My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 888

The moment Ouyang Fei pulled the trigger!
Bullets shot out!
Chuck has evaded!
The hot bullet hit the wall!
Ouyang Fei smiled coldly, “Hide? Huh, I shot, you can’t hide!”
Pull the trigger again!
This speed is amazing!
However, this time, Chuck just took a cold look!
Ouyang Fei is cold and grim! !
“Hide, hide!!”
What did You Tianle think of, he suddenly panicked!
Ouyang Fei doesn’t understand anything yet!
A sudden loud noise!
In front of her, a small bead shot over!
not sure what it is!
It fell crisply on the ground! !
Explode! !
Crazy explosive energy rages!
Ouyang Fei was in horror!
Ouyang Fei was rushed out of energy, pop!
Hit the wall, the sniper rifle in the hand landed!
Ouyang Fei vomited blood!
You Tianle screamed!
Already covered with blood, “Ah, ah!!!”
It’s so easy!
Yolanda, Liu Na was already shocked. Was it the bomb?
How come such a small bomb has such great power?
Chuck came slowly!
“Ah, ah!”
You Tianle is in fear!
He was injured by a bomb!
Severe pain!
“This is your strength? A shock! A bomb can kill both of you, however, I don’t want to know why? Because, I want you to remember, what is fear!!!”
Chuck came slowly! !
Ouyang Fei used her strength to get up, she had to pick up the gun!
She is going to kill Chuck with a gun!
Chuck rushed over!
This is a punch!
Ouyang Fei flew out like garbage!
“A gun is a killer? Your strength is too bad!” Chuck said!
Chuck is still coming slowly!
Ouyang Fei was already embarrassed, “Chuck, Chuck!”
Without this bomb, she could definitely shoot Chuck and then torture him again! !
“You use a gun, I use a bomb, it’s fair! But that bomb is wasted! You are not worth it at all! Now, feel the fear!”
Chuck burst out with a punch!
This is a punch and roar, this is the amazing power of a punch! Unstoppable!
Ouyang Fei roared and raised his hand to resist!
However, click!
Ouyang Fei is a woman, her fist was originally much smaller than Chuck, even if you practice any more, the bones of men and women can’t be changed!
Fist contact!
Blood spattered, arms split!
Under the prestige of Chuck, Ouyang Fei’s hand was destroyed! !
Chuck has fifty kilograms of special metal on one hand!
One punch weighs seven or eight hundred pounds!
Ouyang Fei can’t resist!
It is impossible to resist! !
“Ah, my hand, my hand!”
Ouyang Fei is incredible!
She shook her hand frantically, but in addition to the severe pain, she couldn’t control her hand anymore!
Can’t catch it!
Can’t pinch!
Like the frosted eggplant, she is sick!
“It’s just the beginning, you know!”
Chuck’s voice is cold!
Lift your fist and punch!
Ouyang Fei has no way!
She can’t hide, can’t retreat, and can only pick up!
However, one of her hands has been abandoned, and there is another hand!
She lifted up to resist!
Not a second! !
Ouyang Fei’s body flew out like garbage! !
Unbearable hit the extreme!
Ouyang Fei spit out blood with internal organs!
“Impossible! How can your strength improve so quickly?!”
Ouyang Fei can’t believe it!
She is also trained!
There is also contact fighting!
It’s not as fast as Chuck’s promotion!
“I told you, you don’t understand!” Chuck came slowly!
“I was ruined by you in my life, ruined by you!” Ouyang Fei growled!
“You destroy yourself!”
Chuck said coldly!
“I’m not willing! Not willing! Kill me!”
Ouyang Fei is unwilling!
She is the number one killer comparable to Black Rose!
However, at this moment, both hands are completely discarded! !
I was killed by Chuck!
Yes, Ouyang Fei’s ability, Chuck after Wumen’s further study!
You can already kill her! !
“Kill you? You think too simple, what you do! I will torture you!”
Suddenly, Chuck’s eyes were cold!
This look, with horror! !
In an instant!
Ouyang Fei, there is no fear! !
Chuck came slowly step by step!
“Don’t! Let me go, Chuck, don’t do this to me!”
Ouyang Fei began to beg for mercy.
She thinks she is the number one killer!
However, Chuck spiked her and pulled her back to reality!
I am so vulnerable! !
“Let you go? Are you kidding! I won’t let you go, I said, I want you to feel fear!”
Chuck slowly shook his head!
Ouyang Feimei suddenly shot cold light! !
A sharp dagger she carried with her came out!
She is a killer!
Anything on the body can kill!
Can all turn things around!
Sudden attack, you can definitely kill Chuck!
“Chuck, you are going to die!”
Ouyang Fei was originally beautiful, but now the roaring roar!
Like a shrew, like a grudge! !
A huge slap hit hard!
Ouyang Fei’s eardrums are sore!
Ouyang Fei suddenly felt that he could not hear on one ear!
There is also blood ejected! !
This slap actually made her eardrum burst! !
Ouyang Fei screamed! !
“Don’t you like to hit someone? Don’t you like to hit someone’s face?”
Chuck slapped and slapped Ouyang Fei’s face!
Chuck’s hands are the same as steel!
Normally, the load of two hundred kilograms has already made Chuck’s steel body! !
“Ah, no! My face!”
The last slap, Ouyang Fei has become a pig’s head! !
Chuck waved his fist, which weighed 800 kg! !
No pity Xiangxixiyu!
So smashed on Ouyang Fei’s chest! Click! !
The ribs were broken, Ouyang Fei flew backwards, and a scarlet blood spewed out!
Ouyang Fei hit the ground!
Her woman’s body curled up, seven holes bleed, her face full of fear, this is the fear of death!
“No, Chuck, you let me go, let me go? I will never dare!!!”
Ouyang Fei is begging!
Fear is eating her!
Chuck came slowly!
Lift your feet!
Ouyang Fei’s arm broke!
Lift your feet!
Ouyang Fei’s thigh is broken!
Every foot of Chuck weighs a thousand pounds!

With a dying breath, the final consciousness was still sober, “Kill me, kill me…”
“Slowly feel the fear of death!”
Chuck said.
Ouyang Fei is changing, she is full of tears, this is horror!
Only then did she know what she had done, and she regretted it. At that time, she should leave, and she should not fight against Chuck, but she regrets taking medicine?
She was twitching, shaking, begging, “Kill me…”
However, Chuck no longer ignored her, she was already drowned in fear!
Because, Chuck’s eyes are shifting, locking You Tianle who wants to escape! !
“Run? Still stay! Feel the taste of fear!” Chuck came slowly!
You Tianle, Chuck already wanted to kill him, so today is it! !

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