My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 105

Mu Nuannuan was more than surprised at this time, she was shocked.
She walked up to the boy and asked him with a serious face: “What is your relationship with the Mu family?”
“Relationships.” The boy looked indifferent, and then added very vigilantly: “But if I don’t kiss the Mu family, I don’t have any money!”
This kid lived in her house without permission, but now he is on guard. Is it afraid that she will kidnap him and ask Mu’s for money?
“Are you really called Mu Jiachen?” Mu Nuan warmly complimented him: “How many of you in Mu’s family are called Mu Jiachen?”
“What are you doing?” The vigilance in the young man’s eyes is deeper, but because of his young age, his immature appearance does not seem to be a deterrent.
Although I don’t know how the child entered her room and lived in grandiose, but I can feel that it is not a foolish child.
When he spoke, he had a unique accent that foreigners speak Chinese, and he didn’t speak very fluently. It was obvious that this child should have lived abroad for a long time.
All signs indicate that he may have run away from home!
Mu Nuan Nuan smiled: “Children, you ran away from home? You are not used to living in this kind of place, right? I’ll go to Mu’s family to find someone to pick you up? How about?”
He stared, and was anxious: “No! I finally came out!”
Sure enough, guessed wrong with her.
“You know that there is a crime in the Criminal Law called the crime of illegal invading a house?” Mu Nuannuan couldn’t deal with the big “Mu Jiachen” at home. This little Mu Jiachen was more than enough to deal with it.
Xiao Mu Jiachen’s face changed when he heard the words, a flash of panic flashed in his eyes, and he said loudly: “Mu Jiachen is the only one of our Mu family!”
He lives abroad most of the time, and occasionally returns to the country for vacation, but he is unfamiliar with the country where he lives, and he is a little afraid of Mu Nuannuan’s threat.
After Mu Nuannuan heard his words, the expression on her face became a little dazed.
If there is only one surname in Mu’s family, then who is the big “Mu Jiachen” in the family?
She stared at Xiao Mu Jiachen in front of her for a while, Xiao Mu Jiachen was so hairy by her: “What’s wrong with you?”
Mu Nuannuan was about to speak, when the sudden sound of “cooco” interrupted Mu Nuannuan’s thoughts.
Xiao Mu Jiachen glanced at her awkwardly, and then pretended to be ferocious and said loudly: “What do you look at? I haven’t heard the sound of being hungry!”
The person named “Mu Jiachen” has a really bad temper.

In the restaurant, Mu Nuannuan watched as Xiao Mu Jiachen ate three bowls of beef noodles.
The place where she rented a house was a slum in Shanghai City, so there were no decent restaurants nearby, but there were a lot of small flies.
Xiao Mu Jiachen was a bit disgusted at first, but maybe because he was too hungry, he followed her in.
As soon as he sat down and took a sip, his eyes lit up.
As the saying goes, taking short hands can eat people’s mouth softly. After Xiao Mu Jiachen ate three bowls of noodles, Mu Nuannuan asked him something, and he basically said it.
“I lived in Australia before, and I wanted to play professional e-sports. My mother refused to let me go, and did not give me money, so I ran away from home and scared her… You can’t tell the people from Mu’s family that I’m here. Otherwise they will catch me back…”
“Playing games? Shouldn’t you study hard at your age?”
Xiao Mu Jiachen corrected her: “What is playing games, is that a career? E-sports industry! This is my dream!”
Mu Nuannuan poured cold water on him: “But you are only fourteen years old.”
Although she doesn’t know much about the people who play games in the e-sports industry, she knows that if Xiao Mu Jiachen really wants to do this, she will at least get the legal working age.
Xiao Mu Jiachen snorted and raised his chin while holding his arms, looking very arrogant.
Mu Nuannuan wanted to laugh a little, she thought this kid was quite funny.
Mu Nuannuan tapped her fingers on the dining table twice, and said casually, “Who are you from Mu Tingxiao?”
“My cousin, isn’t he famous among you?” After he finished speaking, he suddenly thought of something, and said in a tone of’I’m good for you’: “Although he is rich and good-looking It’s okay, but he’s already married, don’t make his mind.”
Mu Nuannuan noticed the key word in his tone: It looks okay.
The rumored Mu Tingxiao was disfigured and inhumane. How could he look good?
Seeing Mu Nuannuan’s suspicious face, Xiao Mu Jiachen’s expression suddenly changed: “You forget what I just said!”
The family told him that he could not talk about his cousin in front of outsiders.
But he just said it without paying attention! But this woman looks like a deceit. There should be nothing wrong with it, right?
But Mu Nuannuan didn’t want to pay attention to what Xiao Mu Jiachen said.
During this period of time, all the things that puzzled her after she married into Mu’s house can be reasonably explained.
“Mu Jiachen” has never appeared at the same time as Mu Tingxiao.
“Mu Jiachen” lives in the master bedroom.
Shi Ye often spends time with “Mu Jiachen”.
At that time in the restaurant, she was only surprised when she fell in the arms of “Mu Jiachen” and then retreated.
Black card, that expensive car…
“Mu Jiachen” unscrupulously frivolous her again and again…
Being able to enter and exit Mu Tingxiao’s villa freely, and not Mu Tingxiao’s cousin “Mu Jiachen”, then he could only be – Mu Tingxiao himself!
This thought shocked Mu Nuannuan and couldn’t recover for a long time.
She couldn’t sit still anymore, got up and ran out.
Seeing that she was leaving, Xiao Mu Jiachen quickly got up and followed: “Where are you going, you…”
Before he finished speaking, Mu Nuannuan’s figure had disappeared.
He touched his full belly contentedly, scratched his little curly hair and muttered to himself: “At least lend me some money before leaving…”

Mu Nuannuan directly took a taxi back to the villa.
She entered the door aggressively, caught a bodyguard and asked, “Is Mu Jiachen there!”
The bodyguard stammered: “…not here.”
Mu Nuannuan went to the study and bedroom, and there was no sign of “Mu Jiachen” as expected.
Mu Tingxiao was “ugly and inhumane.” This is something that the entire Shanghai Yang market knows. Everyone thinks that, even Mu Wanqi pushed Mu Nuannuan to marry Mu’s family in order to escape the marriage contract.
And Mu Nuannuan naturally believed that Mu Tingxiao was an “ugly and inhumane” man, and did not doubt the truth or falsehood of the rumors.
So when I saw “Mu Jiachen”, I never thought that he might be Mu Tingxiao himself!
She preconceived that Mu Tingxiao was not a healthy person. Even if she felt a little suspicious in these two or three months, she had never thought about it.
Until she met “Xiao Mu Jiachen”, although the child looked weird, it did not seem to be lying.
She has gradually calmed down now, instead of rushing to confront “Mu Jiachen”.
She must first confirm whether “Mu Jiachen” is Mu Tingxiao, if it is…
Then play slowly with him.

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