My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 902

Yvette was sad, but not sad either.
She was sad because Chuck would marry such a woman Wan Ziwen’s desire to control is too strong, how married he will be Not sad, Chuck can have a home.
However, this destination does not work Tick Yvette closed his eyes and the tears fell.
She can’t do anything now because Chuck definitely thinks she is dead.
“Wan Ziwen, I beg you, treat Chuck well,” Yvette said.
Is this begging?
Yes Yvette admits himself This is pleading.
She grew up with Chuck, she wanted to see Chuck finally happy However, I am about to die, what do you think No longer seeing Her only thing is to beg.
“Of course, he married me, it was my man, and of course I will treat him well. I will give him whatever he wants.” Wan Ziwen smiled slightly.
“If you can’t do it, I won’t let you go if I’m a ghost”
“Then be a ghost,” Wan Ziwen laughed.
Yes She is very excited Because, for the first time, she chased a man so aggressively She admitted that she really likes Chuck Marry Chuck, she will be happy Well, of course it will be good for Chuck.
As long as Chuck is good to himself.
Yvette shed tears and closed his eyes, waiting for death, “Her husband, you must be happy”
“Congratulations Miss” Long Yi smiled slightly
“Well, inform the family, I will get married in three days”
“Yes, I will deal with it immediately”
Long Yi shrugged. This kind of big family also hopes that the owner can get married sooner Wan Ziwen said to close, then the people of the Wan family would not have an opinion Because, three days later, Wan Ziwen is also the heir of Xin Wanjia.
Which is the new family head
“Also, you and your family all sent invitations,” Wan Ziwen said.
“Miss, do you want?” Long Yi asked.
“Originally, I didn’t deal with their two families so quickly, especially You Shiwen, but this time I was very happy. Chuck was my man, so I want to give him a big gift, that is”
“Understood, I will deal with it immediately”
Wan Ziwen left, and Long Yi smiled slightly, “Yvette, you can hear what my lady can give Chuck, you can give it.”
Yvette kept his eyes closed.
“Huh, the day when Chuck and Miss got married, it was when you died,” Long Yi went out to deal with what Wan Ziwen said.
Hidden family, then only the hidden family is eligible to participate in Wan Ziwen’s wedding Because, other families do not have this qualification Another reason is that the secret family will continue to secretly However, this wedding, Wanjia will be held lively The three big families attended together, this will be a grand event Yvette shed tears, “I’m sorry, I can’t accompany you to the last husband, you have to be happy, and I will be with you next life”
“Homeowner, homeowner” came in alone
“What’s the matter” You Shiwen handles the things of the Youjia, but she is actually absentminded.
“Wan Ziwen asked someone to send an invitation and said he was getting married”
“with who”
You Shiwen stood up instantly, her eyes flashing, and she took the invitation and looked at it,
“Chuck, this is what you call”
“I get it,” You Shiwen said.
“That host, are we going to participate”
“Of course, this wedding is also the day when Wan Ziwen became the head of the Wan Family.
It may also be an unforgettable day in Wan Ziwen’s life. Of course, my family will participate in it,” You Shiwen said beautifully.
“Then, then, I will prepare”
Wan Ziwen meditated for a while and went out to prepare Zhangjia
“Chuck’s little bastard, really hooked up with Wan Ziwen.” Zhang Xiang was angry with a red invitation The Zhangjia family is cold.
“Chuck, that little bastard, clearly knows that Wan Ziwen is his enemy. He still does it, what he wants to do”
“Say bad”
“Then do we have to go? I always feel that Wan Ziwen will play on the topic this time.” Zhang Xiang still dare not.
She was afraid.
Chuck can overwhelm her, not to mention Wan Ziwen
“Let’s go and see, what exactly Chuck wants to do,” Zhang Jia said coldly, “By the way, where did Qingyang go to find him?”
“No, but his son is married, he can’t not show up. Alas, Qingyang is too indecisive.”
“No need to say more, get ready”
The world is quiet, they do not know Chuck, Wan Ziwen is getting married.
However, among the thousands of families, it was brightly lit Wanjia’s new home is mainly married, and no one in Wanjia dares to refute Because they know Wan Ziwen’s character Even if they knew Chuck’s background, they would not say much.
Therefore, what they have to do is to make this wedding as big as possible, so that Wan Ziwen will never forget Three days of preparation Arrived Today is the big day for Wan Ziwen, the new head of Wanjia, and Chuck to get married

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