My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 108

As soon as Mu Nuannuan left the restaurant, she quickly ran upstairs as if a ghost was chasing behind her, and returned to the room.
Closing the door, she leaned on the door and reached out and patted her chest.
It’s no wonder that “Mu Jiachen” always likes to tease her with troubles, and run away so exciting!
After calming down, Mu Nuannuan carefully locked the door backwards before going into the bathroom to take a shower.
She didn’t want to really want to do something with “Mu Jiachen”.
What if he is Mu Tingxiao?

At night, “Mu Jiachen” did not find Mu Nuannuan.
The next day was Saturday, and Mu Nuannuan was still thinking about Xiao Mu Jiachen. She couldn’t bring him food in the morning, so she ordered breakfast takeaway for him.
I don’t know how he solved it during yesterday’s dinner.
The child’s idea was too big, if it were her own son, she would definitely break his leg.
However, on the other hand, this child is also quite courageous.
After Mu Nuannuan ordered the takeaway for him, she opened the door like a thief and went out.
She walked to the side of the guardrail in the corridor on the second floor, turning her head around, looking for the figure of “Mu Jiachen” in the living room.
After confirming that “Mu Jiachen” was not in the living room, she breathed a sigh of relief and was about to turn around. She could not help hearing the faint voice of “Mu Jiachen” behind her: “What are you looking at sneakily?”
Mu Nuannuan was so frightened that she took two steps back subconsciously, but there was a guardrail behind her, and she could not go back.
“Mu Jiachen” also just got up, and he may not plan to go out today, so he wears home clothes. The texture of the home clothes is soft-the soft style is loose, which reduces the sharpness of his body a lot, and the whole person looks Elegant and expensive.
Of course, the question is that he does not speak.
“Mu Jiachen” took another step, and the distance between the two people was less than five centimeters: “What have you done wrong for fear of being discovered by someone?”
Mu Nuannuan could even feel the temperature of his skin.
Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips, and involuntarily grasped the guardrail behind her, seeking a sense of security.
When she raised her head again, the expression on her face could not find a trace of panic. In the beautiful cat’s eyes, there was a fascinating smile-a human smile, and the tone was light: “What have I done wrong, I am afraid of being discovered by someone,” Don’t you know it best in your heart?”
As Mu Nuannuan said, one hand touched his chest, her slender-soft fingers gently rubbed through the thin furnishing clothes, like a kitten with sharp claws, scratching it, Itchy to my heart.
Mu Tingxiao’s eyes darkened, and she stretched out her hand to clasp Mu Nuannuan’s messy hand on his chest, and said in a bitter tone: “Before that, I was still on the ground with Mu Tingxiao, now I will seduce me, you women. It’s really fickle!”
Although Mu Nuannuan is not used to being held by a man like this, her current identity is a woman who has fallen in love with “Mu Jiachen” and wants to seduce him, so naturally she can’t take her hand back.
She looked at him with a smile: “How can this be fickle? As long as a woman with a clear mind, she will make the same choice as me.”
After a pause, Mu Nuannuan stood on tiptoe and leaned into his ear and said, “I think you men are more fickle. You always come to provoke me before, but now I send it to the door, but you say I am fickle, you men. Are they all so cheap? Don’t give them to your door, but you will provoke them if you don’t get them?”
Mu Nuannuan wanted to scold him a long time ago, she had never had such a joy before!
Where did Mu Tingxiao hear that this woman had cursed him in a different way, but what he couldn’t figure out was that this woman was not normal these past few days.
She seemed to want to seduce him on purpose, but when he approached, she clearly felt her whole body tense and stiff.
Could it be that she wanted to help him to help Mu Family?
As soon as this idea came out, he denied it.
The last time she was kidnapped by Xiao Chuhe, she had completely given up on the Mu family.
Seeing “Mu Jiachen” kept silent, just staring at herself with a deep complexion, Mu Nuan’s heart retired, and when she was about to pull her hand out, she heard “Mu Jiachen” said in a low tone: “It seems you I have a deep misunderstanding of the three words’send to the door’. I will go to Jinding tonight and let you see what the real’send to the door’ is.”
After he finished speaking, he held her hand to his lips and kissed lightly, gently curling his lips, revealing a meaningful smile.
Since this woman wants to play, play a big one.
Mu Nuannuan was stunned.
This is different from what she had imagined. He was quite angry just now. Why did he suddenly change his sex?
“Mu Jiachen” this man is too deep in his mind, and most people can’t figure it out at all.
Mu Nuannuan started to regret it a little, she always felt that she might steal the chicken and lose the rice.

“Mu Jiachen” stayed at home for a long time before leaving.
She was too lazy to cook at home, so she bought ingredients and went to the rental house.
Xiao Mu Jiachen was playing games again. He was half lying on the sofa with a pile of rubbish on the table in front of him. He was completely an internet addict.
Mu Nuannuan patiently took the trash can and collected half of the garbage, and then stood before him with her arms akimbo: “Don’t you have money? How come you can eat so many snacks every day?”
“I bought it when I came, and all the money is used to buy snacks.” He said, and sighed: “I lived with my mother before, and she didn’t let me eat snacks or play games. Of course I have to eat enough now!”
It’s just a bear kid.
Mu Nuannuan put the dishes she brought on the counter, and asked him while choosing the dishes: “What did you eat last night?”
“Beef noodles.” After he finished speaking, he added: “The noodle restaurant you took me to yesterday.”
“How do you eat without money?”
He said in a natural tone: “Keep the bill, remember to give it to me when you go back.”
“Does the boss know you well? Give you credit back?” Mu Nuannuan felt that she was an eye-opener.
“What’s the matter? He even told me to eat at noon today.”
“…” Mu Nuannuan didn’t know what to say.
Mu’s genes are good. Whether it is the big “Mu Jiachen” in the family or the little Mu Jiachen, the bear child in front of him, they all look good. The other children who are still half-years-old will sell a cute outfit based on this face. Poor is too deceptive.
However, he asked her to pay him back so naturally, is it too arrogant?
“Mu Jiachen, I have no obligation to pay you back.”
“Anyway, you will be my girlfriend in the future. I spend your money now, and I will spend all the money I earn from playing professional e-sports in the future.”
Three sentences are not separated from the matter of playing games.
“I’m married!” Mu Nuannuan was a little bit dumbfounded.
Xiao Mu Jiachen stood up and stretched, and said, “I’m so handsome, you will definitely get divorced because of me and your husband.”
After speaking, he took a picture in the mirror next to him, exclaimed and said, “It’s so handsome.”
Mu Nuannuan: “…”

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