My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 881

Youjia horrified up and down for three seconds!
Then boil!
“Housekeeper, do you want to take this opportunity to destroy the Zhang family?”
“Will there be any risk!”
“I think the risk is great!”
“There is no risk in what to do?? I think the owner is right. My home visitor is the second family.
Why was he threatened by Zhang Family and why was Zhang Family holding his nose?”
The boiling of the upper and lower homes slowly returns to calm!
They all stared at the owner who said this, You Shiwen! !
“Do you think the Zhang family is really for the alliance this time? It’s not that simple! Now the situation is very big, and it’s changing all the time! If you don’t pay attention, you will be swallowed! The old fox of the Zhang family reminded me that he would pull me to travel home When I go into the water, I will not let him do this! I ate Zhang Family! Wan Ziwen’s Wanjia, do you think that I still need to be afraid of Wanjia?”
You Shiwen considered for a long time and decided to do so!
This is an opportunity!
Opportunity to thoroughly equalize with Wanjia!
“Yes, the owner is right, we just fell into a dead end, only thought of the alliance, but did not expect to eat the Zhang family!”
“Haha, this is also an alliance, and cooperation! It’s just that the Zhangs changed their ways and became a part of my tour home, which is also cooperation! Haha!”
Youjia boils up and down!
You Shiwen boldly proposed this method!
Boiling them! !
Eat Zhang family, eat Zhang family!
This is an opportunity!
“Homeowner, what are we going to do? The old fox of the Zhang family will not make us succeed so easily!”
“Of course, never underestimate anyone! You arrange and prepare, and I will tell you how to do it!”
“Yes, the owner!!!”
Up and down the house, it is exciting!
“Wait!! How is Wan Ziwen monitoring?”
“Go home, under close monitoring!”
“Ten days later, I absolutely don’t allow any mistakes! Absolutely!” You Shiwen knows what mistakes mean and perish! !
“Yes, the owner!”
“Gather information for me! Collect all information in Wan Ziwen!”
You Shiwen Meimu stared at the tablet and was lost in thought!
Ten days, ten days…
“Wan Ziwen, Wan Ziwen!”

“Master, are you going back?” Betty suddenly heard Chuck’s words.
That’s what Chuck said when he returned from the Zhang family.
She didn’t expect Chuck to be like this!
She couldn’t see through Chuck!
In the past few days, Chuck’s growth has been too big!
Chuck wants to go back to Wumen!
Just in case, too much preparation for ten articles in case of a tour?
This time it should be the only chance, there can be no difference!
So Chuck thought of Wumen! !
Mom is in Wumen, there is a request!
It is to let Wumen go up and down, all shot once!
Karen li passed away.
This request Chuck, as Karen li’s son, should be able to use this request!
Chuck didn’t know, but within ten days, he took five days to go one by one.
Chuck decided to spend this time!
That is, go back to China again!
If not, Chuck will come back immediately!
Hope it works!
Not to mention, this time Chuck, holding a mortal heart!
Also want to say goodbye to the people over there!
“Yes, you help me prepare!” Chuck said.
“Well, Master, wait a minute, I will prepare immediately!” Betty went to prepare.
“Wife, go back to China with me!”
Chuck means that if you take Yvette back to China, she will not let her come!
Because Chuck doesn’t know, can he survive after facing You Shiwen this time!
Moreover, Chuck has other things to tell Yvette!
“I, I don’t want to go back.” Yvette didn’t want to.
These two days, she always felt weird.
“Go back, you must go back! Go and pack things, go!” Chuck was so harsh for the first time!
“Husband, are you fierce to me?” Yvette was stunned.
Chuck shrugged, “Yes! Go quickly! Disobedient, see me not hitting you!”
Chuck made a beating gesture!
How could he be willing to hit Yvette!
“Okay, I’m going to pack up. Don’t hit me, husband,” Yvette obediently went to the room.
She laughed suddenly.
Laugh and bitterly.
How long has it been?
If Chuck is still studying and he is still Chuck’s teacher, how good should it be? ?
Unfortunately, I can’t go back.
“Huh, where are you going?”
Long Yiliu frowned.
She has been monitoring Yvette for a few days and has not yet found a good time to start!
Can’t let Wan Ziwen be disappointed again this time!
“No matter where you go, I will catch you!” Long Yi smiled slightly.
Be confident.
Yes, the world’s first master, do you have any confidence? ?
Chuck seized ten days of time and made all preparations!
Betty plane is ready!
Chuck, Yvette got on the plane!
Betty flew in person!
Cross the sea, cross the mountains!
Arrived at Huaxia!
Chuck was silent.
Last time I returned to China, it was the first time for Chuck to leave the country, and today is the second time!
However, there are three fewer people around! !
However, Mom, Logan, Black Rose, you are waiting, I will definitely avenge you after ten days of Chuck!
Chuck swears in his heart!

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