My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 868

“That’s it, Master is a member of the Zhang family, and you raised it by your own hands! How does the Master treat you?” Huolong smiled slightly.
He thought it was ridiculous to ask himself this question.
“Just know it!”
Zhang Family’s master sneered, “Yes, I don’t want to hurt Chuck for the time being, because I still need him, you just try it!”
“Homeowners rest assured!” Fire Dragon said confidently.
at this time!
The door opened and Chuck squinted in!
This room is very big Chuck is confused!
He let Betty and Yvette wait in the hotel!
Chuck and the Zhang family, come by plane!
Undoubtedly, the Zhang family is also like the Youjia, “hermit” in the mountains! !
Ordinary people can’t climb the mountain, so naturally they can’t find the existence of the Zhang family!
Chuck has been to Youjia!
At this moment, I feel that the Zhang family is more secret!
The moment I came in, here, there was a conspiracy, a deep taste of the city!
Chuck is not comfortable!
It may be out of tune!
It just feels uncomfortable!
Feeling unspeakable!
“Master Zhang?”
In the dark, Chuck already saw a pair of cloudy eyes!
Terribly cold!
“Yes, it’s me! You said that I met you and won’t let me down? I don’t hide it from you, I’m very disappointed now!” Zhang Family said.
“Oh, is it why I came here empty-handed?” Chuck asked.
“No, I only saw Karen li’s shadow on you. Do you know why the shadow is the shadow?”
“Yes, because there is the Lord!”
“You still know! Now you, to be honest, are really not qualified to talk to me, your mother Karen li is still a bit qualified, you? It is just a shadow of Karen li! It is the kind of shadow that is going to be stepped on. “The owner of the Zhang family said coldly.
“I am a piece of meat that fell from my mother. I was originally her shadow. Her new life, I don’t think there is anything.”
Chuck disagrees with this statement.
“Humph! Stop talking nonsense, let me see you. With your mother, how successful are you! Fire Dragon!”
“It’s the owner!”
Fire Dragon step forward!
He approached Chuck step by step!
Chuck didn’t move, eyes fixed.
The fire dragon threw a thing as big as a fist, clattered, hit the ground, and the floor burst!
“I don’t want to beat you, I don’t have to test you in any other way. This thing weighs two hundred kilograms. Let me take a look! One hand!”
This is a way not to hurt Chuck!
Chuck looked down, this special metal similar to the mother technology company, small, but very heavy!
Chuck squatted down to catch!
Just grab it, it’s a bit hard with one hand!
Fire Dragon disdain, “If you can’t catch it, let it go!”
“It’s not that you can’t catch it, but…” Chuck still has 250 kilograms in his body!
Each hand is 75 kg!
Originally it was two hundred and fifty kilograms, carry it with you!
Chuck never took it off.
If you take it off, grab this two hundred kilograms, it’s easy!
“Leave it down! No excuses! You? Only your mother Karen li is less than a third of the strength!” Huolong made a decision!
Chuck, no way! !
Chuck laid down without saying much.
“Homeowner, this Chuck can’t do it!” Fire Dragon returned to the Zhangjia homeowner!
Master Zhang is disappointed, just a replacement piece, there is a reason!
He can’t, this is the biggest reason! !
“Chuck, you let me down even more, do you know?”
“Maybe! I’m here today, it’s peace talks and cooperation!” Chuck didn’t care about Huolong’s evaluation!
Chuck just wanted to go back and add another 50 kg!
In this way, Chuck is exercising all the time!
Strengthen muscles! power! !
Only by forcing yourself like this can you improve your strength in the fastest time!
“Cooperation? Are you qualified to talk about cooperation with me?” Zhang Jiazhu smiled, a pair of teeth, in the dark, very obvious!
This is mocking!
“Yes, don’t say anything else. Go and inherit everything from my mother. I have the strength to cooperate with you!”
“Tell me first, what do you want to cooperate with?”
Chuck’s idea!
“I cooperate with you to deal with You Shiwen!!”
“She? There is no conflict between her and me. Why should I cooperate with you? Break the peace between me and your family?”
The Zhangjia family wanted to laugh. He took the Zhang family and kept hiding behind him.
In order not to move a soldier or a soldier, let Karen li deal with Youjia and Wanjia!
His Zhang family finally came out to clean up the mess! !
He is a chess player, controlling chess pieces!
Why are you playing hard?
“People don’t tell secret words, peace, I don’t think so! You can listen to me!!!! Work with me to deal with You Shiwen. I only want people who You Shiwen, and everything else, to you!” Chuck Speak!
“Haha! Give it to me? Chuck, you let me down!” Zhang Family head laughed!
“You can leave! You did not satisfy me!”
“What if I know your Zhang family’s handle?” Chuck said suddenly!
handle? ?
Zhang Jia’s eyes are venomous, “What do you know? Say!!!”

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