chuckqing burst! !
An instant of anger was accumulated to the extreme! !
“This man’s strength should be comparable to your mother! Otherwise, it is impossible for your mother to jump from here!” Zhang Qingyang’s fist hit the ground!
Blood flows from the back of his hand!
“This person is not only a master of fighting! It’s also a person who is very thoughtful to the extreme, otherwise he will not be able to sneak into your mother! Absolutely not!”
Chuck clenched his fists!
Nails have penetrated into flesh and blood!
What is stinging? ?
Chuck is more sober!
“Mr. Zhang, you can find someone to check the nearby surveillance! As long as it appears, there can be no trace!” Betty said with red eyes!
“That’s where her mind is condensed. There are no suspicious people in this place! So, I will say that this person is about the same strength as Ceerma!”
Zhang Qingyang said coldly, “There is no master in the world who is a master of Ceer Ma! There is absolutely no one! So…”
“The Hidden Family?!”
Chuck, Betty unanimously! !
People who can assassinate their mothers have the ability to find such characters. Ordinary people can’t do it!
What can be done, I am afraid that only three secret families can do it! !
Ten thousand? !
Wan Zi Wenhui, his mother started?
It stands to reason that Wan Ziwen does not have this motive, right? ?
Chuck knows that he and You Shiwen are now overthrown. You Shiwen has dealt with himself and his mother in an all-round way!
She once lost in the hands of her mother, she was grieving, looking for someone except her mother!
This possibility is too great! !
“You Shiwen is very likely! It is absolutely great! However… Master, don’t forget, but there are three hidden families! There is another family!” Bettyyi pointed out! !
Chuck knows that the three hidden families, Wanjia, Youjia, and Zhang Family, who did not appear in front of themselves! !
“Oh, sister Li, how much do you know about this Zhang family?” Chuck asked!
To this day, Chuck has not touched the Zhang family!
Betty does not remind, Chuck forgets that there is a hidden family!
“Not much is known, in fact, President Li secretly checked this Zhang family!!!” Betty said.
“Secretly checked?!” Zhang Qingyang was stunned!
“Yes, President Li has been secretly collecting information from the three secret families ten years ago, but I haven’t asked how much President Li has collected over the years. There are definitely a lot!”
Zhang Qingyang’s face changed, “How many? Zhang’s?”
“It’s not clear, all this was done by President Li himself! No one knows. I only know that President Li is doing this. I don’t know. In the past ten years, she has collected the three secret families. How much information!!!”
Betty said!
Chuck did not expect!
Mom had done these things silently ten years ago?
The point is, haven’t the three big families discovered? !
Chuck was shocked!
Yeah, the mother collected it silently, and the three secret families are unlikely to know!
Who knows if it’s a ghost?
Mom’s vision is too strong, right?
When in Wumen, the requirement was to let all Wumen shot once!
This was a thing 20 years ago!
However, this is one of them. Ten years ago, when others did not know the secret family, she had secretly collected information!
this is too scary! !
What other vision does the mother have? ?
“Anyway, there should be a lot. By the way, I remember once, Mr. Li came back at night and didn’t sleep all night,” Betty suddenly thought of something!
“Why? Why doesn’t mom sleep?”
“I heard that Mr. Li said the word “Zhang family”…it seemed that Mr. Li’s expression was dazed and painful at that time…maybe it was collected that night, some of the Zhang family’s unknown news!!”
Zhang Qingyang was stunned, “Zhang family? What does she know about Zhang family?”
“I don’t know! I know that Mr. Li must have paid special attention to the Zhang family in the future. It’s just this matter, she never mentioned it to me again…I also suddenly thought of this matter, so, I think, this Zhang The family is also possible! Even if the Zhang family has not appeared, but the Zhang family may have discovered that President Li has collected their information and wants to kill President Li! This possibility is also not low!!”
“No! The Zhang family is absolutely impossible to do this! Absolutely impossible!!!” Zhang Qingyang’s fist hit the ground!
There is more blood! !
Betty was stunned, “Mr. Zhang? Why are you so sure?”
“I… won’t be the Zhang family! The Zhang family hasn’t appeared all the time, and they won’t do anything about Karen!”
“This is hard to say! In case it is the Zhang family, would you like us to deal with Youjia, or Wanjia, at this time, did this intentionally?”
Zhang Qingyang was asked this question and said nothing.
Chuck also thinks that this possibility is also possible. Of those who can find someone to assassinate his mother, 90% are secret families! !
All three families are possible! !
Zhang Qingyang’s expression was painful, “impossible, certainly impossible…”
“Dad, are you okay?” Chuck asked.
Dad’s expression is not right!
“It’s okay, Betty, go ahead!!”
“Okay! Maybe you don’t know yet, what is the ultimate goal of President Li. She told me that she wants Master to be the richest person!” Betty said.
Chuck’s eyes moved!
“The hidden family is an obstacle for Mr. Li. It’s not always an obstacle. Mr. Li has always been a person who doesn’t commit me, I don’t commit a person. If a person commits me, I will pay back a hundred times! She plans ahead and gathers the news of the three secret families. In order to one day, you can let the young master do this position! Because Mr. Li said, inheritance! The first three years of her business was for herself! After having the young master, everything in the future is for the young master! She feels that only Become the richest person, and after Master Li gets old in a hundred years, the young master will be able to stabilize! She doesn’t have to worry anymore…”
Chuck already burst into tears!
“It’s just that President Li died suddenly. She collected the things of the three hidden families. No one knows where she is. And she can’t complete the lifelong wish to help the young master become the richest person. I think… When Mr. Li closed his eyes, he wanted to say sorry to the young master! Mr. Li also left without wishing…” Betty couldn’t continue, she cried again!
She followed Karen li for longer than Zhang Qingyang and Karen li!
She knows Karen li’s thoughts too!
After pregnancy, Chuck is all she has!
Otherwise, Karen li wouldn’t have to work so hard, she would have been able to enjoy her for a long time, and she could not run out of money for ten lifetimes!
However, she did not let go for Chuck’s future!
Did Chuck cry? ?
My mother did too much for herself, and Chuck suddenly felt that she was too discouraged to be her son.
If the mother didn’t have this idea, then she might be alive! !
“Three secret families! I Chuck, and you are at odds!” Chuck is furious!

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