My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 114

Mu Nuannuan handed the water to Mu Tingxiao, then turned back to the kitchen, so she didn’t see the smile on his face.
Instead, Mu Jiachen, who was sitting on the side, saw all this in his eyes.
He took a chopstick, tilted his body, dipped a little soup in Mu Tingxiao’s bowl, put it in his mouth and sipped it, his face changed suddenly.
Mu Jiachen threw away his chopsticks, held the water cup to dilute the salty taste in his mouth a bit, and then murmured, “Insidious!”
Obviously he was dying of salt, but he deliberately finished all of it. Mu Nuannuan was so soft-hearted that he would slowly forgive him soon.
Humph! A sinister man who can only use bitterness!
Mu Tingxiao glanced at him coldly: “Speak louder.”
Mu Jiachen: “…” He didn’t dare.
He shrank his neck, got up and ran into the kitchen.
Mu Nuannuan was leaning on the counter to drink yogurt. Her bowl of noodles was so mashed that she had no appetite, so she could just drink a box of yogurt.
Seeing Mu Jiachen walking in, Mu Nuannuan took out a box from the refrigerator and handed it to him.
Mu Jiachen stood next to her, took a sip of yogurt, and said to her in the voice of a person who came by: “Mu Nuannuan, don’t be fooled by Mu Tingxiao, he is especially sinister.”
“Yeah.” Mu Nuannuan replied absent-mindedly, and turned to look at Mu Jiachen: “I am six years older than you. Even if you don’t call me cousin, you should call my sister-in-law.”
The 14-year-old boy stood beside Mu Nuan, who was 1.6 meters tall, a little taller than her.
But because she was in puberty, Mu Jiachen looked very thin, even if she was a little taller, she was just a child.
Mu Jiachen curled his lips: “Then call your sister…”
He didn’t want to call Mu Nuannuan his cousin at all. When he thought that his insidious cousin had picked up such a big bargain, he felt sorry and sighed.
Mu Nuannuan looked inexplicable, this child can still drink sorrow after drinking yogurt?

The three went out together and drove to pick them up all night.
Mu Nuannuan didn’t want to sit with Mu Tingxiao, so she pulled Mu Jiachen into the car first.
Mu Jiachen glanced at Mu Tingxiao quietly before getting into the car behind Mu Nuannuan.
Then came out of the carriage like this, with Mu Jiachen sitting in the middle, Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao sitting on either side of him.
Mu Jiachen always felt the oppressive feeling emanating from Mu Tingxiao next to him, and he felt that he might have done something unwise.
Shi Ye sent Mu Nuannuan to the Mu Family first, and then it was supposed to send Mu Jiachen to school.
But after Mu Nuannuan got out of the car, and how far she drove the car out, Mu Tingxiao told Shiye: “Stop.”
As soon as the car stopped, Mu Tingxiao glanced at Mu Jiachen: “Get off.”
“It doesn’t even reach the school!” Mu Tingxiao took him to the school yesterday, and it is at least ten minutes’ drive from here to the school.
“No way.”
When Mu Jiachen didn’t react, Mu Tingxiao had already opened the car door and was able to drive him out of the car.
“…” Mu Jiachen was so angry that his nose was crooked: “You public revenge, but it’s because I’m sitting between you and Sister Nuannuan. You have the ability to kick me out of the car in front of her!”
Mu Jiachen turned a deaf ear, closed the door and said to Shi Ye: “Let’s go.”
Shi Ye glanced sympathetically at Mu Jiachen, who was standing outside. Although he knew Mu Jiachen’s school and Sheng Ding’s way, he could only pretend to be deaf and dumb.
Mu Jiachen watched the car drive away and kicked the tree next to him with anger.
As a result, he tried too hard and his feet jumped with pain.
There is still more than ten minutes’ drive away from his school. Even if he rushes over now, it will take a long time.
He has no money in him.
Mu Jiachen muttered to himself freely: “Huh, get me out of the car? I’ll go to your wife to get the money.”
Not far from the Mu family here, he turned around and ran towards the Mu family.

When Mu Nuannuan arrived at the company, he was called to the office by Mu Liyan.
After the press conference, Mu’s online reviews did not improve. Netizens did not buy it, and the public did not buy it.
Mu Liyan, who had nothing to do now, had completely suppressed all hope-on Mu Nuan Nuan.
As soon as Mu Nuannuan entered, he hurriedly stood up: “Nuan Nuan, how are you talking with Mu Tingxiao?”
Speaking of Mu Tingxiao, Mu Nuannuan was still a little angry.
“Tan is broken, he said he would not help the Mu family.” Although she hadn’t planned to actually go to Mu Tingxiao, but after she knew that “Mu Jiachen” was Mu Tingxiao, even if she didn’t try Can guess that Mu Tingxiao would definitely not help the Mu Family.
When Mu Liyan heard that Mu Tingxiao would not help the Mu family, he was anxious: “Then what should I do now? I have found the black card for you, and you promised me…”
“The black card was originally from Mu Tingxiao. Even if you don’t help me find it, he will find that I lost the black card after a long time. When the time comes, he will be able to find it again. Maybe I can get back the money that was consumed on the card…”
After Mu Liyan and Mu Wanqi lied to the black card, they didn’t spend less money. Fortunately, they didn’t have time to use the black card in their hands. Even so, they spent nearly 10 million.
It is too low that they want to get the money back in their pockets.
Mu Nuannuan felt that she could only sell the Mu’s shares in her hand to return the money to Mu Tingxiao.
Anyway, the Mu’s shares in her hand were also given to her from Mu Liyan, and she could sell it to Mu Liyan again. If he didn’t take the money, she would sell the shares directly to other people.
The Mu’s is an old company with a foundation. Even if its reputation is damaged and the economy is sluggish, there will still be people who want to buy it.
Sure enough, when Mu Liyan heard Mu Nuannuan’s words, his expression changed.
“Dad, don’t be too anxious, I will help you think of other ways.” Mu Nuannuan said this with no sincerity, and Mu Liyan didn’t want to pursue it anymore.
After Mu Nuannuan came out, a colleague came over: “Nuan Nuan, someone is looking for you.”
She walked over and found that it was Mu Jiachen.
“Why are you here? Didn’t you go to school?” Mu Nuannuan took a look at the time, and it was past nine o’clock now.
Mu Jiachen stood leisurely against the wall with his schoolbag on his back, and sighed and said, “You don’t know, my cousin drove me out of the car after you got off the car. It’s so far from school here, and I don’t have the money to fight. The car, I have to come to you…”
“Why did he drive you out of the car?” After Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, she took a hundred yuan from her bag and gave him: “If you don’t have money in the future, you will also need to look for me and your cousin. Don’t always go outside to fool people. .”
Although being able to fool people is also considered a skill, Mu Jiachen is still too young. This concept is incorrect, and it is easy to get crooked if it is not corrected properly.
“Thank you Sister Nuannuan.” Mu Jiachen accepted the money and thanked her with a smile.
Mu Nuannuan also followed with a smile, this child’s nature is still quite good.

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