My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 877

Zhang Xiang took out a tablet!
“You can check it out first! Let’s talk about the alliance!”
The wandering people immediately let people scan to see if there is anything.
Sure no.
Take it over and show it to You Shiwen!
Ten seconds! Just ten seconds!
You Shiwen’s face changed!
The people at the top and bottom of the house changed their face when they saw it! !
“I think the tour owner has seen it clearly. My Zhang family has been silent for many years, but there is really no way, because the strength of the Wan family makes me have to be silent!”
“However, in the silence, my Zhang family did not do anything! Twenty years ago! The Wan family had already laid out! What is the purpose of this layout? I don’t think I need to say more, the owner of the house knows it too!”
“I heard that when Wan Ziwen succeeded, he would do something that convinced Wanjia! What no one knows! But ah, it’s not difficult to guess what she is going to do!”
“Yes, this is the strength of the Wanjia! It is more powerful than it seems! The homeowner sees it clearly, I think this alliance will be reconsidered!!”
Zhang Xiang said a lot.
Youjia’s face changed from top to bottom.
Speak quietly!
You Shiwen put down her tablet.
“So, this is your Zhang family, has collected the dynamics of Wanjia over the years?”
You Shiwen asked.
“Two-thirds of them, we tourers also know, but the only one does not know!”
This is the reason why You Shiwen has changed!
She does not eat dry food at home!
The strength of Wanjia is horrible. Youjia knows, why not prevent it in advance?
“Oh, which one is it?”
“Everyone is stronger than the surface. Wanjia is the same as your Zhang family! It is the same with my family! Don’t exaggerate!”
You Shiwen shrugged!
Zhang Xiangliu frowned! !
“What I did not know about Youjia is that you Zhang Jiaran has collected so much!”
You Shiwen said with a shrug.
“Oh, Youjiazhu, I don’t seem to be telling the truth! I don’t know anything about Youjiazhu, I’m fine, it’s about Wanziwen’s heir, Wanjia, right? This is a bit unexpected! Absolutely don’t know!”
Zhang Xiang is confident.
You Shiwen glanced at the tablet again, “So?”
“So, my grandfather invited Youjia to talk privately, just for the sake of the alliance! After all.
The strength of Wanjia, if you destroy my Zhang family first, and eat my Zhang family, then your strength, your Youjia can resist ??”
“No alliance, my Zhang family will indeed be the first to be eaten, however, your home is also the second!”
“Huh, you too underestimate me traveling home!!”
An old man said coldly!
“Don’t you underestimate Wan Ziwen?”
Zhang Xiang asked directly.
This old man is angry!
You Shiwen beautiful eyes shimmering!
“The Alliance fights against Wanjia together! If you destroy Wanjia, you travel, my Zhang family, evenly divide the world!”
Zhang Xiang said.
You Shiwen glanced at her, “This is the alliance you said?”
“Yes, the homeowner can consider it! By the way, there is still something in the tablet that the homeowner hasn’t read yet! Let’s take a look! I’ll go back and wait for the homeowner to reply!”
Zhang Xiang left!
Fire Dragon follows!
Leaving everyone in the house looking at each other!
It didn’t stop!
You Shiwen did not speak!
“Homeowner, the old fox of the Zhang family, this is to use me to travel home!”
“Isn’t the Zhang family’s strength just to find a backer? It’s shameless!!”
“That Zhang Xiang didn’t say it all by herself, and she admitted that her Zhang family will be destroyed by Wan Ziwen. They broke the jar and broke, anyway, they are going to die, and they will drag us to death! You don’t cooperate with me , When my Zhang family is eaten, you can’t escape your death! It’s shameless!”
“Hey, this is their shamelessness. His Zhang family is really eaten by Wan Ziwen, and his strength will definitely increase! When Wan Ziwen eats the Zhang family, my home visit will be in jeopardy!!”
“So, what do you mean, our tourer must cooperate with his Zhang family?”
“She? The old fox of Zhang family, I want to hack him! If you don’t work hard, you know to pull others into the water?!”
“Homeowner, how do you think about it?” someone asked.
You Shiwen remained silent for three seconds. “The Zhang family suddenly opened the skylight to speak brightly, which made me think…”
“What do you think?”
“What’s wrong! How could the fox of the Zhang family be so active? This is not his character!”
“What character is he? A person like him is ashamed to the extreme! I see, it’s not that we don’t want to cooperate with the Zhang family, eat the Zhang family directly, digest the Zhang family, and have no strength and Wan Ziwen’s Wanjia Fight??”
“Huh, this is a good way!!”
“Good hair! What’s the solution? It’s not too difficult for me to visit Zhang Family, but Wan Ziwen will watch us eat Zhang Family? Is this possible? By then the abdomen will be attacked by the enemy and die faster. Maybe Wan Zi Wen wanted to watch a good show. When we were fighting with Zhang Jia, let’s take advantage of the fisherman!!”
“What should I do?”
“Cooperation, no, no cooperation!”
Youjia fell silent!
When the words are open, things are coming, and the crisis is coming!
“Homeowner, what do you think?”
Everyone looked at You Shiwen!
You Shiwen is looking at the information on the tablet!
Suddenly, what she saw, the beautiful eyes flickered! !

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