My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 912

Wan Ziwen smiled lazily, “It’s over? Do you think I’m over?”
“Isn’t it?” Karen li shrugged!
“It’s not over, know why I have been so calm? Because it is very simple, I control everything, including your life!”
Wan Ziwen smiled slightly and took out a remote control!
She just took it out!
Karen li shot it with a gun!
Bullets shot out!
Penetrated Wan Ziwen’s hand!
Blood is coming!
Wan Ziwen cold sweat DC! !
“When I was young, I had the same desire to control, but not as strong as you.” Karen li slowly approached!
Wan Ziwen’s face was pale, “Karen li, you can shoot me!”
Snapped! !
Karen li raised his hand and slapped Wan Ziwen on the face!
Wan Ziwen stumbled back!
All Wanjia witnessed this scene!
Owner. . Beaten!
“Karen li, do you dare to beat me?” Wan Ziwen went crazy!
Snapped! !
Another slap!
Wan Ziwen’s makeup was destroyed!
“Karen li, you!” Wan Ziwen was terrified!
She was beautiful, but now it was ugly to the extreme!
Snapped! !
Karen li approached step by step, slap again!
Wan Ziwen fell to the ground!
Hair messy!
Like a beggar!
The people of the 10,000 family are already at a loss, this is the first family!
Wan Ziwen, as the head of the family, was beaten like this? ?
They think they are dreaming, but is this a dream? ?
no! !
This is real!
Someone is really beating his own owner!
“Haha, Karen li,” Wan Ziwen got up on his own, his face swollen into a pig’s head!
“You really made me look at each other!”
“I don’t want you to be impressed. In fact…I have been collecting everything from your secret family, Zhang’s, Youjia, and of course yours! Ten years ago, when I was in Wumen, When I thought about it, there might be this day! Now, it’s really right. In Wumen, a few people who didn’t usually come out came out. The effect is very good. Your family is actually not so difficult to enter!” Karen li Shrug.
“So, you wanted to eat my secret family as early as twenty years ago?” Wan Ziwen went crazy!
“No, I am a man who has always been well-watered and does not violate the river. You will not mess with me. I will never take the initiative to provoke you. However, I will plan ahead and know that you will provoke me. Therefore, I have made preparations in advance. These preparations have done two. For more than ten years, it’s okay!”
Wan Ziwen went crazy, “Karen li, Karen li!!”
She gritted her teeth!
“It could have been peaceful, but you…” Karen li shook her head, approaching step by step!
“But am I right to die? Haha!”
“No, you are not looking for death, but forcing me to let you die!”
Click! !
Karen li easily pinched Wan Ziwen’s neck!
Wan Ziwen twitched her body while lying on the floor, her blood-red eyes were turning, turning, most fixed on one person, Chuck…
When Wan Ziwen died, the whole family was even more panic!
“The owner is dead, the owner is dead!”
Dozens of helicopters flew up, led by Betty!
Many people came down and controlled everyone in the family!
The next thing is easy to handle, Wan Ziwen’s death, Wanjia Qunlong headless! Betty started to take over Wanjia!
“Cer, I have been tired for so many years, and I will leave the next thing to you,” Karen li said, lifting Zhang Qingyang.
“Mom, Dad…” Chuckyi reluctantly, where is Mommy going to?
“He still has a heartbeat, but I don’t know if I can live. I will save him, and… walk around the world! After so many years, I haven’t really been with him…” Karen li yearned .
Chuck sighed, dad’s situation, maybe? ?
“Relax, I won’t leave you for another 20 years, rest assured!” Karen li said.
Chuck was moved.
“Aunt Karen,” Yvette came over.
“Are you going to kill me?”
“No, no, I’m relieved,” Yvette shook his head, yes.
This kind of thing, she is useless!
Because Karen li’s strength is too strong and too strong!
In this world, Karen li is the only one who can reach the strength of Karen li, Chuck!
Because Chuck inherited the fighting genes of Karen li!
“Then, are you going to marry my son? The wedding will be renewed!” Karen li smiled softly.
“Well, I will!” Yvette sweetly relies on Chuck!
“That’s good, Ceer, I’ll take your dad back first, and then delay, I’m afraid…” Karen li also began to worry.
Zhang Qingyang was shot! !
“Ching Yang, Ching Yang!!” Zhang Family head ran over.
Karen li was silent for three seconds, “Master Zhang, don’t come unharmed!”
Zhang Jia’s face is ugly, “Karen li you?”
“For so many years, you know everything about me. Now, do you want to continue?” Karen li asked.
“No, I can’t continue.” Zhang Family sighed.
He couldn’t control Karen li’s strength.
“Actually, Karen li, I want you to enter the Zhang family tree, and your son Chuck,” said Zhang’s head.
“No more! No more! Zhang Family is with you, I will never step in! Zhang Family Master, you can do it for yourself, Qingyang saved you Zhang Family, otherwise, none of the Zhang family can live, all must die I said Karen li!!!”
Karen li said coldly.
In a flash, the Zhang family’s head was sweating, so awesome!

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