My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 127

Only then did Mu Nuannuan notice that Mu Tingxiao was holding a bottle of ointment in his other empty hand.
It turned out to be putting medicine on her.
Mu Nuannuan sat up straight, still drew back slightly, and said, “I’ll do it myself.”
Mu Tingxiaozhi went to her forehead and pressed that fiercely, but she was really not merciful at all, she was always afraid that he would act with little weight.
“Sit down!”
Mu Tingxiao seemed to have heard her. She gave Mu Nuannuan a cold look, and she stopped talking.
He put a plaster on his finger, and gently rubbed it against the swollen bag on her forehead, rubbing very gently, a little painful, but not unbearable.
Despite this, Mu Nuannuan was still a little uneasy, her eyes kept blinking, her long eyelashes trembled and looked a bit pitiful.
Mu Tingxiao’s expression also eased a little, his voice was heavy but not cold.
“You are not allowed to go to the bar with Shen Liang in the future.”
Mu Tingxiao didn’t know the people who were making trouble today, but he knew how deep the water in the entertainment industry was. Many people had no bottom line for the sake of being in the upper ranks. No one could say what they would do if they were anxious.
Fortunately, this stupid woman still knows to call him.
Mu Tingxiao also knew that Gu Zhiyan bought Shen Liang’s contract. He had heard Luo Ying’s words before Mu Nuannuan’s phone was hung up.
At that time, his thoughts turned and he guessed that Mu Nuannuan might be with Shen Liang, and Gu Zhiyan knew Shen Liang best, so he called Gu Zhiyan directly.
Therefore, Gu Zhiyan would go to the bar first.
Mu Nuannuan frowned. She didn’t like Mu Tingxiao’s tone very much: “What happened today is an accident.”
Mu Tingxiao had already rubbed the ointment, he slowly retracted his hand, and while wiping his hands with a tissue, he casually said, “Car accident, robbery, such an accident, which one is not an accident?”
“…” Can this kind of thing be compared with robbery and car accident?
Mu Nuannuan was speechless for a while.
Mu Tingxiao also didn’t mean to wait for her to speak. He smelled the smell of alcohol on her body and said coldly, “Go take a shower.”

The next day.
Mu Nuannuan got up and looked in the mirror to look at the big bag on her forehead. The medicine Mu Tingxiao rubbed on her had an effect, and it had disappeared quite a bit, but she still looked a bit hideous and bruised.
It seems that there is no need for makeup today.
When I went downstairs to the restaurant, I found that the breakfast had been prepared and placed on the table.
Mu Tingxiao and Mu Jiachen were sitting at the dining table and waiting for her.
Mu Jiachen graciously opened the chair beside him: “Sister Nuan Nuan, morning.”
The longer he gets along with Mu Jiachen, Mu Nuannuan feels that he is a very good child, but occasionally gets a little skinny.
She was about to walk to Mu Jiachen’s side, when she heard a slight noise coming from Mu Tingxiao.
Turning his head, he found that Mu Tingxiao had also pulled away the chair beside him.
Mu Tingxiao’s meaning could not be more obvious, he wanted Mu Nuannuan to sit next to him.
Mu Nuan Nuan twitched the corners of his mouth. Mu Tingxiao screamed with a kid this morning. Is this taking the wrong medicine?
Looking at Mu Jiachen’s grinning face, and then at Mu Tingxiao’s expressionless face, Mu Nuannuan sat next to Mu Jiachen without hesitation.
As soon as Mu Nuannuan sat down, it was obvious that the atmosphere on the dining table had become depressed.
She and Mu Jiachen looked at each other at the same time, and then immersed in their breakfast.
Mu Tingxiao’s temper was really…too weird.

After eating breakfast, Mu Tingxiao left by car, Mu Nuannuan and Mu Jiachen were delivered by another driver.
At the Mu’s door, Mu Nuannuan got out of the car, and the driver drove the car away. She turned around and was about to walk into the Mu’s building when she heard a strange woman’s voice behind her: “Miss Mu.”
Mu Nuannuan turned her head and saw a woman in an elite costume in a lady’s suit standing behind her.
“Hello, you are…” Mu Nuannuan was sure that she didn’t know the person in front of her.
The woman’s hair was meticulously combed, making her look a little serious: “I’m Si Chengyu’s agent, Xu Jun.”
Although Mu Nuannuan had never seen her, she knew the word “Xu Jun”.
She is a fan of Si Chengyu, and occasionally clicks in to read posts and news about Si Chengyu on the Internet.
Xu Jun is a gold broker in the entertainment industry. Si Chengyu was brought out by her. She is shrewd and capable, and the public has a high opinion of her.
Xu Jun saw that there was a hint of clarity in her expression, and guessed that Mu Nuannuan might know her, so she stopped turning around and said directly: “Cheng Yu has something to do with you.”
“Si Chengyu?”
Xu Jun nodded: “Well, follow me.”
Xu Jun took Mu Nuannuan to a nanny car.
When the car door opened, she saw Si Chengyu.
He has always had a gentle smile on his face: “I have something to ask you, but it won’t take you too much time.”
“Oh, what do you say.”
Si Chengyu was so famous that it was not convenient to speak here with the door open, so Mu Nuannuan got into the car.
When she sat down, Si Chengyu asked her aloud, “Mu Wanqi is your sister?”
“Yes.” Mu Nuannuan was a little surprised: “What happened to her?”
Si Chengyu didn’t answer her question positively, but asked: “Your company has something wrong, so you want me to endorse your product?”
Mu Nuannuan frowned: “How do you know?”
His tone was very gentle, and he was very talkative: “Just tell me, isn’t it?”
“…Yes.” Mu Nuannuan vaguely guessed that Mu Wanqi might have done something stupid again, and Si Chengyu would know about it.
She pursed her lips and explained: “This is just a proposal from someone in the company. I know you won’t…”
Si Chengyu, who has been listening attentively to her, interrupted her at this moment: “If you want me to endorse Mu’s products, I can give it a try.”
Give it a try?
Shock was written on Mu Nuannuan’s face. What does Si Chengyu mean?
What does it mean if she wants him to endorse Mu’s products, he can give it a try?
It means that if she asked him to help Mu’s family, he would be willing to help?
Soon, Mu Nuannuan wanted to understand, Si Chengyu would say this, most likely because of her relationship with Mu Tingxiao.
“You don’t need to be like this. The Mu family will have this situation today. It was originally self-sufficient, and it will also have a positive impact on your reputation.” She was grateful for Si Chengyu’s kindness, but could not pull him into the water.
Si Chengyu laughed suddenly, with a gentle and jade appearance that could easily make people lower their guard.
He fixedly looked at Mu Nuannuan: “It’s not because of Tingxiao, I am here for you today. If you need it, I can help you. Fame is not that important to me.”
The smile in his eyes was not cleared, but his eyes were very focused, as if he was looking at Mu Nuannuan, or at other people through Mu Nuannuan.
No matter who he is looking at, just his words are enough to make people think.

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