My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 854

Chuck came into contact with Wanjia and Youjia!
Zhang Family, Chuck has not contacted!
But Mom’s death, Chuck will find a way to find out who actually did it! !
No matter who it is, Chuck will definitely pull it out! !
Chuck’s hatred, at this moment, reached the extreme!
“Master! This matter still has to be considered long, President Li has been assassinated…” Betty reminded Chuck not to be impulsive!
She was worried that if this person who assassinated Karen li would come out and assassinate Chuck again? ?
Karen li can’t bear it, Chuck, Zhang Qingyang is more dangerous? ?
“Sister Li, I know! I will not be impulsive!” Chuck knows, what are the consequences of the impulse.
I can never avenge my mom! !
Betty is pleased!
She has followed Karen li for too long, and sincerely hopes that Chuck can live well!
“Dad, what are your plans?” Chuck asked.
For a long time, my dad has remained silent.
Chuck is strange! !
“I…” Zhang Qingyang paused.
“My plan is to find Wan Ziwen! I want to ask if she did it!”
Chuck said coldly!
“Master, don’t do this, it will anger Wan Ziwen!!!” Betty worried.
She feels that the possibility of Wan Ziwen is not as high as that of You Shiwen.
Don’t Wan Ziwen like Chuck? ?
Will someone find Zhang Ze’s mother?
This is not logical! !
“I tried her!” Chuck’s heart was decided!
That is, Chuck wanted to know where his mother had collected the news of the three secret families for ten years!
Mom never mentioned this matter!
Mean, never found? ?
The mother’s ten years of hard work, not in vain?
Chuck heartache!
“Master, I think it’s better to take over everything from President Li. Now that the squint country has spread, President Lee’s death and President Lee’s industry are all over the world. This influence is huge!!”
Betty felt that Chuck wanted to inherit everything from Karen li!
Otherwise, what kind of people may be given, can take the opportunity!
“I know, I will not let my mother’s efforts for so many years be taken away by anyone! No!”
Chuck said coldly!
Betty was temporarily relieved.
Now Chuck’s focus is on these days, inheriting everything from his mother, and let her know!
Then find out the murderer who killed mom! !
“Then, Master, I’m going to take over with Mr. Li now.”
“Okay! … Dad, what plan?” Chuck asked.
Dad’s expression is very silent!
“Don’t ask, I won’t let Ma die in vain!” Zhang Qingyang finished and patted Chuck’s shoulder.
“Cer, in my life, the most I’m sorry is Ma, now she’s gone…I will let her go Be at ease!!!”
Zhang Qingyang looked directly at the thrilling river in the distance, and made the same decision in his heart!
Chuck wanted to stop, but still didn’t move.
Chuck is sad, and Zhang Qingyang is even more sad, but what does Zhang Qingyang want to do?
Chuck felt the cold in his eyes!
This is a big thing to do! !
“Dad, what are you going to do?” Chuck asked.
Dad suddenly has a different momentum, just like the volcanic eruption that has been silent for many years!
“Assassination of my wife, I will let you know how wrong this thing is! Ceer, be careful yourself!”
Zhang Qingyang left.
“Dad, it seems different,” Chuck muttered to himself.
Master, dad is always hiding himself! !
Betty knows this!
“I think, what is my dad doing?”
“Zhang may be possible! Young Master!, be careful,” Betty wanted to tell Chuck.
“Be careful?”
“Ah, it’s nothing.” Betty didn’t want to say more. President Li didn’t mention it before her death.
Why did she mention it? ?
“Master, let’s go!”
“Wait for a while, I want to stay here for a while!” Chuck was reluctant to sit here and already wept.
The following people are still searching, there is no trace of finding!
Chuck is guilty, he is not filial!
I can’t let my mother rest in peace!
Betty only sighed!
“Sister Li, tell me something about my mom for so many years. I don’t know much about her struggle.”
“En.” Betty sat beside Chuck and told Karen li of his hard work for so many years!
The process is hard!
Chuck didn’t know how my mother persevered!
Chuck’s fists clenched!
The one who killed my mother, wait, wait! !
When Chuck burst into tears, a man appeared behind him, Yvette!
She did not disturb the sluggish Chuck!
She looks quietly!
Subsequently, there was a person, Logan with red eyes…

“What happened to Chuck!”
Wan Ziwen’s lazy inquiry!
“Chuck has taken over Karen li’s everything these past few days! In two days, with Betty’s help, all took over!” he said.
“Oh, that’s busy.”
“Miss, you are more busy, and you will soon inherit the Wanjia, when the time comes…”
This ceremony!
Wanjia held vigorously!
The head of the first family, how can people in the other two families not know? ?
“I let Chuck come! I want him to see how great a person who likes him is! Everything in the world is mine!” Wan Ziwen’s beauty was fiery and reached an extreme! !
“That is, after the young lady inherited the Wan Family, Chuck will understand this truth!” Her bodyguard smiled slightly.
“Let Long Yi come, I have something to ask her!!!” Suddenly, Wan Ziwen said!

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