My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 142

All day long, Mu Nuannuan didn’t see Mu Liyan in the company.
Mu Nuannuan asked a colleague who had a good relationship with him: “Did the chairman come to the company today?”
The colleague looked around and said mysteriously: “I heard that the chairman has gone abroad.”
Mu Nuannuan’s face became dark when he heard the words. At this juncture, what did Mu Liyan suddenly go abroad for?
Suddenly, she thought of what she had said to Mu Liyan before.
Could it be that Mu Liyan was going abroad to invite Mr. Mu back?
The words she said to Mu Liyan before were decisive.
Although Mu Liyan couldn’t do business, he could still handle it clearly when interests were involved.
Mu Nuannuan thought of Mu Tingxiao’s mother in a daze.
The kidnapping case that year was finally defined as malicious kidnapping for extortion, but in the end it angered the kidnappers, which caused the kidnappers to tear up their votes.
However, Mu Tingxiao’s mother was not simply torn apart, but was insulted to death by those people.
If they just want money, if the Mu family really wants to save Mu Tingxiao’s mother, how can they not let things go to that point.
Then, there are two possibilities for this matter.
First, the purpose of those people may be to put Mu Tingxiao’s mother to death from the beginning.
Second, someone in the Mu family didn’t want to save Mu Tingxiao’s mother, but wanted her to die!
The kidnapping case was a sensation back then. It was written in the newspaper that it took a few days to find Mu Tingxiao and his mother. However, if the kidnappers just want money, they should take the initiative to contact them. How can they not find it for a few days? .
All the details and judgment results cannot stand scrutiny at all.
The problems she could think of, others would surely think of, and Mu Tingxiao could even think of it.
Most of the time, when people encounter things that are irrelevant to them, even if they have doubts and puzzles, they will forget after thinking about it. After all, they have nothing to do with them.
Mu Tingxiao was different. It was his biological mother, who was insulted by a group of men right in front of him…
He must have lived in hatred and self-blame all these years.
Therefore, he will have such a gloomy breath.
Therefore, he will not show up in front of people.
Therefore, when she was kidnapped by those two men that time, Mu Tingxiao would only put such a cruel hand to rescue her.
He has been trying to force Mr. Mu to return to China, can he explain that Mr. Mu is also related to the kidnapping case that year?
Mu Nuannuan was so shocked that all the files in her hand fell to the ground before she came back to her senses.
She seemed to know what Mu Tingxiao wanted to do.

At noon, Mu Nuannuan called Mu Tingxiao and asked him to have lunch with him.
Mu Tingxiao pushed it for the first time.
But Mu Jiachen sent her WeChat: “Sister Nuannuan, what do you have for lunch?”
“Nothing to eat, how about you?”
Mu Jiachen sent her a “behaved” expression: “It’s a coincidence, I don’t eat either.”
Mu Nuannuan laughed, of course she understood what this little devil meant.
“I’m going to find a restaurant to order food, and I will be able to eat it when you arrive by car. I will send you the address later.”
How long did Mu Nuannuan’s dishes take before Mu Jiachen arrived.
He sat down with a grin, took a bite of his chopsticks, frowned and said, “Sister Nuannuan made delicious.”
Mu Nuannuan glared at him: “Stop flattering.”
The two went out of the restaurant after dinner, and Mu Jiachen’s cell phone suddenly rang.
He stopped and looked at the name on the phone for a moment: “Tao Bing?”
“The boy who was beaten by you yesterday?” Mu Nuannuan leaned over and took a look, with some impression of the name.
Mu Jiachen nodded: “Yes, I just don’t know what he called me suddenly!”
As soon as he connected, Tao Bing’s hysterical voice rang: “Mu Jiachen! Did you find someone to kill my dad!”
“Tao Bing, are you crazy! I didn’t hit your brain yesterday, why did your brain break?” When Mu Jiachen heard Tao Bing’s tone, his tone was not so good.
“I want you to pay for my dad’s life!” Tao Bing hung up the phone with a “pop” after saying this.
Mu Nuannuan also heard Tao Bing’s words: “He said I killed his dad?”
“Isn’t this crazy? What hatred do I have with his dad to kill his dad?” Mu Jiachen obviously didn’t take this matter to his heart at all.
But they didn’t know how far they had gone, and two men came to face each other.
The two men were tall and mammoth, with serious faces.
Intuitively, Mu Nuannuan felt that these two men might be—police.
She calmly stood in front of Mu Jiachen.
Sure enough, after the two approached, they took out the police card: “Hello, we are from the Criminal Police Brigade. We suspect that Mu Jiachen is related to a criminal case. Please cooperate with the investigation.”
Their eyes have been locked tightly to Mu Jiachen.
Hearing the words, Mu Nuannuan turned and glanced at Mu Jiachen.
Mu Jiachen’s complexion changed slightly, and his face was full of surprise.
Mu Nuannuan shook his hand: “He is a minor, so he needs to be accompanied by a guardian if he summons a minor?”
One of the policemen said: “It’s like this.”

Mu Nuannuan accompanied Mu Jiachen to the police station.
On the way, she called Mu Tingxiao and said about it.
When they arrived at the police station, Mu Nuannuan saw Shi Ye and Gu Zhiyan at the door of the police station.
As soon as Gu Zhiyan saw them coming down, he came over lazily: “Team Qi, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen them, it’s getting more and more masculine.”
Team Qi is the policeman who spoke before. It may have been because of dealing with criminals for many years. His face looks a bit vicious, with a trace of sullen anger.
When he saw Gu Zhiyan, he laughed, “Zhiyan? What are you doing here?”
It turns out that Gu Zhiyan and this Qi team knew each other.
Gu Zhiyan stepped forward, and the two brothers got on the shoulders of Team Qi, raised their chin and pointed in Mu Jiachen’s direction: “That kid, I’m a distant relative.”
Team Qi sneered: “Are you distant relatives with Mu’s family?”
Sure enough, he couldn’t fool with the police.
“You have checked the details of others so quickly, and you are the only one who is so bold, knowing that you are from the Mu family, dare to move him.”
Team Qi smiled: “Even if he is the king of heaven, I will arrest him as long as he really commits a crime.”
“Well, that’s it.” Gu Zhiyan gave Mu Nuannuan a relieved look, and then continued to Team Qi: “You should be the guardian of that child too. I’ll listen to it later.”
“No such rules.”
“Brother Qi.”

In the interrogation room, Team Qi stared at Mu Jiachen seriously.
“Tao Bing is your classmate?”
“His father was killed at six o’clock this morning. He had no enemies before his death, and you and Tao Bing had a feast. We suspect that you bought murder.”
Mu Jiachen thought of the call he had answered before: “Tao Bing’s father?”

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