My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 857

Jiang Wan heard what Logan said, “Aunt Logan, what do you mean?”
“Be careful, be careful” Logan decided. Pin=Book/Web She is leaving Wan Ziwen will never let her go Karen li was secretly killed. Logan knew her own strength and was even more unlikely to resist
“Aunt Logan, do you know who exactly assassinated Karen li is the wandering family of the secret family?” Yvette pulled Logan away.
Logan’s expression. Yvette felt that after this meeting, the yin and yang will be the same The first thing she suspected was that You Shiwen Because at this juncture, Karen li died suddenly. The biggest motivation is You Shiwen You Shiwen wants to retaliate against Chuck. Then find someone to assassinate Karen li first.
This can also be a step of revenge.
“I can’t say it now, be careful” Logan shook her head.
Having said that, Chuck would be very dangerous At this time, Chuck did not yet have the strength to fight Wan Ziwen
“Your family is wrong with Zhang family or Wan Ziwen” Yvette asked.
“Be careful, I’m gone.” Logan broke free.
Yvette didn’t let go, “Aunt Logan, don’t go, let Chuck know, he will be sad”
Chuck is so sticky to Logan. What Yvette felt.
Does it mean Chuck, also has a feeling for Logan
“At this time, I want to leave for policy reasons,” Logan said firmly.
Karen li was suddenly assassinated. Disrupted all her plans Everything planned She also thought about when to find opportunities to say what she wanted to Chuck He also confessed to Chuck that in fact that night on Du Pei’s house, he was not dreaming after being drunk.
It was done between husband and wife.
Logan still remembered that night However, Chuck still thinks it is a dream.
Logan sometimes feels sad.
can not say said. What is Chuckhui’s reaction?
In Loganxin’s heart, there wasn’t even a single point.
After Chuck will be shocked. Hate yourself Because Chuck never touched himself.
Under such circumstances, that kind of thing happened. Chuck will collapse if he knows
“Aunt Logan, you make it clear”
“Now. Aunt Karen has passed away, do you also want Ce’er to be assassinated?”
Yvette froze.
Logan left She wanted to find a place where no one was.
However, she also wanted to take a last look at Chuck.
This, the first time she was a man She is waiting in a place, waiting car. Drive from a distance This is Chuck’s car Logan feels relieved, Wan Ziwen hasn’t done anything to Chuck yet However, this premise is that Chuck never knew that Karen li was killed by Wan Ziwen.
“Cer, I’m gone, you have to take care of yourself. The most important thing is to survive. After you have your mother’s strength, consider dealing with Wan Ziwen,” Logan muttered to himself.
Chuckche passed by How could it be found somewhere. He has beautiful eyes, facing him Chuck drove away for a long time. Logan is still watching.
no way She is not willing, because this is the last look She left, walked and walked to the place where Karen li was assassinated, she wept.
Can’t help crying The river below is terrifying and fast Karen li died inside, and his body has not fallen yet Logan feels sorry for Karen li Let Karen li be in this river. There will never be a sun.
She took a breath, and she didn’t like to do anything she didn’t like to do.
Desperately Also have a look. Can you kill this person who assassinated Karen li?
However, for things that Logan didn’t discover, some people did not know when they had appeared behind her Chuck drives home Wan Ziwen doesn’t have much problem here, so it’s You Shiwen I can’t see Wan Ziwen, just go to see Shiwen Because the two have turned their faces.
See you, the possibility of coming back is too low, because people who can assassinate their mothers are almost by the side of You Shiwen Chuck has self-knowledge and self-knowledge. His current strength, even in Wumen, has improved too much.
However, there are still some gaps with my mother I have to avenge my mom Keep this life So, how to ask Shi Wen, then you must be cautious
“Her husband, did you see Aunt Logan didn’t?” Yvette rushed out.
Only then did she recover from her sluggishness.
Woke up and found out that Logan didn’t know where to go long ago.
She has found many places.
The phone was also called and turned off, obviously. Logan wants to die alone
“No, Aunt Logan is not at home” Chuck was shocked What does it mean Yvette looks anxious, why should he
“Just now, she is out now, she just seemed to tell me her last words, I was afraid of her, she was stared at, someone asked her to die” Yvette regretted I didn’t stop Logan
“What Aunt Logan is dying” Chuck’s eyes are dull

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