My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 859

You Shiwen’s sudden cold voice!
Youjia people looked at each other!
Just a moment ago, they were reporting to You Shiwen the situation of your home. Product=Book/Web However, You Shiwen’s mobile phone suddenly rang.
You Shiwen didn’t plan to pick it up!
This mobile phone kept ringing, and finally You Shiwen glanced at her, and her eyes immediately became cold!
Also answered this call!
“Why is the house owner angry? Whose phone is this?”
“I don’t know, I rarely see the owner like this! There must be something big going on.”
“No, you are in a good situation now!”
The people of the house do not understand the meaning of You Shiwen’s sudden anger.
They are quiet and don’t dare to intervene at this time! !
“You Shiwen, then you admit that you have found someone to assassinate my mother!!”
At this moment, Chuck’s anger has reached the extreme!
“Yes, I made them! You don’t think so!” You Shiwen said coldly.
“Don’t lie to me, you are not your old one!”
Chuck knows that You Shiwen didn’t take action against Hua Xia herself. However, on the squint side, she has already let the Youjia suppress the entire industry before the mother!
This one has begun to deal with himself!
She has changed!
It doesn’t matter how you explain yourself! !
“It’s you who changed first. From the moment you shot me, you changed and forced me to change too!” You Shiwen said coldly!
“If you want to deal with me, you will rush to me, why do you want someone to assassinate my mother? Why!!!” Chuck growled wildly!
Without mom, there would be no one!
This matter, Chuck has reached his limit! !
“I will! I will not only kill Karen li, Logan, but also everything around you! You said so, then I will do it!!”
You Shiwen in a moment, horror!
“I say it again, let Logan, what is going to rush me!” Chuck growled! !
“No, I must kill all of you, and then kill you in the end! This is what you forced me to do!”
“Leave her, let go…”
“Don’t let go, don’t let go, you are ready to collect her body!!”
Annoyed by You Shiwen, her phone fell to the ground!
The call is therefore ended!
No one dared to speak in the house, and everyone could tell that You Shiwen was in a rage!
Whose phone is this!
They are too curious.
How can you provoke You Shiwen to look like this!
“Homeowner, are you okay!” someone asked cautiously.
“It’s okay! From now on, check it for me, check!” You Shiwen was angry.
“What should I check? The owner?”
They are all confused, unable to understand the meaning of You Shiwen.
“Someone is framing me! What I didn’t do, others are framing me!” Yolanda was furious, “Wait, starting today, pay close attention to all the trends of Wanjia Wanziwen!!”
“The owner, what about the Zhang family? They never showed up,”
“The Zhang family also wants it. I feel that the three big families who have been silent for so many years are about to turn their faces!”
You Shiwen feels this way.
She is certainly not the murderer who killed Karen li, so who is it? ?
The Zhang family is hard to say.
But the possibility of Wan Ziwen is very great!
This Wan Ziwen is provoking things, don’t you like Chuck? Why kill Karen li? ?
Can’t understand!
“Yes! The owner is assured! We will arrange it soon!”
Yu Shiwen beautiful eyes are cold!
Wan Ziwen, Wan Ziwen! !

Chuck grabbed the phone and didn’t need to continue to probe, You Shiwen himself admitted!
She sent someone to assassinate her mother!
“Husband.” For the first time, Yvette felt Chuck’s terrible!
When talking, Chuck is really going crazy!
“The one who killed my mother is Yu Shiwen!”
Chuck’s eyes are blood red, You Shiwen, my mother is innocent, why don’t you target me? ?
At this moment, Chuck was full of guilt!
Sorry mom!
“Her husband, it’s her!” Yvette was angry, his eyes chilled!
She hasn’t dueled with Karen li yet. You Shiwen actually assassinated Karen li!
This hatred cannot be broken!
“Yes! It’s her!” Chuck just wanted to know Logan’s whereabouts at this moment!
Logan is also innocent! !
“My husband, your phone is ringing!” Yvette said.
Chuck was busy answering the question, and the boss was calling from behind the scenes.
“Chuck, a killer saw Logan’s whereabouts.”
“What? Send it to me immediately!”
“it is good!”
The phone just hung up here. Rumble!
A plane in the sky flew over!
This is Betty!
The boss found it behind the scenes. Betty also found Logan through her method!
“Master, come up, I found Logan’s trail,” Betty called on the plane.
Chuck, Yvette got off the bus and passed the rope ladder!
“Logan was there, appeared an hour ago!” Betty pointed to a place, as the boss said!
“Hurry up!” Chuck roared!
Betty speeded up the plane!
“Her husband, Aunt Logan will be fine, surely!” Yvette said comfortingly.
“Yes, she is my Aunt Logan, I will not let her die!” Chuck’s eyes shone! !

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