My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 128

With a heartbeat, Mu Nuan quickly refused: “I am very grateful for the kindness of my eldest brother, but I really don’t need it. I’m going to work now, or I’ll be late.”
After she finished speaking, she said goodbye to Xu Jun again, opened the door of the car, and hurriedly got out of the car and left.
Si Chengyu looked at Mu Nuannuan’s hurried departure through the car window, and the smile in his eyes gradually faded.
He knew that Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao had been coaxing conflicts recently because of Mu Tingxiao’s deception.
However, just to keep away from him, she also followed Mu Tingxiao to call him “Big Brother”.

Mu Nuannuan entered the Mu family, still a little confused.
How could Si Chengyu say such strange things to her?
The way he looked at her before, it was as if he was looking at another person through her.
Mu Nuannuan was in a daze, but she didn’t notice Mu Wanqi who was walking towards her.
It wasn’t until she spoke out that Mu Nuannuan’s attention was caught.
“Mu Nuannuan, how are you doing the task that dad assigned you?”
In front of her, Mu Wanqi always looked like a tall posture, with her chin raised high, she didn’t want to press Mu Nuannuan all the time.
Mu Nuannuan thought of what Si Chengyu had said before, and a little inquiring flashed in her squinted eyes: “It’s not great, if you are willing, you can ask your dad for orders, and leave this task to you.”
This was originally an impossible task, but it was forced to Mu Nuannuan by Mu Liyan.
Mu Wanqi rarely loses her temper. Instead, she slaps her own hair, with confidence in her tone: “I’ll go, don’t think that you can’t do things that others can’t do.”
Mu Nuannuan felt that it was quite appropriate to put these words on Mu Wanqi.
“Oh, good luck then.” Mu Nuannuan’s indifferent tone immediately angered Mu Wanqi.
However, Mu Nuannuan didn’t have a chance to make Mu Wanqi angry, so she raised her foot and left straight away.

After Mu Wanqi took over the task of persuading Si Chengyu to endorse Mu’s products, she basically didn’t show up in the company.
Mu Nuannuan didn’t care much about it.
Although she still had doubts about what Si Chengyu had said to her that day, she still didn’t care about it.
She is very self-aware, and she does not think that Si Chengyu will have any ambiguous feelings for her in such a few short contacts.
There are countless beautiful female stars in the entertainment circle who love Si Chengyu.
Mu Nuannuan felt that compared with them, she was simply too ordinary.
On this day, as soon as Mu Nuannuan arrived at the company, she was called to the office by Mu Liyan.
Mu Liyan smiled with joy: “Nuan Nuan, come here, I have something to tell you.”
“What’s the matter with dad?” Mu Nuannuan couldn’t guess for a moment what would make Mu Liyan so happy.
“As for Si Chengyu to endorse our company’s products, your sister has already negotiated. Your sister has been exhausted recently, so I decided to leave the follow-up matters to you.”
In Mu Liyan’s expression, it was difficult to conceal his joy: “I’m relieved when you do things!”
Mu Nuannuan frowned, feeling that this was simply impossible: “Si Chengyu promised to take over our company’s product endorsements?”
Except for Si Chengyu’s initiative to ask her if she needs help, with Si Chengyu’s position, even if he really wants to endorse Mu’s family, his agent and company will not agree.
What’s more, his contracted company is Shengding Media.
Gu Zhiyan is the boss of Shengding Media. It is impossible for him to let the people below help Si Chengyu take on this kind of endorsement that destroys the image.
“Yes, this is all the credit of your sister. You must negotiate with the people from Si Chengyu.”
“I see.” Mu Nuannuan just nodded, without saying more.

Back home, Mu Nuannuan went directly to the study to find Mu Tingxiao.
He must know something about Si Chengyu.
Mu Tingxiao had just returned, and when Mu Nuannuan opened the door to enter, he just finished answering a call.
Turning around to see Mu Nuannuan, he said aloud, “I’m back.”
“I have something to ask you.” Mu Nuannuan walked directly to him.
Hearing this, Mu Tingxiao nodded slightly invisibly, and motioned for Mu Nuannuan to ask directly.
“Did you know that Si Chengyu took over Mu’s product endorsements?” Mu Nuannuan asked straightforwardly without oblivious.
Mu Tingxiao was stunned for a moment, with a slightly surprised expression on his face: “I don’t know.”
“What’s going on? How could Gu Zhiyan let Si Chengyu take over Mu’s endorsement? If he does take over this endorsement, it will have an impact on his acting career and his style of comment!”
Mu Nuannuan felt sorry and worthless for Si Chengyu, and her tone became a little anxious.
Mu Tingxiao looked at her for a few seconds, then narrowed his eyes to look at her: “You are a loyal fan of him. You care about his affairs so much.”
Mu Nuannuan didn’t bother to pay attention to the yin and yang in his tone, and said: “I am his fan and it is wrong, but he is also your cousin, don’t you care about this?”
“You also said that he is an elder brother. What can I do as my younger brother?” After Mu Tingxiao finished speaking, he turned and sat in front of the desk, as if he would not pay attention to her anymore.
Mu Nuannuan felt that Mu Tingxiao was really a weird person.
He looks like Si Chengyu is very close, but Si Chengyu doesn’t care about this kind of thing.
Mu Tingxiao treats her with good and bad times.
Forget it, Young Master Mu’s mind, she didn’t bother to guess, even if she wanted to guess, she couldn’t guess.

Mu Nuannuan was responsible for the follow-up work of Si Chengyu’s endorsement, and Mu Liyan gave her privileges so that she could not care about the company’s affairs and just follow up directly before the endorsement matter was finalized.
In the morning, Mu Nuannuan arrived at the company, got the contact information of Si Chengyu’s agent, and went out.
Mu Nuannuan met Xu Jun once and felt that Xu Jun was a serious person.
She tried to dial Xu Jun’s phone and was picked up after a few rings.
“Hello, I’m Si Chengyu’s agent, Xu Jun.”
Mu Nuannuan slowly said, “I am Mu Nuannuan.”
“It’s Miss Mu.” Xu Jun obviously still has an impression of her.
Mu Nuannuan directly explained his intention: “I heard that you have accepted Mu’s product endorsement?”
“About this matter, Miss Mu can tell Cheng Yu directly, I am outside now, I will send you his home address, you can go directly.”
Xu Jun didn’t give Mu Nuannuan a chance to speak at all, she hung up the phone after she finished speaking.
In less than a minute, she sent the address of Si Chengyu to Mu Nuannuan.
The address she sent to Mu Nuannuan was a well-known wealthy real estate area in Shanghai City, where many celebrities and upper-class elites lived.
After the address, Xu Jun also left Si Chengyu’s phone number and asked her to call Si Chengyu directly.
After all, ordinary people can’t get into that kind of high-end community.

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