My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 866

“People? What kind of people?”
Wan Ziwen’s lazy color faded, and it was a little dignified! !
Her bodyguard was stunned. What about someone?
Haven’t you let Long Yi suffer? !
“I don’t see clearly. This man suddenly appeared when I was about to kill Logan… I used a stone and smashed it!
! When I broke the stone with a punch, Loganren was gone! “Long Yi said.
Her beautiful eyes are cold!
When she killed Logan and Black Rose, someone suddenly appeared!
Otherwise, Logan’s state at that time was absolutely mortal! !
“You didn’t see clearly?” Wan Ziwen was indifferent!
“Well, didn’t see clearly! It can also be said that when this stone hits, it will be soon!” Long Yi said.
Suddenly smashed!
When Long Yi broke the stone, there was only one shadow!
Take Logan, the shadow of the black rose leaving.
She chases!
I can’t catch it!
This to Long Yi has never happened!
Wan Ziwen icy cold!
“Logan, didn’t die after two times?!”
Wan Ziwen’s beautiful eyes were cold, her eyes turned, her face sullen, “Long Yi, this seems to be the first time you missed, and it was the first time that disappointed me!”
“Miss, sorry!” Long Yi bowed his head!
This is her confident, bowing her head in front of Wan Ziwen for the first time.
“I first heard you say these two words to me, remember, I don’t want to hear these two words!!!”
Wan Ziwen said coldly.
Her voice, like the ice cube, was inserted into Long Yi’s heart!
Long Yi nodded! !
“Yes, miss!”
“Who was Logan taking away? Who can do this in your hands and under your eyelids? Is there anything else in the world?” Wan Ziwen said coldly.
Wanjia as the first family!
So Wanjia’s bodyguard is also the strongest person in the world! !
This is absolutely absolute!
At this moment, some people took away people under the strongest bodyguard of Wanjia!
what is this?
Beyond the strength of Longyi? ?
“This?” Long Yi is also strange!
She didn’t even see her back!
I just saw it, Logan, the black rose was escorted away!
“The only person in this world who can compete with you is Karen li. She is dead… At this moment, there is still a second Karen li appearing?” Wan Ziwen said coldly.
“Possibly, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!” Long Yi replied.
Snapped! !
Wan Ziwen broke a cup!
“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? What dragon, what tiger, can lie in front of my first hidden family? Hidden??”
Yes, to say Tibet, who can hide the hidden family?
For thousands of years, there are too few, too few people who know the secret family. Such a big family is hidden in the world.
This is true hiding!
As the first family of Wanjia, one third of the earth belongs to her family. Why don’t Wanjia know? ?
What is not clear?
There are dragons and tigers. Will her family know? ?
“Yes! It’s my care!” Long Yi admitted wrong?
“Absolutely you carelessly, Long Yi, find this person and kill! I don’t want a second Karen li to appear, this will make me very unhappy!!” Wan Ziwen was indifferent!
“Yes, Miss, rest assured! I am also very interested, and I will meet such a person again!”
Long Yi smiled again, “Yes, Logan has only one last breath, and even if he comes back, it won’t wake up in a few months or even a year!”
“This barely made me a little bit happy! Long Yi, go!” Wan Ziwen regained his laziness.
“Oh, who do you doubt?”
Wan Ziwen asked.
Long Yi was silent for three seconds, “It should be said that there are no more, but it appears again, it’s strange!”
“OK, deal with it! Solve this person, solve Logan, solve Zhang Qingyang!!! Then, grab me Yvette!!!”
“Yes, don’t worry!”
Long Yi smiled slightly.
Wan Ziwen suddenly thought of something, “Wait a minute!!”
“Miss, do you have any other orders?”
“Are you sure, Karen li is dead?” Wan Ziwen asked word by word!
Long Yi smiled slightly, “OK!”
“Then who should rescue Logan, how should I explain?”
“Are you so sure?”
“Yes! Karen li died in less than ten days, even if she didn’t die, do you think she can take Logan away with her seriously injured?” Long Yi kept smiling!
Wan Ziwen was indifferent for three seconds, “Yes, maybe I thought more about it, Karen li must have died… it was me thinking more.”
“Well, then I’m going!”
“Long Yi, don’t let me down. The position of Wanjia’s head, I’m inheriting soon, don’t make me unhappy!” Wan Ziwen pointed out!
“rest assured!”
Long Yi left! !
“You said, will it be Karen li?” Wan Ziwen asked again.
“Miss, you thought about it, how could it be her? Long Yi also said just now that Karen li was seriously injured, it is impossible to take someone away under her eyes.” Wan Ziwen bodyguard shook his head firmly.
He denied Wan Ziwen’s crankiness!
“Well, Karen li is dead. This time there is the second Karen li. I hope Long Yi will not let me down!”
Wan Ziwen lazily closed her eyes, just like she had good news after she fell asleep.

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