My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 855

“Miss, have you asked Long Yi to come over?” asked Wan Ziwen’s bodyguard.
Long Yi, the master of the Wan family, has returned after completing the task.
“Yes! I suddenly thought of a question!”
“Wait, I will let Long Yi come to see you!” He went out!
Soon, Long Yi with short hair appeared.
“Miss! Are you okay?”
Long Yi smiled slightly.
“A bit! After killing Karen li, are the clues clean?”
“Anyone who does something can’t do 100% of the traces! It depends on whether others can find it,” Long Yi said.
Certainly not 100%.
“Then, they may find a clue?” Wan Ziwen frowned.
She suddenly thought of this question. Chuckren is not stupid. He can kill Karen li. How many people can there be in the world? ?
Obviously, Chuck’s goal will be locked in the three secret families.
“Maybe, it’s impossible!” Long Yi smiled slightly.
She was thoughtful, and the clues left on the scene must be gone, and there must be some dark ones.
However, in this case, 99.9% of the people cannot find it!
This is enough!
“Dad Chuck, Zhang Qingyang, how much do you know?”
“Not much attention!”
Long Yi did not pay much attention to this person!
“If I tell that Zhang Qingyang is from the Zhang family of the third hidden family, would he be surprised?” Wan Ziwen smiled.
She has been investigating this matter for a long time, but she hasn’t said it!
Long Yi’s face changed, with such a rare surprise, “Really?”
“Yes, the Zhang family played well! The old fox of the Zhang family, what I thought, I know clearly! Unfortunately, Karen li has lived for so long, and has been strong all his life. It is actually a chess piece of the Zhang family. This matter, she didn’t know when she was dying. In this respect, Karen li is actually a poor woman under control!” Wan Ziwen shrugged and said a trivial matter.
“Yes, when Li Qing died, I remember that kind of look, it was indeed pitiful! The old fox of that family had a deep layout!” Long Yi smiled slightly.
Nothing can affect her.
Because of her strength, Karen li died, she is the world’s first combat master in the true sense! !
“So, Miss asked me to solve Zhang Qingyang?” Long Yi asked.
“I don’t have any feelings for this kind of person. Karen li is dead. He hasn’t revealed his identity.
It’s a cold-blooded garbage. I’m too lazy to deal with him! He will die in front of me!”
“Oh, so to speak, Miss wants to destroy Zhang Family?”
“Of course, Zhang Family, who has been hiding, of course I am going to destroy it! What kind of abacus did Zhang’s old fox play? He didn’t want to destroy my family! Everyone’s heart is not going to declare, but for that old fox, Not qualified to be my opponent!”
“Yes! Miss is talented!”
Wan Ziwen bodyguard interjected.
The first master Long Yi appeared, he was only standing by.
But, as farts as farts, Wan Ziwen is indeed the strongest man in the Wan family in 100 years!
High-minded, ruthless!
When he was five years old, he was already decisive!
Doomed to be a big thing! !
Now that he is an adult, Wan Ziwen has been determined.
There are a few candidates for those who do not have a home, because no one in Wanjia dares to compete with Wanzi!
Long Yi pointed at Wan Ziwen’s bodyguard and smiled and asked, “What does that lady need me to do now?”
“I don’t know? The ingenuity is more than that!” Wan Ziwen said.
Long Yi smiled slightly.
To be able to reach the position of the first master of Wanjia, IQ must not be low!
“I’m going to test Zhang Qingyang!” Wan Ziwen said.
“How to try?”
“Zhang Qingyang has been able to endure for so many years. The city of this kind of person will not be low. Maybe he has found some clues, so I let him try it. What do I know, I will not let any one appear!”
If you let Chuck know, you ordered Karen li to kill him.
Then between the two, it will never be possible!
“Good! Miss be assured!” Long Yi swayed his long legs and went outside!
“What else do you want!”
“Zhang Qingyang is not bad, absolutely not bad!”
“I know that Karen li’s eyes are not high, but I will never find a trash. Just listening to the lady said, I am a little interested in this Zhang Qingyang!” Long Yi smiled slightly, his eyes shone!
“The temptation came out. If you know it, then give him a ride!!”
“What if you don’t know?”
“It depends on the mood.”
“Oh! I’m in a mood,” Long Yi smiled slightly.
“Miss, I don’t know if I should say something!”
Wan Ziwen’s beautiful eyes shone, “Say!”
“Shall I try Chuck?”
“No! Chuck don’t touch him!”
“I mean, I helped the lady to clear the people around Chuck. Doesn’t he have a wife? I also gave her a ride. This is still very simple for me!”
“Yvette? This woman, it’s annoying, annoying, it’s annoying, it’s annoying! But, of course, it’s better to die! But don’t do anything these days, try Zhang Qingyang first!
“Okay! Miss be assured!”
Long Yi had already reached the door.
Suddenly, Wan Ziwen had a call coming in, it was Chuck!
“and many more!”
Wan Ziwen frowned, and Long Yi’s long legs stopped.
“Chuck came to find me at this time, no need to tempt, Zhang Qingyang should analyze it, and kill me directly!” Wan Ziwen’s beautiful eyes flashed fiercely!
Long Yi shrugged his shoulders, and Karen li could kill him. Of course, Zhang Qingyang wouldn’t be too difficult. Redesigning would do.
Wan Ziwen answered the phone.
Ten seconds later, Wan Ziwen hung up the phone, “He said he wanted to see me! Long Yi, see him with me! Prepare to go out!”
Wan Ziwen’s bodyguard immediately went to do this!
Long Yi smiled slightly, “It’s a bit weird to kill Karen li and see her son again!”
“He won’t know if it is!” Wan Ziwen shrugged.
“Of course,”
Wan Ziwen drew a light makeup and went out to see Chuck!
Go out by plane to the top of one of the most luxurious hotels!
Wan Ziwen, Long Yi, and her bodyguard are waiting on the roof!
“Go, prepare the best wine and vegetables!” Wan Ziwen still had a meal with Chuck!
“Yes, miss!”
Long Yimei’s eyes shone, she hadn’t seen Chuck!
Within ten minutes, Chuck came up!
She smiled slightly, really like Karen li! !

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