My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 911

“Karen li, are you in tears? You can’t see it. You don’t know, why is Zhang Qingyang close to you?” Wan Ziwen smiled.
“I know, but you don’t understand!” Karen li’s eyes were red!
“I don’t understand, what don’t you understand?” Wan Ziwen laughed lazily!
“I don’t understand what is like and what is affection. For more than 20 years, Zhang Qingyang and I couldn’t help myself. He has been working hard to help me. I know, I know…” Karen li muttered to himself.
“Know how it is! He died, it was me who made the shot! I was going to kill Yvette, and he ran foolishly to help Yvette to stop the bullets, hehe! He was stupid…”
“To shut up!!”
Karen li stood up!
Wan Ziwen Meimu Frost, “You are dead! Long Yi, give you another chance to kill her!!”
Long Yi took one step!
Karen li didn’t die, hit her!
She is the first master of Wanjia!
Kill a person, not dead? ?
This is a shame!
Karen li released the ring in his hand, two!
Boom when you land!
Smashed the floor!
Two more!
Also smashed the floor!
Ten thousand families were shocked, this, this? ?
Is it the same weight as Chuck? Is a woman heavier than Chuck? ?
“Long Yi, right? I have never used my true strength. Today, I will start with you!”
Karen li said coldly!
“Okay! I see you… ah, so fast!”
Long Yi is preparing for a battle, but Karen li rushes over!
Long Yi hasn’t responded yet!
Spit out blood for ten meters!
Wow! !
Long Yi smashed the table and lay down on the ground in embarrassment!
Ten thousand families were shocked!
Wanjia’s bodyguards are stunned!
What strength is this?
You Shiwen, Zhang Xiang, the owner of Zhang Family, dumbfounded!
“It turns out that this is my mother’s strength, so horrible!” Chuck muttered to himself.
“I, I can’t beat her in my whole life, it’s impossible…” Yvette murmured.
Long Yi climbed up, “Okay, okay! I was forced to take this part. It seems that today I will fight you well!”
“No, after I lifted the weight, you are not eligible to fight with me, because, you are matched with the weight-bearing me, and the broken one fights with me, at this moment, you are not worthy!”
Karen li shook her head and stepped out!
At the moment Long Yi rebelled, Karen li was in front of her!
The two fought for less than ten seconds!
All fighting styles of Long Yi were easily cracked by Karen li!
Because Karen li unloaded, it was too fast! !
At last!
Karen li pinched Long Yi’s neck!
Long Yi was in horror, “You, how are you possible?”
She spoke uncomfortably!
“Everything is possible! There is one last sentence, you are actually terrible!!!” Karen li said!
“No!” Long Yi was horrified!
Karen li put his hands on it!
Long Yi’s expression was maintained in horror, and his struggling body did not move, hanging down!
Because her neck was pinched! !
Karen li dumped her body!
All people are in horror, Long Yi, but the first master? Of course, so dead?
Who would have thought that the first master Long Yi’s end would be like this?
“Mine!” Zhang Xiang was shocked!
The Zhangjia family are all frightened, this piece is too scary, when did this grow up to this point!
“You go together!” Karen li said.
“Go to me!!” Wan Ziwen was angry!
Ten thousand bodyguards all swarmed up!
Many fists faced Karen li.
“Mom, let me help you!”
Chuck rushed up!
Karen li and Chuck, the strength of the two is amazing, especially Karen li, she punches one, unstoppable! !
The first master Long Yi was all killed by Karen li, not to mention these people? ?
Punching and kicking, screaming!
Within three minutes, the bodyguards of Wanjia were killed by Karen li, and the others lay on the ground and wailed!
Half left!
A bullet came in!
Killed a million bodyguards!
Run in alone!
Chuck is jealous, Logan! !
Really Logan!
Logan, dressed in black, holding a sniper, is so handsome!
She is still alive!
Logan smiled slightly at Chuck, “How are you, Ceer?”
“Okay, I’m fine!!” Chuck cried again.
boom! !
Another bullet came out!
Shoot a million bodyguards!
A person rushed in, big blue eyes, black roses!
Chuck was excited, “Black Rose, are you alive?!”
“Well!” Black Rose’s face was blank!
A figure rushed in again, but one was beaten in!
The figure jumped and came in a familiar person, Chuck’s coach in Wumen, Qiushui coach! !
Immediately afterwards, the men of Wumen came in again, one, one…
The Wanjia bodyguards were just half resolved by the brave Karen li and the angry Karen li, and the rest…not much!
Ten thousand families were in panic.
“What’s going on? How did they come in!”
“It’s over, it’s over, today our ten thousand family is over!”
“Wan Ziwen, you are dead today!!” Karen li and Chuck said in unison! !

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