My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 98

Yvette was sitting at table 3 at this time, and Chuck was also led by the waiter. He sat down alone, looking at Yvette from a distance.
Chuck thought, Yvette suddenly needed money, and now he invited people to dinner in a five-star hotel. Is this a business matter or something else?
“What do you need to drink?” the service asked politely.
“Juice.” Chuck said.
“There is black watermelon juice, you drink this?”
“Wait a minute,” the waiter left respectfully.
Chuck continued to look. Yvette didn’t have a special dress today, just as usual, but today’s skinny jeans look particularly charming, making her thighs tight and the lines too perfect.
Chuck looked at it like this, slowly admiring it, his arms around his wife who had slept for so long was so charming.
But at this time, Chuck’s cell phone rang, and Chuck clicked on it. It was a WeChat sent by Lara, which meant that I was very sorry. I didn’t reply to the message until now, and there was a series of crying expressions behind it, which was an apology.
Lara has been angry all the time. Where can I find time to look at her phone? After she was busy in the store for a while, she looked at her phone boredly and found that the “tyrant” actually asked her to go out at night. This surprised her very much, but Seeing that it was posted last night, she broke down and regretted it.
She hates Chuck even more. If it weren’t for Chuck yesterday, would she be beaten by that wicked woman? Will go drinking? I went to open a room with the “Baller” a long time ago.
She waited nervously for the “Baller” to reply. Chuck was thinking about Yvette at this time. Where could she have spare time to fix Lara?
Ignore her.
But Chuck didn’t reply, which made Lara anxious, panicked, and awful. Is the “Baller” angry?
She is even more angry that Chuck is all you! Let the “Baller” ignore me! !
Lara struggled and struggled. She wanted to apologize to the Baller. She saw that her cousin was busy, so she went to the bathroom by herself, took a photo of the fruit, and clicked send.
It’s also for the upper body, and she really can’t shoot the lower body.
Chuck received the message here, clicked on the picture, and just glanced at it, but didn’t bother to pay attention.
Chuck has seen several of Lara’s photos. Although they are still eye-catching, people are curious. After seeing these and watching them continuously, the curiosity disappears, so I just want to look at others. local……
The “Baller” still didn’t reply. Lara was disappointed. She was so angry that she wanted to go to Chuck to vent again. She was really angry!
She prayed in her heart, “Baller”, don’t be angry! !
She began to send out more than a dozen apologies in a row, all with pleading. She had never been so low-pitched before, and she found that she really liked the “Baller”.
I really like it! But I just don’t know what the “Baller” looks like…
Lara looked at the “Baller” portrait on WeChat, disappointed and looking forward to it.
Chuck glanced at him, his heart amused.
Lara really has the side to bow her head to apologize and beg for forgiveness? If she knew, the object of forgiveness was the hanging silk she had always looked down on, and she didn’t know what her expression would be.
Chuck received his mobile phone, ignored Lara, and continued to look at Yvette. At this time, a man and a woman in glamorous clothes were finally brought in by the receptionist.
Chuck saw that this woman was very charming and showy. She was wearing that kind of super short hot pants, her long legs were exposed, and her gestures were sexy, but she was still far behind Yvette in figure. Yvette’s round and bumpy feeling, there are some fat on the belly, no way.
Yvette breathed a sigh of relief. The woman is Yvette’s college classmate Wang Keke, and the man is her husband Ma Dongnan.
Wang Keke had average abilities when he was in university, but he found a good husband. His husband, Ma Dongnan, is a big name in the training company. One of China’s most famous training teachers has his own company and he has done a very big job.
Yvette invited him over this time. In fact, he was also invited to come over and advertise for his company. However, the advertising fee is very high, requiring 600,000 yuan!
This is only a friendly price, and Yvette has made an appointment for a long time.
Yvette has invested a lot in the company recently, and the money has been spent unconsciously, but Yvette believes that there will be rewards for her efforts. If she is desperate, the company will surely improve.
