My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 107

After returning to the villa, Mu Nuannuan sat by the window holding the computer, writing a manuscript while noticing that there was a car coming back outside.
It was not until night fell that a black car was seen coming by.
The driver got out of the car, opened the door of the back seat, and “Mu Jiachen” walked out of it.
Mu Nuannuan has good eyesight, and she recognizes that she is driving Shiye at a glance.
Shi Ye was Mu Tingxiao’s assistant, but she often helped “Mu Jiachen” drive the car.
“Mu Jiachen” got off the car and told Shi Ye a few words, and Shi Ye nodded respectfully and listened.
Taking advantage of this gap, Mu Nuannuan took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to the number of “Mu Ting Xiao”.
After sending the text message, she noticed that “Mu Jiachen” looked up to her side. Fortunately, her curtains had been closed and only a seam was exposed.
After taking a look here, he said something to Shi Ye, then lowered his head and took out a mobile phone from his pocket…
The distance is too far, Mu Nuannuan has no way of debating what he is looking at.
However, one of her hearts suddenly accelerated, jumping extremely hard.
Xiao Mu Jiachen’s words and various signs indicated that “Mu Jiachen” might be Mu Tingxiao, but Mu Nuannuan still couldn’t believe it was true.
She didn’t even dare to confront “Mu Jiachen”.
This thing is ridiculous!
“Mu Jiachen” is a very cautious person. If he is really Mu Tingxiao, he will receive her text message just now. In this way, it is normal for him to subconsciously look in the direction of her room after receiving the text message. Up.
In order not to arouse his suspicion, Mu Nuannuan changed into home clothes, messed up her hair, and lay on the bed pretending to sleep.
It didn’t take long for someone to knock on the door.
“Mu Nuannuan.”
Mu Nuannuan’s mood fluctuated all day long, and her nerves were tense. She was groggy and about to fall asleep when she lay down on the bed. He heard someone call her.
Not so clear in her mind, she walked over and opened the door in a daze, “Who?”
As soon as the door opened, “Mu Jiachen” stood at the door.
Mu Tingxiao looked at her up and down, watching her squinted and lacking energy, frowned and asked, “What’s the matter? I’m not feeling well?”
Mu Nuannuan woke up all at once, and the voice she said was hoarse that was characteristic of when she first woke up: “No, I’m sleeping.”
She was wearing a pink house suit with a kitten pattern, her long hair was a bit messy, and her white face was blushing, and she looked a little soft and cute.
Mu Tingxiao thought again that she had specifically called to give him a lunch at noon, and his expression became even more relaxed. Even the deep voice was mixed with an inexplicable gentleness: “Then you sleep for a while, I’ll let you go Cook, I’ll call you.”
“…Hmm.” Mu Nuannuan stared at him blankly. It was the first time she saw such a gentle and sharp “Mu Jiachen”.
Mu Tingxiao looked at her dazedly, and really couldn’t hold back. He stretched out his hand and rubbed her head indiscriminately, pushing her in: “Go on to sleep.”
Until Mu Nuannuan lay back on the bed, she still felt a little unresponsive.
She abruptly sat up from the bed and scratched her hair a little irritably.
Why did “Mu Jiachen” say something softly, so she really went back to bed and lay down?
She felt she was sick!
Out of an inexplicable mentality that “must be normal with’Mu Jiachen’, Mu Nuannuan turned over and got out of bed, opened the door and went out.
As she passed the study, she reached out and knocked on the door: “Mu Tingxiao, are you there?”
The next moment, her phone vibrated.
It was a text message sent to her by Mu Tingxiao: something?
Mu Nuannuan gave him a text message: Are you in the study?
There was a “um” word back.
Mu Nuannuan stared at the simple “um” word, her hand holding the phone was suddenly tight, her lips tightly pressed, and then she sneered.
Throughout the afternoon, she stayed by the window until at night there were no other cars driving into the villa except for the “Mujiachen” car.
How did Mu Tingxiao come back?
Flying away?
Got in from under the ground?
Mu Nuannuan had an impulse. She wanted to rush into the study and tear up the mask of “Mu Jiachen”.
No wonder Mu Tingxiao, who never shows up in front of outsiders, can be so close to a “cousin”, not only allows this “cousin” to live in his home, but also tolerates this “cousin” taking possession of his wife under her nose. Cheap.
“Mu Jiachen” would take the initiative to provoke her who was so “ugly” at the time, and there was a reasonable explanation.
Marrying a wife who has never met before, most men will go to see what this newlywed wife looks like, only to find that the newlywed wife does not know herself, and she will be wrong if she is wrong, so she will admit her mistake.
Having nothing to do, he teased her as a “cousin”, he was very proud of seeing her jumping with anger, right?
Mu Nuannuan bit her lip, to see who is proud to the end!

While eating, Mu Nuannuan sat opposite to “Mu Jiachen” and looked at him from time to time while eating.
When he felt that she was looking at him, she flew back and took his gaze back, picking up vegetables for him: “It’s so hard at work, you can eat more.”
“Mu Jiachen” ate the meal quietly, without saying anything.
Mu Nuannuan knows that the most beautiful place on her body is her eyes. Shen Liang once said that when she looks at someone intently, she seduces nakedly.
I am very happy to tease her as a “cousin”!
If his wife really likes “cousin”, she should give him a cuckold. I don’t know if he will feel happy.
However, “Mu Jiachen” is quite determined.
Usually something happened to tease her, give her a kiss, and now she took the initiative to attack, but he was as stable as Mount Tai, no extra look was given to her.
This made Mu Nuannuan a little discouraged.
Until the meal was over, “Mu Jiachen” slowly wiped his hands with a towel, and slowly said, “My cousin has been staring at me so much? Is it finally figured out and want to follow me?”
“Yes.” Mu Nuannuan waited for his words, and continued with kindness: “You are so good-looking and you are so good to me. You are much better than your cousin. All fools know who to choose. I was too stupid before, but fortunately I figured it out now.”
After Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, she got up and walked behind “Mu Jiachen”, tilted her head and kissed him on the cheek, feeling his whole body stiff, she curled her lips and exhaled in his ear: “I’ll go back to the room and take a shower…”
She said the word “bath” very lightly, and the ending sound was lingering, expressing an invitation.
Mu Nuannuan is not very good at this kind of thing, she can’t say anything like “I’ll wait for you at night”.
When the voice fell, she felt that the air pressure around her suddenly became very low, which made people feel suffocating.
Are you angry? The angry is still behind!
Mu Nuannuan quickly withdrew and walked out, and when she walked to the door, she turned her head and gave “Mu Jiachen” a look that was still eager to talk.
“Mu Jiachen”‘s face suddenly changed.

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