My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 880

“Let me kneel? Are you upset?”
Zhang Xiang said angrily.
Fire Dragon Eyes Chill!
Zhangjia family’s face is also ugly!
“Get up! Kneeling yourself! Don’t remember? I remind you again, kneel me!!”
Chuck said!
“Do you know who I am?” Zhang Xiang was extremely angry!
Zhang Qingyang is her brother, who is Chuck?
But she doesn’t recognize it personally!
Because of Chuck’s mother, Karen li is just a piece of the Zhang family!
The son of a chess piece, still want her to recognize? ?
“Chuck, you go back! There is no need to mention this matter!” Zhang Family said.
What makes Zhang Xiang kneel to Chuck!
Where is the Zhang family’s face? ?
“Not to mention? I didn’t say that today, she must kneel for me!”
Chuck has no room for negotiation!
Zhang Jia’s face is ugly, “Chuck, don’t push your nose to face!!!”
Fire Dragon is ready to attack!
Offending the majesty of the Zhang family, he will shoot at any time!
Chuck? ?
A person who can’t even take something that weighs two hundred kilograms!
To be honest, he is usually not qualified to let him go!
Just now!
Out of 30%!
You can solve Chuck!
Not much effort!
Just one punch! !
Fire Dragon is so confident!
“I kicked my nose to the face? Did you kick my nose? This is what she said, is that what your Zhang family said?” Chuck said coldly.
Zhangjia family is angry!
“Kneel! Did you hear me!” Chuck froze!
Zhang Xiang was annoyed, “Let me kneel, you are not qualified yet! You can’t stand it either, you have to know that I am you…”
“Zhang Xiang!” Zhang Family’s face looks ugly!
Zhang Xiang knew that she was almost leaking, she couldn’t be more annoyed!
“I will let you kneel!”
Chuck left!
“Little bastard, you let me kneel? What kind of dog are you? If it weren’t because you were Qingyang’s son, our Zhang family would die!” Zhang Xiang was extremely angry!
“Don’t prepare yet?” Zhang Family head is also angry.
“Knowing Grandpa! This Chuck, I want to let him die after ten days! Grandpa, do you think it works?”
Zhang Xiang asked.
So many years, from small to big, has she been so angry?
Chuck, she wants Chuck to die!
Still want to kneel yourself?
It’s ridiculous to the extreme!
“This is okay! If Chuck can’t kill You Shiwen, then by then, I will let them both die!” Zhang family head already had this plan.
For a replacement piece, you have to plan to be abandoned by the master at any time!
“That’s good! By the way, all of Karen li’s family property has been given to Chuck. By that time, everything of Karen li will be taken over. Although not much, it can barely enrich our Zhang family!” Zhang Xiang Said.
Kill You Shiwen!
Zhangjia will take over everything in the house!
Chuck inherits everything from Karen li, and he will take over even if Zhang Zhang’s big fish and small fish never let go!
Eating Youjia, Zhangjia, strengthen Zhangjia’s strength!
Isn’t it more certain to deal with Wan Ziwen?
“That’s natural. In the next ten days, be prepared! You Shiwen will also be ready! Success or failure is here!” Zhang Zhang’s vicious eyes flickered.
Zhang Xiang, Fire Dragon are also looking forward to!
You Shiwen’s death means that the pattern will change!
It also means that the first family is his Zhang family! !
“This Chuck thought he really cooperated with us, but as everyone knows, he is still a pawn!”
Zhang Family head smiled slightly!
What Chuck said last time was not enough to convince him!
He promised to cooperate!
It just counts!
Cooperation is bright, and using you is true!
You stupid thing! !
I was sold, but I don’t know yet, I still feel complacent? ? I thought I was convinced?
Sure enough, it is correct not to let you enter Zhang Family Tree!
This kind of idiot will pull down the whole Zhang family! !

“Homeowner, why do you agree? Isn’t this the old trap of Zhang’s fox?” Alas!”
Everyone at home and abroad felt that it was not good for You Shiwen to do this!
This is to pull yourself into the water!
In the face of doubts from up and down!
You Shiwen is plain, “The old fox of the Zhang family, no matter what he thinks, this time the league is for himself! Is this right?”
“Yeah, that old fox just got this right, and pulled our alliance!”
Youjia sighed up and down.
Use Wan Ziwen as a threat!
What can you do? ?
Sandwiched in the middle, can’t move!
On the Zhang family’s side, you are forced to die, and you can only agree!
There is no other way to go!
“That’s right, the Zhangs are sure that I will cooperate with him! Why don’t I follow his intentions?” You Shiwen said suddenly.
“Homeowner, what do you mean?”
Touring up and down, a bit ignorant.
This is forced, but also to follow the meaning?
You have no choice but to go up and down!
what’s up!
Was led by the Zhang family?
“It means, I disagree, how can I see the old fox of the Zhang family? How can I destroy him without seeing him? I will seize this opportunity to destroy the Zhang family in one fell swoop!
Because, I hate people threatening me the most!” You Shiwen said.

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