She was firm in her heart.
Wang Keke and Ma Dongnan sat down.
To be honest, when Wang Keke saw Yvette like this, he caught a cold with jealousy.
But it’s not because of other things, but because of Yvette’s appearance and figure. It has been several years, but it hasn’t changed at all. On the contrary, it is more beautiful than before. You must know that Yvette was one of the four major college students at the time. what!
With this temperament now, the other three schoolgirls can no longer match.
But… Wang Keke suddenly smiled in her heart. She didn’t see any precious things on Yvette. The smell on her body was not Chanel’s perfume. The bag was not Hermes. She was dressed in a very ordinary way, with a watch all over her body. At the same time, up to 20,000 to 30,000, which is not as valuable as a bag of your own.
Just by looking good and good, Wang Keke’s sense of superiority came out. What about being beautiful? No Money!
She sneered in her heart. The reason why she came here was to bury Tai Yvette. When you were in college, who made your favorite male student secretly fall in love with you?
Now it’s like this, it deserves it!
Wang Keke felt happy in his heart, “It’s been a long time since I saw you, Yvette, you are getting more and more beautiful, and your body is getting better and better. I am not as good as you. A few days ago, I just came back from vacation in Maldives and went In a few days, I gained a few kilograms, and in ew days I have to go to the U.S. to travel around. I have been thinking about where to go all day. Oh, it’s really annoying.”
Yvette smiled, “Is the Maldives fun?”
“Of course it’s fun,” Wang Keke was even more proud, haven’t he been? The five-star hotel is expensive!
“Have you not been there? Say it earlier. I will take you there with you last time. The scenery there is so beautiful and the food is delicious. Husband, shall we go there again next month?” Wang Keke acted like a baby.
Ma Dongnan nodded, “No problem.”
“Then go together next time.” Wang Keke invited.
“Thank you, no need.” Yvette shook her head. How could she go out to play when her company is in a difficult period? What’s more, she knew what Wang Keke meant.
“Yi Nan, women have to treat themselves better. What’s the use of working all day? Isn’t the money I earn as good as my bag? Would you like to start something, or Yi Nan, you have difficulty recently? No money to go out to play? It doesn’t cost much to go out with me. Just follow. Where we go, you can follow. You can eat and drink without you, so it’s okay.” Wang Keke smiled, you can follow, be a The servants who carry the bags are also good, and the money spent is used to help the poor.
Yvette frowned slightly and shook his head, “It’s really not necessary, you are ready to order, let’s talk while eating, waiter!”
The waiter quickly took the menu. Wang Keke opened it and looked at it. She was barely reluctant. She pointed to a dish and said, “Is there any big yellow croaker?”
“Sorry, the big yellow croaker needs a reservation,” the waiter said.
“Yvette, you came here temporarily? Why didn’t you make a reservation? Don’t you know that I like big yellow croaker the most?” Wang Keke asked.
Yvette shook his head. It was not temporary, but a large yellow croaker weighed tens of thousands of pounds. She sighed in her heart. This meal would cost her tens of thousands?
I hope there will be results.
“Why don’t you eat the other ones, they are also delicious.” Yvette can only say that.
“I don’t have any big yellow croaker. I have no appetite to eat, husband…” Wang Keke acted like a baby.
Ma Dongnan frowned, “Boss Jordan, what are you doing for me? I don’t have a good meal preparation. How can you make me think about promoting your company? You have to know, if it’s not Coco, you beg me to come over and say to help your classmates. , I won’t be here. Coco helped you so, how did you thank her? At least your attitude is wrong, no wonder the company will fail!”
Yvette was said so, and said sorry after being silent.
“I’m sorry, what’s the use? I kindly came over to help you, you don’t even satisfy me with meals, how can I continue to help you?” Ma Dongnan shook his head with a cold face.
Seeing Yvette’s silence and speechlessness, Wang Keke felt refreshed. He wanted you to seduce someone I like when you were in college and let him have a crush on you! This is your end! !

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