My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 77

At that night, I called Mu Nuannuan again, and found that there was still no one to answer, so I realized that something was wrong.
He was about to call Mu Tingxiao, and Mu Tingxiao took the initiative to call and ask about the situation.
“Why didn’t you come back? There was no one to receive?”
In the second half of the sentence, Mu Tingxiao’s tone was obviously colder.
“No, she didn’t answer the call from Mrs. Young. I suspect she might have left long ago, or else…” something went wrong.
She didn’t dare to say the last three words.
After a long while, Mu Tingxiao’s suppressed anger voice came from the other end of the phone: “So why don’t you look for it?”
After hanging up the phone, Mu Tingxiao picked up his jacket and was about to go out.
After finding a car in the garage and driving it out, he had time to think.
The fact that Xiao Chuhe came to see him today must have given Mu Nuannuan a big blow.
Although she looks fierce, she is actually a paper tiger, and he can crush her in threes or twos.
The possibility of accident is very small, but the possibility of hiding and being sad is greater.
At this moment, his cell phone rang suddenly.
Looking down, he realized that Gu Zhiyan had called him.
“what’s up?”
Gu Zhiyan still said in a foolish tone: “You have such a bad tone, have you eaten gunpowder?”
Mu Tingxiao was too lazy to tell him, and hung up the phone.
In the corner of the noisy bar, Gu Zhiyan looked at the hung-up phone and made two tuts. He picked up the phone and took a picture of Mu Nuannuan who was sitting not far away, and sent it to Mu Tingxiao.
Hang up his phone?
Mu Tingxiao had to take the initiative to call him immediately!
Sure enough, Mu Tingxiao’s phone called quickly, and his voice was unsatisfactory: “Address.”
“Are you asking for help?” Gu Zhiyan had a rare opportunity to take advantage of Mu Tingxiao, and he didn’t want to tell him so quickly.
“There are still vacancies for business expansion in Africa.”
“Grass!” Gu Zhiyan cursed and told Mu Tingxiao the address of the bar.
Mu Tingxiao threatened him with this every time, but it worked every time.
Because Mu Tingxiao had done this kind of thing, before Gu Zhiyan made a huge criticism because of his carelessness, he was directly sent to Africa by Mu Tingxiao.
In Mu Tingxiao’s dictionary, there is no such word as “just talk”, and he always says it does what it says!

In the bar.
After Mu Nuannuan drank the wine in the glass, she was still not drunk at all, so she asked for a dozen more beer.
Born to drink well, it is not easy to get drunk. This is a good thing in normal times, but now Mu Nuannuan is here to buy drunk.
Mu Nuannuan was beautiful and outstanding, she was single, and she had a dozen beer in front of her. At first glance, she was in a bad mood and came to buy drunk. Many men looked at her frequently, and they were all eager to move.
Finally, two men approached tentatively.
“Beauty, alone?”
Mu Nuannuan glanced, and the two men were wearing suits. They looked like elites. They were also a bit temperamental. The positions in the company should also belong to the executive category.
Mu Nuannuan justified them and drank on his own.
If there is no rejection, it is acquiescence.
The two men thought they had figured out what Mu Nuannuan meant, and sat down beside her.
Mu Nuan Nuan’s coat has been taken off, and the slim knit sweater she wears in it just outlines the beautiful body curve, which attracts people’s coveting.
The two men beside him looked straight.
“Beauty, what’s the point of drinking alone, let’s drink together!”
Mu Nuannuan couldn’t see their thoughts, and smiled, “Okay, drink together and have fun.”
The man came and asked her: “What are you playing?”
Mu Nuannuan tilted her head, raised her hand to support her chin, looking both charming and innocent: “Play dice.”
When the two men heard the words, they looked at each other and smiled, showing confident smiles: “Yes.”
This woman still wants to play dice with them? By the time she was drunk, they became playing with her.
The two men were full of self-confidence, but after playing several games in a row, they found that the wine in front of Mu Nuannuan was unsteady, and they had already emptied several bottles and filled their stomachs of wine. There is an echo when people speak.
Mu Nuannuan smiled innocently: “You drink really well.”
She said while pouring them wine.
Gu Zhiyan, who was on the side, wanted to come when the two men came up to talk, but seeing Mu Nuannuan’s unhurried appearance, he moved and planned to watch the changes.
Seeing that the two men were about to drink, the wine in front of her was shaking, making him itchy to come up and play with Mu Nuannuan.
At this moment, there was a commotion at the door of the bar.
Gu Zhiyan raised his eyes and saw Mu Tingxiao walking towards this side at a glance.
Mu Tingxiao was tall and had an extraordinary temperament. He was very recognizable when he walked in the crowd, and he could recognize him at a glance as if he could shine.
The light in the bar was dim, and he couldn’t see Mu Tingxiao’s face, but he vaguely felt that Mu Tingxiao’s mood was not very beautiful-wonderful.
Gu Zhiyan felt bad, and quickly walked towards Mu Nuannuan, wanting to remedy it.
However, he didn’t even have Mu Tingxiao walking fast.
As soon as Mu Tingxiao entered the door, he saw Mu Nuannuan.
Seeing her smiling and sitting with other men playing dice and drinking, she looked quite happy.
Ho! He was so anxious that she would fly over, and she would be better, having fun with other men.
Mu Nuannuan turned her back to the door, naturally she couldn’t see Mu Tingxiao, but when he approached, she vaguely felt a bit cold on her back, and the familiar aura got closer, she couldn’t help but turn her head back.
Mu Tingxiao had just walked behind her, and Mu Nuannuan was taken aback: “Why are you here?”
The two men were already half drunk, and when they saw another man coming, they asked aloud, “Who is this?”
Mu Nuannuan looked back at them, and said with a serious face: “My cousin, look handsome, many girls chase him.”
Mu Tingxiao’s face was dark, looking at the empty bottle in front of her, calculating how much wine she had drunk.
After speaking, she stretched out her hand again to pull the arm of “Mu Jiachen”: “Come and sit down!”
“Mu Nuannuan, go home!” Mu Tingxiao’s face was as cold as ice-covered, and his face was stretched, which was obviously a sign of anger.
“I don’t want to go back, I don’t have a home.” Mu Nuannuan lowered her head and drank the wine in front of her. The smile on her face was instantly condensed, leaving nothing but melancholy.
Since I was young, I couldn’t be loved by my parents. I finally grew up. I also dreamed of finding a congenial person to organize a happy small family, but was pushed out by my mother to marry Mu Tingxiao on behalf of Mu Wanqi.
What home does she have?
She doesn’t have one.
Hearing the words, Mu Tingxiao fixedly stared at her for a few seconds, moved his lips, and finally did not say any comforting words, but silently sat down next to her: “I want to drink, I will accompany you.”
His voice is as deep and magnetic as usual, but when he hears Mu Nuan’s ears, he feels that it sounds better than usual.

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