My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 885

Inside a ruin! !
Yolanda and Liu Na are tied up!
Yolanda’s hair is messy, so is Liu Na. The two of them suffered, Ouyang Fei’s torture!
How abnormal is Ouyang Fei!
Yolanda realized it!
Liu Na was already crying!
However stubborn, appeared on the face full of slap marks!
This is Yolanda’s stubbornness!
Even if you suffer from inhumane torture!
Yolanda is still the same!
This is Yolanda!
Yolanda, who is also trusted by Chuck! !
“Fifi, when will Chuck come over? I can’t wait!”
You Tianle revealed excitement, this day, he waited too long for too long!
His eyes glanced at Yolanda, Liu Na!
To be honest, Yolanda attracted him more than Ouyang Fei.
He doesn’t want to waste such a great gem!
“Chuck should be in the squinting country. Even if he rushes over, it will be tomorrow’s business. What are you in a hurry?”
Her sniper rifle is already in place.
“No hurry, no hurry, anyway Chuck will arrive tomorrow, or the two of us…” You Tianle smiled slightly.
Ouyang Fei Liu raised her eyebrows and understood the meaning of You Tianle, “Go!”
You Tianle laughed.
For so many days, he is used to Ouyang Fei’s temper!
“Chuck is not as simple as you think! Even tomorrow, he may appear today. Be careful and let people live longer!”
This is Ouyang Fei’s biggest experience since he became a killer!
You Tianle shrugged!
Anyway, it wasn’t him, Ouyang Fei did it!
Ouyang Fei used a sniper rifle to watch everything in the circle!
To ensure foolproof!
“By the way, after killing Chuck this time, I will win the killer organization! I will be the boss of the killer organization!!”
Ouyang Fei’s eyes shine! !
“This is very difficult!” You Tianle felt that the killer organization is the world’s largest killer organization.
There are thousands of killers!
What’s more, the boss behind the scene does not often show up, how can it be done?
“It’s very difficult? Let you see my stuff. Do you know the boss behind the killer organization?”
Ouyang Fei took out his mobile phone and asked.
“of course.”
You Tianle smiled slightly.
He is still interested in this behind-the-scenes boss.
However, he had forgotten because something was delayed before.
“Then, do you know who this picture is?” Ouyang Fei showed You Tianle to her mobile phone.
You Tianle looked at it, her eyes widened like a light bulb, “Who took this?”
“Me, she was drunk that day, I took it. You said I have this kind of picture, I am afraid I can’t kill her? I’m afraid I can’t be the boss of the killer organization?”
Ouyang Fei smiled, this smile is very abnormal!
“Haha, Feifei, you are amazing! Haha!”
You Tianle laughed!
I found a big backer myself.
With the killer organization, he can also be quiet. Slowly improve your strength!
One day, he vowed to return home!
Return to the position of the home owner! !
That position belongs to him Yu Tianle! !

“Don’t cry!”
Yolanda said.
Liu Na swallowed, she saw Ouyang Fei’s abnormal smile, she was afraid.
Has been tortured.
“Will Chuck come to save us?! Yolanda? I’m scared.” Liu Na was really scared.
She couldn’t be as calm as Yolanda.
“Yes, Chuckhui!”
In the heart of Yolanda, Chuck has already positioned himself as a powerful man!
She didn’t want Chuck to come.
“When will he come? I’m so scared.”
“Don’t cry! Chuck will come, but when he comes, it will be very dangerous!”
Yolanda shook his head.
Liu Na closed her eyes in despair, what should she do? ?
“It’s okay, the big deal is death, it’s okay.” Yolanda looked away.
“Yolanda, I’m going to die. I want to speak out of my heart, so do you!” Liu Na despaired.
“Okay, you said,”
“Actually, following Chuck’s work, I really want to follow him. I think he is very attractive.
Yolanda, do you think?”
Yolanda froze suddenly.
Chuck’s charm?
“If Chuck chases me, I will agree,” Liu Na said.
Almost dying, she didn’t want to hold back the thoughts in her heart.
Yolanda was stunned, “Liu Na?”
“I’m not afraid of you jokes, I just like Chuck’s wealth and ability, who doesn’t like it?”
Liu Na’s instinctive thoughts.
Yolanda was speechless, “Other people are rich!”
“There is absolutely no money for Chuck! What about you? What do you have in mind? Could you have followed Chuck for so long and you don’t like his money?”
“I… I like my money, but I didn’t work because of money and Chuck. He gave me the opportunity to give me trust. What I need is the future!!”
Yolanda said.
“You. Didn’t like him at all? Recently, you are a little bit despised, do you miss him?”
Liu Na is from here, she understands!
This is miss!
Not missing the boss, but the person Chuck!
This may be the case for a long time.
“Miss him? Maybe!” Yolanda didn’t understand.
“Do you like him?”
“I don’t know. I haven’t thought about such a thing. It’s too busy, but… when I think of him, I feel a lot more comfortable in my heart. I want to see him. Is this something I like?”
Yolanda asked.

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