My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 898

“What did you say?” Chuck was indifferent to the extreme! !
You Shiwen was stunned, Zhang Xiang said Chuck’s aunt?
So Zhang Xiang is Chuck’s father’s sister? ?
“You listen to me, don’t pinch me, listen to me, your dad is Zhang Qingyang, he is my brother, I am his sister, I am your aunt! You let go!” Zhang Xiang screamed uncomfortably!
Because Chuck’s big hands pinch her neck like vise!
You can pinch her neck in a second!
Chuck’s expression was dull, “What are you talking about?”
You Shiwen’s consternation is more serious. She knows that Chuck’s father is called Zhang Qingyang!
This person, a little mysterious, has been eating Karen li’s soft rice on the surface, however, it is not as simple as it seems!
She had thought about what kind of family Zhang Qingyang is!
However, she didn’t even think about it, Zhang Qingyang would be the Zhang family of the hidden family! !
So what’s going on? ?
All the people in and out of the house have their faces changed.
“I said, I am your dad’s sister and sister. I call him grandpa, and your dad will call him grandpa!”
Zhang Xiang screamed wildly!
She is going to live!
“You nonsense! Nonsense!” Chuck was indifferent to the extreme!
“I didn’t, no! The reason why your dad and Karen li got married was arranged by grandpa. They were arranged by grandpa! Don’t pinch me, let go! I want to breathe but come!” Zhang Xiang begged, frightened ?
Chuck couldn’t help but let go, he was at a loss, “What do you say!!!”
“This is to blame your mother. Karen li is so good! Once, my grandfather went out and met Karen li, who was only 13 or 14 years old on the road, and she behaved so well.
The owner of the Zhang family was in a trance.
You Shiwen was shocked!
She has this expression because she feels appalling!
“Say, say, let me continue!!! Why do you like it?! What do you want to do!” Chuck looks like a lion, his eyes are blood red, his emotions growl! !
“Because Grandpa needs a person and wants to train a person to change the status of the three hidden families, Grandpa wants this person to grow up and eventually stir up Youjia, Wanjia, and best of all, let Youjia Wanjia The vitality was badly hurt, and then our Zhang family came out to clean up the mess, so grandpa took a fancy to your mother Karen li…”
Zhang Xiang said in fear.
“Then, say!” Chuck growled, his blood-red eyes hurt, for his mother!
“Then, Grandpa first planned to train her, and also checked her information, knowing that she was a member of the Li family, but the Li family’s strength was too poor, and the training alone could not allow Karen li to grow up to be able to barely rival Youjia. The strength of Wanjia! So, so…”
“So, Grandpa decided to use another method to control her.” Zhang Xiang said with fear.
“Is it right for my dad to appear?” Chuck was extremely bitter!
He said it one by one, his heart was hurt, he was so, and his mother shook her head to know, how sad was it? ?
“Yes, Grandpa let Qingyang show up, contacted Karen li as a stranger, and finally they got married. Then, it was so convenient. Grandpa controlled her and nurtured her… 20 years, your mother has lived up to Grandpa ‘S expectations have grown to be second only to the three secret families!”
“So, my mother, is it a piece of your Zhang family?” Chuck was bitter.
“No, Grandpa changed his mind and wanted your mother to enter the family tree of the Zhang family,” Zhang Xiang dared not say anything else.
“However, my mother grew up to now, is it for your Zhang family right?”
Chuck’s blood-red eyes gradually became indifferent!
Turns out… this is a round, a round of 20 years!
“No, your mother has grown up to the present and it is the biggest benefit she has received!”
“So, if my mother is not assassinated by Wan Ziwen, you Zhang family will control my mother and come to deal with Youjia, Wanjia? Take my mother as a chess piece, right?” Chuck One sentence!
“No, Grandpa changed his mind. Don’t think about it! I am your aunt! Your father Zhang Qingyang is my brother!” Zhang Xiang screamed!
“My dad? Is he still my dad?”
Chuck smiled and shook his head bitterly, his voice was extremely dry!
Chuck suddenly understood.
Why did the mother appear so long, he never appeared.
Turns out, can’t you face yourself?
“Why not? Where did you come without him?”
“No, he used my mother at all. I suddenly felt that my mother was too pitiful. When I was young, I was used by you. Use my mother’s affection and her love to control her and use her. ,you guys……”
Chuck blood red eyes!
He always felt that his mother was independent, but no, she was used from an early age!
You Shiwen was shocked, Karen li was like this.
She has seen Karen li several times and found that there are no traces of Karen li being used. Is it that Karen li didn’t know until today, she was used by Zhang family since childhood? ?
You Shiwen understands this bitterness!
She understands too! !
She suddenly sympathized with Karen li.
If Karen li did not work hard, did not grow, and did not meet Zhang Jia’s initial expectations, would Karen li be abandoned by Zhang Jia’s head halfway? ?
“Chuck, you can’t say that, Qingyang is your dad, I’m your dear aunt, don’t forget it! This can’t be changed, you are my Zhang family, you know? Now stand by you In front of you is your dad’s grandfather and your outside…”
Zhang Xiang screamed.
“Shut up!! Shut up to Lao Tzu!!”
Chuck growled, “I am not from your Zhang family, no!!! From today, my name is Li, and my name is Li Ce!!!”
“Chuck, you’re a big one, why are you talking to me like that? To you…”
“Laozi wants you to shut up! Have you heard! Shut up!” Chuck was terrified. He came step by step!
“You Zhang family, use my mother to treat her as a chess piece, but you didn’t treat her as a person, you still let her into the family tree of Zhang family? Also want to let me into your family tree of Zhang family? Impossible, impossible I am not surnamed Zhang! It has nothing to do with your Zhang family!” Chuck’s blood-red eyes look like a angry lion! !
“Chuck, you can’t say that, you are Qingyang’s pro son!! Without Qingyang, how could you be born? Qingyang gave you life!” Zhang Xiang said.
“Really? I am his son? No, I’m just a tool that he controls my mom. One day it’s useless, it will be thrown away. I have nothing to do with him. I wish I wasn’t born. Don’t want my mother to encounter such a thing, don’t want to…” Chuck was ashamed, he muttered to himself.

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