My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 875

Alice was reluctant to say such a thing. She said it, her heart was like blood.
Since she divorced, she has never been tempted by any man.
How many did Emily introduce to her?
She didn’t take a second look.
Years let her know and experienced too much.
She personally thinks that she will grow old alone!
Because the family has too many things for her to deal with!
She has sealed her heart!
Only Chuck, this little friend, was unable to help himself in the car, Chuck grabbed her heart and held it tightly.
This feeling is like first love!
If you leave!
Chuck agreed.
Chuck knew that Alice was definitely suffering.
This kind of thing was seen by his daughter. As a party, no one can accept it!
Broken, maybe the best way.
It can also relax Alice.
The only way to ease her relationship with Emily.
Alice sighed, “No matter what, I hope you are good, your mother’s affairs, I know, I hope you don’t feel sad, if you need anything, you can always say, I… there are new weapons in the arsenal… ”
Chuck moved, “Alice…”
“I know the strength of your mother Karen li. At that time, she broke into my house alone. How could she die because of an accident? Someone must have assassinated her. This person may be…” Alice is smart!
Analyzed such an accident, impossible!
Chuck covered Alice’s mouth and shook her head. “Don’t say, I don’t want to pull you in!”
“I’m not afraid.” Alice was not afraid.
Last time it was not Chuck, You Tianle had already destroyed her.
Alice’s current family, she knew that she would agree with Chuck.
What’s more, she also has cooperation with Chuck.
The money has hit Chuckka every month.
“I’m afraid,”
Chuck was afraid that Alice would be killed by You Shiwen.
So this time, Chuck was very careful.
You Shiwen, you should not know your relationship with Alice! !
Alice was moved, “What do you want?”
“The bomb I had last time, how many do you have now, how much do you give me.”
“I made it myself, the smaller one, a hundred, I will give it to you.”
Alice took out a small bead, which was smaller than the bomb behind the boss.
This has been improved and should be more powerful.
She is a specialized arms dealer, and doing this weapon is not that difficult.
“No, thirty is enough,” Chuck shrugged.
This is also Chuck just in case!
In case you have other moves in Shiwen, then Chuck may choose to die with her! !
Alice went to get it and finally gave Chuck fifty.
Chuck put it down in one pocket.
Easy to carry, no instrument can be checked out.
“Take good care of myself, if I can…” Chuck wanted to say that if he could survive, he would come over to find Alice again.
It’s good to meet and chat.
“Don’t say, you will live. Although I broke with you, my things are still yours. I help you become the richest man in the world, okay?”
Alice knew what Chuck meant.
Chuck is working hard.
She also had friends in China. She knew that Chuck had made great moves in China before returning to squint country. This is a development in this direction.
She felt that Chuck also had this ambition.
“Alice, no, I’m going back. You can communicate with Emily.” Chuck didn’t dare to stay here too long.
Worried that You Shiwen would be frustrated and trouble Alice.
“Chuck, me, I will not forget what happened that day, and I will never forget it in my life.” Alice shed tears.
This is uncontrollable!
“Neither will I!” Chuck left.
Alice lost her soul.
Broken, or broken, it is impossible for yourself and Chuck.
Why add trouble to Chuck? ?
“Mom…” Emily heard her words.
Complex to the extreme!
Alice said it all for herself.
Alice hugs her.
for a long time!
“Mom, in fact, I have already seen it. Chuck doesn’t like me at all. I don’t have to pull him. I’m not even tired. You are not happy,”
It was an afternoon when Emily thought of it.
Figured it out!
“I haven’t, even without you, Chuck and I are impossible, impossible.” Alice knew for herself.
Impossible age!
What’s more, Chuck also has a wife.
She can’t force Chuck! !
“How is it impossible?”
“He has a wife, you know.”
Emily had no choice but to say, “This… Alas, I didn’t expect that, neither you, nor me.”
She was extremely bitter!
She also knows that even without Alice, she and Chuck are unlikely to be together.
Because, since she hit Chuck with a steel pipe.
She was doomed to be impossible with Chuck.
“Emily, you adjust your mindset, I think.”
“I can’t adjust it. I’m empty of heart. I won’t like anyone except him. If I’m not together, I’m not together. It’s fine if he is fine.” Emily seemed calm.
“You Emily… well, me too…” Alice sighed.

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