My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 887

Chuck is like a sculpture!
Appeared! !
Yolanda was shocked!
Liu Na was shocked!
He really came!
In an instant, Liu Na wanted to show up, and Yolanda also had a sour nose.
You know, there are many people on this abandoned construction site!
They are all under Youtianle!
All elites in fighting! !
However, Chuck appeared at this moment!
What it means is self-evident! !
These are all under Youtianle!
All solved by Chuck!
“Chuck, Chuck my people!”
You Tianle was extremely angry!
He came out of the house and brought all the people away now? ?
From today, who will protect him?
Chuck opened lightly!
A pair of eyes glanced, Yolanda, Liu Na looked embarrassed!
In an instant, the eyes of these eyes became cold!
Cold as ice! !
“Dead?? You killed me, I will let you die today!”
You Tianle is angry!
“Yolanda, Liu Na, I’m sorry to make you suffer.” Chuck said.
Obviously, Ouyang Fei abnormally tortured them!
Chuck wanted!
However, Yolanda was red and swollen, and Chuckyou immediately took Yolanda away to the hospital.
Yolanda has always been a clean look for urban white-collar workers!
But at this moment, what has become!
Face was swollen!
There is blood in the corner of the mouth!
The clothes are torn!
Such perverted torture, Chuck thought about what happened to Yolanda.
“It’s okay, be careful! She has a gun!” Yolanda said.
Chuck is empty-handed!
What if someone has a gun? ?
No matter how powerful Chuck is, he is not a fairy. If the gun is definitely shot, Chuck will be killed!
“I know, wait, I will take you away!”
Chuck’s eyes stared at Ouyang Fei!
This pervert has reached the extreme woman!
Chuck was suddenly indignant, but unfortunately the Black Rose was dead and could not personally take revenge!
At this moment, only Chuck is here! !
I also hope that the black rose, knowing under the fountain, can rest in peace!
“Okay, we are waiting for you.” Yolanda was moved.
This sentence, into her heart, warm, calm her heart.
Chuck alone can give her this feeling.
Liu Na cried.
After dying and being able to live at this moment, she cried.
“Huh, Chuck, are you too optimistic?”
At the moment Chuck appeared, the sniper rifle in Ouyang Fei’s hand had already turned the cold muzzle against Chuck!
The finger is already on the trigger! !
Just need to pull it, Chuck is dead!
Headshot to death! !
“No! Ouyang Fei, you are going to die today!” Chuck came step by step!
Like a king!
Not afraid of facing the cold muzzle!
“Fifi, shoot, shoot!”
You Tianle can’t wait!
When he caught Alice before, he didn’t see Chuck die, how disappointed was You Tianle? !
“Chuck, do you regret it? I ask you!”
Ouyang Fei asked coldly.
“What regret?”
“Sorry you should like me back then!”
“No, I don’t like you from beginning to end, not at all!” Chuck came slowly.
The muzzle is very close to him!
“This is where you should regret it, you know? If you liked me back then, I refused you again and dumped you. You are still your young master, and I am still the school flower of today! will happen!”
Ouyang Fei growled!
Since she became a killer!
Only Chuck angered her!
At this moment she realized that Chuck forced her to a desperate way!
She was originally a good school flower, and was destroyed by Chuck! !
“Have you never thought about your own problem?”
“It’s all your fault! You like me, I am handsome again, things are so simple, but you are complicated, you remember, when I went to you, when you refused me and said you don’t like me, Is that disgusting face? I remember it all my life!”
Ouyang Fei’s abnormal smile appeared!
Chuck rejected her!
She was horrified and in pain!
However, today, you can get it back! !
How long did she wait on this day?
a long long time!
Ouyang Fei feels that in less than a year, it seems that ten or twenty years have passed!
Her hatred for Chuck went deep into the bone marrow!
Only Chuck’s death can be washed!
“You shouldn’t expect that you will have today! Haha! This is you, the consequence of not liking me! This is you!!!” Ouyang Fei suddenly lost control!
“I do not like you!”
“Do you know? What did I meet when I arrived in Sui Kingdom, that boss, let the man…do you know?”
Ouyang Fei is out of control!
She blushed and was furious!
In her unwillingness, her precious things are gone!
“This is what you deserve!” Chuck still came slowly!
“I deserve it? I deserve it?! Chuck, you die!!”
boom! !
Ouyang Fei pulled the trigger! !
She was out of control and thought of that kind of torture! Ouyang Fei is out of control!
There was a loud noise, sparks from the cold muzzle, and a bullet!
Yolanda exclaimed! !
“Haha, Chuck. I can finally see you dead, haha…” You Tianle laughed out loud!

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