My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 900

Wanjia! !
Yvette stared at Wan Ziwen with tired eyes, “So everything was done at the door!!”
She was arrested by Long Yi and came to Wanjia, and she suddenly realized everything! !
Wan Ziwen smiled lazily, “You said you, I didn’t want to do anything to you. If you were a little more interesting, you left Chuck, maybe I can let you go. Now, the reason why you are here is just I’m stupid for you, don’t you know?”
Long Yi stood aside and smiled slightly.
She effortlessly brought Yvette here.
“You killed me!” Yvette closed his eyes!
Long Yi’s strength is too strong, she hates at the moment, especially want to kill Long Yi.
Revenge for Karen li.
However, she does not have this ability, and entering here means she will die.
Yvette has not been afraid of death.
The only thing is that there is regret, as Chuck’s wife, did not leave a descendant for Chuck.
“Relax, you will die, I will not let you live!”
Wan Ziwen smiled lazily.
“What do you want to do?” Yvette was angry.
What did she think of.
“You said it!”
Wan Ziwen smiled slightly, “Yvette, I don’t hide you. I’m barely curious about you. Do you know what I’m curious about?”
“I don’t want to know!” Yvette’s beautiful eyes shone!
“Give her a slap!” Wan Ziwen’s beautiful eyes flashed coldly!
Snapped! !
Long Yi gave Yvette a slap!
Yvette’s cheeks were red and swollen, and the corners of his mouth were bleeding, but his eyes were cold!
“In my place, you better be a little better. I’ll ask you again, do you want to know what I am curious about you?”
Wan Ziwen asked again.
“Don’t want!”
Long Yi smiled and gave Yvette a second slap!
With her great strength, she slapped Yvette with a second slap.
splash! !
A bucket of water splashed on Yvette.
Yvette woke up, “If you dare to do this to Chuck, I won’t let you go if I’m a ghost!!”
“Don’t let me be a ghost? I’m so scared! You know? How many people can die in one sentence?”
Wan Ziwen smiled slightly, not caring about Yvette’s words.
“I’m curious, why does Chuck like you? Where is your good? The figure? I’m better than you, looks, I’m better than you, what does he like you?” Wan Ziwen asked with a smile.
Yvette was indifferent, “There are some things you never understand!”
“No, there is nothing in this world that I don’t understand,” Wan Ziwen smiled slightly.
Lazy lying on the sofa!
“Kindness! Don’t kill innocents indiscriminately, do you understand?” Yvette asked coldly.
“I need to understand this? You don’t know me yet, what to do next, I will destroy the Zhangs and Youjias! There is only one mysterious family in the world, the whole earth is mine! I want to understand these What are you doing?” Wan Ziwen dismissed.
“So, my husband Zhang…”
“Give her a slap!!!” Wan Ziwen was instantly indifferent!
Long Yi gave Yvette a slap.
“From the moment I saw Chuck, she was no longer your husband. You don’t understand this truth?” Wan Ziwen said coldly!
“He is not!”
“I said yes, he is! His current situation will come and beg me, I will give him the best thing in the world, can’t you give it? I can! I can make him the richest man in the world, can you? I can !
Men just like these, and Chuck is no exception!”
Wan Ziwen seemed confident.
“He will depend on himself, not on you!” Yvette shook his head. “I understand him, he will not eat soft rice, it’s yours.”
“He has no choice. Soon the world will be mine. He is only under my watch, oh, I said that, you don’t understand it at all!”
“I don’t need to understand,”
“You don’t understand, you are just a low-level person, do you think your family has billions of dollars, which is very powerful? In my eyes, you just want to eat, do you know?”
Wan Ziwen smiled slightly.
“How do you want to deal with Chuck?”
Before Yvette died, he wanted to know about it.
Otherwise, there will be regrets for her death.
“What do I do with him? He is my future man, and I will only give him the best,” Wan Ziwen seems to have fantasized about Chuck’s married life.
“You can’t give it, you never thought about a question. If Chuck knew one day that you killed his mother, how would he deal with you?”
“This question, I haven’t thought about it yet! Know why? Because, he will never know about this matter.”
Wan Ziwen said confidently.
“He will know!” Yvette shook his head.
“Give her a slap!!”
Long Yishui Yvette slaps!
Yvette’s mouth is bloody, she has no fear, her eyes are still shimmering!
“I said, he won’t know, he won’t know, understand? Oh, you don’t understand! Bored, don’t want to talk to you, Long Yi, optimistic about her, I’m going to see Chuck, see him doing what……”
“Wan Ziwen, you stop me!” Yvette struggled to go out!
Long Yi pinched Yvette’s neck, Wan Ziwen smiled slightly, “Don’t be too hard, this kind of garbage, die in a pinch, I haven’t thought of letting her die so soon!”
She continued without a word and came in alone, “Miss, there is someone who wants to see you!”
“Who?” Wan Ziwen shrugged.
“He said his name was Chuck.”
Wan Ziwen Meimu smiled, “Oh, he finally came over to find me, please come in!!!”

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