My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 891

“Yes, one yard to one yard! According to your statement, Chuck still has some doubts. It’s true to be careful. If you are angered by anger, it will be farther and farther from the truth!” Said the old man.
Youjia did not speak up and down.
The old man’s words still make sense!
Therefore, they did not refute.
“I know.” You Shiwen beautiful eyes shone, “Then who do you think this ulterior motive will be?”
“Who else?” The old man shrugged.
Youjia was silent again and again, all watching You Shiwen.
“You mean…”
“Yes! It’s her! It’s still the same sentence, one code at a time, Chuck is this person, and his mother is Karen li. Over the past 20 years, she has accumulated a lot of family property, and eating Chuck will benefit us. ! But, eating and eating, can not be used by others!” The old man said cautiously.
You Shiwen beautiful eyes shimmering.
“I see this, the family owner still has to find an opportunity to ask Chuck! See if he shot at the end!”
The old man said, “Homeowner? Homeowner?”
Suddenly, You Shiwen froze and was continuously summoned by the people from the top and bottom of the house. You Shiwen just woke up, “I… let’s say it!”
“Okay, the host, you have to rest early, but tomorrow is the time to meet the Zhang family!” said the old man.
“I know.”
Traveling up and down, it is only safe to leave!
You Shiwen was silent in the room for a long time…
The moon this night seems very round and round…

“Little guy, where did you get this?” The boss behind the scene was blushing!
Chuck suddenly came over to find her in the middle of the night.
She also gave her a mobile phone, she opened it and found out that it was her own photo.
“In Ouyang Fei’s hands,” Chuck shrugged.
“She? Then she??”
The boss behind the scene was angry, it turned out to be her!
Ouyang Fei!
Why is she so bottomless!
Just do this kind of thing! !
“You destroy it yourself, I’m going back,” Chuck just took the time to do it, because tomorrow is going to be a big event!
Kill You Shiwen! !
“Wait, little guy, what’s wrong with you? Why are you sad again when you come back this time?
What happened?” The boss said behind the scenes, and she suddenly felt distressed.
Because Chuck’s eyes are red.
“What’s wrong? Tell me, what’s wrong!” The boss behind the scene embraced Chuck and comforted Chuck!
“I took Yvette to Huaxia, but she did not come back with me,” Chuck could not say anymore!
The boss behind the scene was stunned, “You mean, Yvette?”
She knew Yvette, and the initial killing order was given to Yvette!
“Yes! I found it nearby, only blood! A lot of blood, she died, but…I will avenge her tomorrow, and give my mother. Logan, Black Rose avenged!!” Chuck ice cold to the extreme !
“Little guy, what are you going to do?” The boss behind the scene was shocked!
Chuck’s words represent what he will do tomorrow.
“Don’t do anything, sister, you rest, I’ll go back, if I’m still alive, I will find you,” Chuck said, and walked to the door.
Behind the scenes, the boss ran out and hugged Chuck with his back, “I don’t allow you to go, no!”
“The death of my mother, the death of my Aunt Logan, the death of my wife Yvette, and the death of black rose, I will never forget these, so I will give them an account tomorrow, and also give myself an account. , My heart is decided! Sister, do you have the heart to stop me??” Chuck said.
“I can’t bear it, but I don’t want you to die even more, do you know?” She knew the boss behind the scenes.
How hard Karen li’s death hit Chuck!
“I know, so, sister, you sleep peacefully, and after a day, there will be results.” Chuck’s hand pressed the boss’s neck behind the scenes.
“Don’t! Don’t confuse me, what the hell are you doing? Chuck you…”
Behind the scenes, the boss couldn’t finish talking, Chuck had already fainted.
Behind the scene, the boss reluctantly still hugs Chuck!
Chuck hugged her in.
Covering the quilt, Chuck went back.

“Time is up, how are you preparing for Chuck?” Zhang family head asked.
The matter of killing Shiwen is related to the future of the Zhang family, and absolutely no problems can arise.
“I’m ready, I’m better than anyone,” Chuck no longer smiled.
These days of suffering!
This was brought to Chuck after Yvette died!
Chuck thinks about the two’s childhood, Chuck wants to cry!
He is a man with tears, but also a man who has lost his love.
Tears are nothing.
“That’s good, you go to the layout first!” Zhang Family said.
Chuck went out.
“Homeowner, I look at this Chuck, and I’m not ready. You may have accidents when you kill Shiwen!” Huolong said.
Zhang Xiangdao, “Yes, Grandpa, I am not optimistic about Chuck!”
“It’s okay, as long as You Shiwen appears, Zhang Zhangce can’t kill her, then he will die with Chuck! The place where the meeting has been set up already has a bomb!” Zhang Family owner said coldly.
These ten days, his Zhang family has also prepared!
Such a big event, he naturally ordered in secret himself! !
“That’s good! Today will be the most important day for our Zhang family for thousands of years!
Because after today, there will be no wandering homes, and there will be no tens of thousands of homes soon. It’s too much!!!” Zhang Family head is extremely excited! !
This day, he waited too long!
Unexpectedly, this was Zhang Ze’s synthesis! !
Chuck is also a good substitute for chess pieces! !
Fire Dragon, Zhang Xiang is hot!
“Right, Qingyang? Where did he go?” Zhang Family head asked.
Today is a good day. How can the future heir Zhang be absent? ?
“do not know.”
“Forget it, Fire Dragon, to prepare for the plane, we are going to start too! By the way, have we arranged for the meeting place?”
“Go home, Zhang’s best sniper and bodyguards are all arranged, there are not many people, just ten, but it is definitely enough!” Fire Dragon said.
“Okay! Go!”
Zhangjia family strode out!
Today, this is the day the Zhang family entered the annals of history! !

On a high mountain!
Chuck is on a large tree, surrounded by a hidden hidden device. This is a kind of special glass extracted from the chameleon’s skin and made into a forest.
In fact, this tree is a house.
There are two people, Betty and Chuck! !
“Master! Are you ready?” Betty asked.
“Ready,” Chuck blinked.
This place is the place to meet.
You Shiwen will appear, Chuckhui will kill her in the past, to the mother, Logan, Yvette. Black Rose revenge them.
Wait a minute… I will do it right away!
Chuck’s eyes were red at this moment!

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