My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 136

Shengding Media.
When Mu Tingxiao returned to the office, he called the secretary and told the secretary: “Let Mr. Gu come over.”
Mu Tingxiao had his own private elevator in the company, and he got up directly from the parking lot. The people in the company who had seen him were the high-level group except the secretary.
The senior officials knew that he was the big boss behind Shengding Media, but they didn’t know that he was Mu Tingxiao.
The only people who knew that he was Mu Tingxiao and that he was the boss behind Shengding Media were Si Chengyu, Fu Tingxi, and Gu Zhiyan.
When Mu Nuannuan left Jinding in the morning, she should have met Gu Zhiyan and Fu Tingxi.
Fu Tingxi is a very cautious person because of his career.
Gu Zhiyan is the one who doesn’t hold his tongue.
After a while, the secretary called Mu Tingxiao back: “President Gu’s secretary said that he was on a temporary business trip. People are already at the airport now…”
Even if it was only on the phone, the silence on the other end of the phone made the secretary feel very oppressive. When it came to the back, the voice was already low.
When the voice fell, she heard Mu Tingxiao sneer, and she couldn’t help shivering.
“I see, let people call Shen Liang to come up.”
Mu Tingxiao put down the phone and waited for Shen Liang to come up.
Gu Zhiyan’s problem of escaping after doing something wrong, really hasn’t been corrected all the time.
After a long time, Shen Liang came up.
When Shen Liang knocked on the door, she felt a little strange in her heart. Someone just said that the **oss of Shengding Media was looking for her. Her first reaction was that Gu Zhiyan asked her on the basis of his position, but she directly refused.
The secretary reminded her very much, “It’s Shengding’s big boss, not Mr. Gu.”
Is Gu Zhiyan just a part-time worker after a long time?
“Come in.”
The low male voice from inside is familiar.
Shen Liang opened the door suspiciously, and when she saw Mu Tingxiao’s face clearly, her eyes widened in an instant.
“Mu… Mu Tingxiao?”
Mu Tingxiao said solemnly: “Miss Shen.”
In Mu Nuannuan’s narration, Shen Liang’s subtle influence also felt that Mu Tingxiao was terrible.
Didn’t think that this person turned out to be his own big boss!
Although his expression was normal, Shen Liang still felt a little inexplicable. She bowed to Mu Tingxiao with a ninety-degree vertical bow, and said loudly, “Hello boss!”
The dogleg breath in the tone, without saying anything, has been automatically exuded.
Mu Tingxiao raised his eyebrows, Mu Nuannuan’s friend and her character were really different.
Mu Nuannuan was afraid of him, but she almost didn’t show her kindness to him like that. She seemed to be more keen to fight him.
Mu Tingxiao said faintly, with a calm tone: “I am looking for you, because there is something to ask you.”
Shen Liang was flattered, Mu Nuannuan said that this man is not easy to provoke, doesn’t it look like he has a good temper?
“As long as I can do anything, there are no problems even for ten things.”
Mu Tingxiao seemed to be satisfied with her answer, and his expression seemed very relaxed: “I can’t reach Gu Zhiyan anymore. You can call me and ask him where he is.”
that’s all?
Shen Liang thought it was a major event.
Although she has never contacted Gu Zhiyan over the years, she has all his contact methods.
There is no way, that bitch Gu Zhiyan is always pervasive.
Always transfer her to Alipay, open a small account and go to her Weibo to become a fan of the brains, and when her new movie comes out, he will buy tickets to book the venue…
Shen Liang first called the number he called her recently, and the phone was turned off.
Then, she dialed the number he used before. It was the number he used in his school days. Later, when that happened, the two people didn’t even have a connection.
She was also not sure if he was still using it.
Shen Liang dialed the phone and only rang, and Gu Zhiyan’s excited voice rang out on the other end: “Shen Xiaoliang!”
Shen Liang didn’t hear the excitement in his tone, and asked, “Where are you Gu Zhiyan?”
“I’m at the airport!”
The next moment, Gu Zhiyan suddenly asked: “Shen Xiaoliang, what happened to you?”
Over the years, Shen Liang almost didn’t take the initiative to contact him, and he subconsciously felt that something must have happened to Shen Liang.
“It’s nothing, the big boss said he couldn’t find you, let me contact you for him.” After Shen Liang said, he said to Mu Tingxiao, “He said he was at the airport.”
Not knowing what was wrong with her words, Gu Zhiyan cursed, “Damn!”
Then, Mu Tingxiao’s cell phone rang.
Mu Tingxiao looked up and was not anxious to answer the phone, but looked at Shen Liang, “Thank you, you can go ahead.”
Shen Liang walked to the door and suddenly heard Mu Tingxiao say: “I have watched your film. Among the newly signed group of new people in the company, you have the most potential.”
Mu Tingxiao acted cautiously and thoughtfully, and took his work very seriously. When Gu Zhiyan wanted to sign Shen Liang into Shengding, he had watched a Shen Liang film.
Work is not a trifle, he has always put an end to emotions.
Shen Liang does have great potential.
Affirmed by Mu Tingxiao, Shen Liang was a little excited: “I will work hard!”
It was not long after Shen Liang left that Gu Zhiyan returned.
He pushed open the door and rushed in, sweating profusely and he ran over at the first glance, and they looked very overlapping.
Gu Zhiyan ran to the desk directly: “Where is Shen Xiaoliang?”
Gu Zhiyan got the answer even more anxious: “Where have you gone, what have you done to her?”
“What can I do to her? Just ask her to call you and let her go.” Mu Tingxiao spoke in a leisurely tone, with a very innocent tone.
“Damn! You lied to me!” Gu Zhiyan fell into a chair and said, “Damn, you scared me to death!”
He had known Mu Tingxiao for a long time and knew how ruthless Mu Tingxiao was, so when he heard that he had found Shen Liang, he ran back in shock.
Mu Tingxiao looked at him blankly: “Be honest with yourself.”
Gu Zhiyan: “…”
In the end, Gu Zhiyan was forced by Mu Tingxiao’s threat to tell the matter of the morning.
He thought that Mu Tingxiao would want to beat him up, but Mu Tingxiao did not have it, but the final result was much better than beating him.
“You won’t have to take a vacation next year. Work hard.” After Mu Tingxiao finished speaking, he felt that he was not miserable enough, and said coolly: “Anyway, Shen Liang, as an up-and-coming entertainer, cannot fall in love with you, single. Men have to work hard.”
Gu Zhiyan gritted his teeth: “Stop your friendship!”
Mu Tingxiao was not angry at all, and even smiled: “Shen Liang still doesn’t have a new agent.”
Gu Zhiyan persuaded him, and swallowed, “I…I’m willing to work hard!”
“Then Shen Liang will be brought to you.” Mu Tingxiao’s smile was deeper.
Gu Zhiyan murmured: “Humph! Old treacherous slippery!”

Mu’s crisis public relations with Si Chengyu.
But because Si Chengyu’s reputation is so great and his fans are numerous, this crisis public relations is not useful at all.
Mu’s couldn’t resist the pressure at all.
It is obvious to all that the Mu family has gone downhill in recent years.
The connections that Elder Mu had established before did not buy into his account after the Mu family had experienced these things.
Mu Nuannuan found an opportunity to say to Mu Liyan: “Dad, or else, let Grandpa go back to China?”

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