My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 175

Old house?
Mu Nuannuan turned to look at Mu Tingxiao and found that his expression had become very gloomy.
Mu Nuannuan found that as long as it was related to the Mu family, Mu Tingxiao’s face could be changed.
He seems to dislike Mu’s family in particular.
She stretched out her hand to hold Mu Tingxiao’s hand, and almost immediately, Mu Tingxiao held her hand back.
Immediately, Mu Tingxiao said indifferently, “I see.”
Mu Nuannuan could tell that Mu Tingxiao didn’t want to return to Mu’s old house.
She didn’t know much about the Mu family. She only knew that the Mu family was a big family. She had also heard from Mu Jiachen before that the Mu family has a large population, and there are many cousins ​​and cousins ​​of the same generation, and only Mu Jia The two brothers Chen had a better relationship with Mu Tingxiao.
Mu Tingxiao’s identity was announced, and it was normal for Mu Tingxiao’s people to let Mu Tingxiao go back after such a big incident.
The two returned to the room, and Mu Nuannuan asked him, “Do you want to go back tomorrow?”
Mu Tingxiao raised his head and saw the cautious look on Mu Nuannuan’s face. He curled his lips, his smile was not obvious, but the whole person was obviously softened.
He took Mu Nuannuan into his arms, with a rare hint of teasing in his tone: “Of course I have to go back, and show him the old man and his grandson and daughter-in-law.”
Mu Nuannuan looked up at him: “Who?”
Mu Tingxiao looked at her with a smile, “Grandpa.”
The rulers of the Mu family are all legends, not to mention Mr. Mu who has maintained the family’s prosperity for decades.
Mu Nuannuan was a little nervous.

The next day.
Mu Nuannuan got up early, walking around in the cloakroom picking clothes.
This color is too plain, that style is not dignified…
Picking around is not good, Mu Nuannuan is a little discouraged.
Suddenly, she noticed the slight movement behind her, and turned her head coldly, and saw that Mu Tingxiao had walked in without knowing when she was leaning against the wall, looking at her with a little smile in her eyes.
Such smiling eyes are simply intriguing-it’s a foul!
She found that Mu Tingxiao liked to laugh a lot these days, and watched her laugh at every turn, as if she had been caught in an evil spirit.
Mu Nuannuan threw the clothes in her hand, curled her lips, and said, “You help me pick clothes.”
When the time comes, if the Mu family picks her thorns, the clothes are not dignified, and the shoes don’t look good, she can still push them off to Mu Tingxiao’s body.
“it is good.”
Mu Tingxiao said, and walked over, without any hesitation.
He directly took a down jacket and handed it to Mu Nuannuan.
Mu Nuannuan: “…”
She didn’t want to take over the down jacket at all, and even wanted to drive Mu Tingxiao out.
Sure enough, he couldn’t expect anything from a “Mu Ting Xiao who thought she was very cold”.
It was the first time that Mu Tingxiao went back to see her parents. She wanted to dress better!
Mu Nuannuan looked at him disgustingly: “Sheng Ding has so many beautiful female stars, don’t they allow you to establish a minimal aesthetic in wearing them?”
“Pretty female star?” Mu Tingxiao repeated, turning around and hanging back the down jacket that Mu Nuannuan disliked, and said casually, “It’s worse than you.”
Mu Nuannuan was slightly stunned.
Is he complimenting her for her beauty?
Mu Tingxiao found a thick dark gray furry coat and handed it to her: “This one?”
He raised his eyes and saw Mu Nuannuan staring straight at him with those beautiful cat eyes open, her eyes a little excited and a little bit of joy.
Mu Tingxiao raised his eyebrows and uttered a monosyllable sound from his throat: “Huh?”
Mu Nuannuan regained consciousness, without seeing what clothes he was holding, and nodded hurriedly: “It looks good.”
Mu Tingxiao glanced at her unpredictably, and reached out to touch her forehead.
The temperature is normal, not sick…
Mu Tingxiao also didn’t directly praise her for being beautiful, that sentence was implicit and euphemistic, but Mu Nuannuan had automatically transformed the phrase “a little worse than you” into “those female stars don’t have you beautiful”.
Although it’s a bit exaggerated, who doesn’t like being praised for being beautiful!
It wasn’t until Mu Tingxiao watched Mu Nuannuan go out holding his clothes that he had an afterthought. Mu Nuannuan’s expression just now was because of what he said…
As for being so happy?
What he said is the truth.

The two had eaten breakfast, and came to take them to the old house every night.
The Mu family’s old house is really old. The one-hundred-year old house handed down from the ancestors of the Qing Dynasty was estimated by experts at nearly 10 billion.
However, in order to make it more convenient to live in, it has undergone several repairs, but it still maintains the charm of the ancient house.
The Mu’s old house is famous, and there are often tourists from far away, even if they are far away, they want to take a look at the Mu’s old house.
“Young master, young lady, here it is.”
Shi Ye’s voice came, and Mu Nuannuan’s uneasy mood along the way miraculously calmed down at this time.
She turned her head and looked out of the car window, and saw outside the door of the retro Mu’s old house, lined up with bodyguards and servants standing neatly on both sides of the door to greet them.
Mu Nuannuan has never experienced this kind of ostentation, just like filming.
She stretched out her hand to go to the car door, when Mu Tingxiao suddenly held her hand: “Don’t move.”
She turned her head and looked at Mu Tingxiao in confusion.
But Mu Tingxiao didn’t say anything. Shi Ye had already got out of the car and walked over to open the door for Mu Tingxiao.
After Mu Tingxiao got out of the car, he still stood on the side holding the car door all night. Mu Tingxiao leaned slightly and pressed one hand on the top of the car door to prevent her from meeting her head. The other hand reached Mu Nuan Nuan and smiled at him: “Get off the car. .”
Fengshen’s handsome man laughed more and more fascinated, not to mention the posture of such a gentleman asking her to get out of the car.
Mu Nuannuan thought she was not a particularly romantic person, and she did not eat this set, but looking at Mu Tingxiao’s face, she felt that her cheeks were hot…
She blushed and put her hand in Mu Tingxiao’s hand. When Mu Tingxiao saw it, the smile deepened in her eyes, and she took Mu Nuannuan to get out of the car and walked towards the gate with her hand.
The servants and bodyguards at the door all bent over and respectfully said: “Welcome young master, young lady back home!”
Although Mu Nuannuan has been married to Mu Tingxiao for a while, they have always lived in a villa halfway up the mountain. Mu Tingxiao didn’t show up in front of her. He eats everything she chooses. He is not picky at restaurants.
Therefore, she knew that she was married to a top wealthy, but she didn’t have any special feelings.
Only at this moment, when she stood at the door of the Mu’s old house and was greeted by a group of servants and bodyguards, did she really have a sense of reality of marrying herself into a top wealthy family.
Mu Tingxiao felt that Mu Nuannuan’s hands were slightly stiff, so he squeezed her palm, looked at her sideways, and calmed down, “Don’t be nervous, just follow me.”
Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips and nodded: “Yeah.”
There is not much difference between the layout of the old house of Mu’s house and the modern villa, but the garden design is more subtle and has a lot of heritage.

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