My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 199

When the voice fell, she obviously felt that Mu Tingxiao’s movements paused.
Immediately, he asked aloud: “What?”
His tone couldn’t be more natural, and he couldn’t hear anything unusual.
Mu Nuannuan took a mouthful of food in his mouth and stared at Mu Tingxiao silently.
Mu Tingxiao’s expression calmly allowed Mu Nuannuan to stare at him, instead of picking food for Mu Nuannuan.
“I have heard that people who have been in the entertainment industry for a long time have a sense of sensitivity to the camera and paparazzi. If someone secretly takes photos, they will basically be discovered. Therefore, most of the photos taken by paparazzi are not very clear.”
There is something in Mu Nuannuan’s words, and a smart person like Mu Tingxiao can definitely hear it.
He nodded and said, “There is such a saying.”
Mu Nuannuan squinted her eyes and ate silently.
But the mind has drifted away.
Mu Nuannuan’s intention was to bring the topic to the issue of Si Chengyu being secretly photographed on the hot search, but Mu Tingxiao completely treated it as if he could not see it, and refused to answer her.
When Mu Nuannuan thought of her previous guesses, her mood became complicated.
The last hot search was very sudden, she asked Mu Tingxiao, and Mu Tingxiao said that he could not find it.
She guessed that Mu Tingxiao might have found it, but she didn’t say anything.
She suspected that, except for the first time on the hot search, it was an accident. The next two times might have been done by… Si Chengyu!
This idea may be a bit ridiculous, but she can only think of Si Chengyu for anyone who can make Mu Tingxiao hesitate and hesitate.
Moreover, as soon as the second hot search event came out, no one could contact her boss Chengyu.
And in Mu Tingxiao’s public relations chief microblog, a large part of it was talking about Si Chengyu and Shengding Media in the past few years.
It now appears that the long Weibo that Mu Tingxiao posted at the time might not only be for public relations, but it seemed to be written to Si Chengyu deliberately.
It seems to be giving Si Chengyu a chance.
An opportunity for the two to reconcile, which he took the initiative to explain.
Of course, these conjectures must be established on the premise that Si Chengyu is the initiator of all this before they can be established.
It may be that I haven’t heard Mu Nuannuan talking for a long time. Mu Tingxiao looked up at her and said, “Don’t think so much, I will deal with anything.”
Mu Nuannuan curled her lips and said directly: “Don’t think that you can handle everything by yourself. If you have anything, you can talk to me. What if I can help you out?”
The eyes of the two met in the air.
Mu Nuannuan’s eyes were bright and clear. After Mu Tingxiao and her looked at each other for a few seconds, she felt as if she had been seen through her mind, and she took the lead to look away.
Mu Nuannuan sighed, Mu Tingxiao still didn’t plan to tell her about Si Chengyu.
He is avoiding.
It seems that her guess is eight-nine.
After all, Si Chengyu is Mu Tingxiao’s eldest brother. The two have been brothers for more than 20 years, but how long have she and Mu Tingxiao been?
Thinking this way, although a bit inexplicably lost, it makes sense.

Although Mu Tingxiao didn’t tell her anything, Mu Nuannuan could feel Mu Tingxiao’s absent-mindedness.
Even her “outsider” found it difficult for Si Chengyu to do these things, let alone Mu Tingxiao.
Although both of them took time off to rest at home on this day, they didn’t have much communication.
The hot searches of Mu Nuannuan and Si Chengyu went quickly.
People on the Internet are all speculating about Mu Nuannuan’s identity, and there is no one who talks about the founder of Shengding Media “xn”, which has no impact on Mu Nuannuan.
On the contrary, some people say that Si Chengyu has a new movie released, so he is taking the opportunity to speculate.
Of course, as soon as this kind of statement came out, he was quickly stunned by Si Chengyu’s other fans.
“Our actor still needs hype?”
“Didn’t the movie of our company actor have a box office of over 100 million on the first day of release?”
“Ignorance limits your imagination…”
Mu Nuannuan was not too worried about these things, because Mu Tingxiao had said that he would deal with it.
However, many changes often occur at the most stable time.

When Mu Nuannuan arrived at the company early in the morning, she heard colleagues discussing Si Chengyu in a low voice.
“The movie emperor Si has been on hot search frequently recently.”
“Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on, he doesn’t need to be hyped, he doesn’t need bloggers’ attention, and I don’t know who is so insidious…”
“Someone said on Weibo yesterday that they knew who the woman was eating with Si Yingdi.”
“Really? The actor should be single, right? His schedule is always full…”
“His schedule this year is not very full…”
Hearing this, Mu Nuannuan opened Weibo and quickly found the Weibo they were talking about.
That Weibo brought the topic of #司承钰秘密女友#, which has been pinned to the top of the topic and has become a hot Weibo.
“You don’t have to guess, I know who the woman is eating with King Si, we will see you at 8 o’clock on Friday evening.”
The blogger’s id is a string of English, but he is a person who has hundreds of thousands of fans and often shines with artists**.
Relatively speaking, the credibility is relatively high.
His Weibo only had two short sentences, but it left a big suspense.
Tomorrow is Friday, and many people in the reply are eagerly looking forward to Friday.
But Mu Nuannuan didn’t take this person seriously, after all, there was Mu Tingxiao behind her, so she was confident enough.
She pulled down and rearranged it, and found that the blogger had posted a new Weibo: “Since everyone is so curious, I will reveal a few key pieces of information: I graduated from the Shadow Academy in China, an insider, and not a celebrity. Work for a major company in the entertainment industry.”
For others, this is just a wide-ranging piece of information.
But Mu Nuannuan felt a little flustered after she checked herself in.
She graduated from Shanghai Film Academy, which is indeed the top movie theater in China. Now she works in Shengding Media. The entertainment industry covers the career of screenwriting. She is not a star.
These all fit her situation.
She got up and walked to the pantry and called Mu Tingxiao.
Mu Tingxiao’s phone was connected, but no one answered.
Mu Nuannuan took a deep breath and returned to the office area, feeling a little restless.
Mu Tingxiao never called her back.
When she got off work, Mu Nuannuan met Si Chengyu.
If the next two hot search events are really the result of Si Chengyu’s self-direction and performance…
When Mu Nuannuan thought of this, she couldn’t get angry.
She was dragged into the water innocently, and was talked about every day by Top Hot Search, and in the end Mu Tingxiao had to come to the end.
In this way, Si Chengyu’s purpose is very clear.
He completely wanted to deal with Mu Tingxiao.
Use her to deal with Mu Tingxiao.
Si Chengyu walked in front of him, with no assistants and no brokers beside him.
Mu Nuannuan stepped forward and blocked his way: “Brother, have you been busy these days?”
Seeing Mu Nuan Nuan’s bad eyes, Si Chengyu said with a smile, “It’s okay.”

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