My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 79

Mu Nuannuan glanced at him with a serious tone: “I won’t come down, so many of them want to bully you, don’t be afraid, I will vent your anger!”
As early as when he was coaxing here, Gu Zhiyan, who was sneaking over, heard Mu Nuanming’s words and laughed unkindly.
Mu Tingxiao has always bullied others. Where can anyone bully him?
After Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, she looked up at those people again: “You have heard what I said, don’t call grandpa!”
When did a bunch of big men be so provoked by a woman, they rolled up their sleeves and wanted to fight.
It happened that night with the bodyguard rushing over, and the people were solved in two or three strokes.
Shi Ye walked to Mu Tingxiao and asked respectfully, “Master, what should I do?”
Mu Tingxiao glanced at Mu Nuannuan, who was still holding a wine bottle and called “good fight”, and a trace of connivance appeared in his eyes: “Let them go over and kowtow to her.”
Shi Yezhen thought she had heard it wrong: “Huh?”
Then, such a picture appeared in the bar.
A group of men knelt on the ground, kowtow to Mu Nuan Nuan, confessing their mistakes, and still said: “Grandpa, I was wrong.”

On the way back, he drove in front all night, and Mu Tingxiao sat in the back holding Mu Nuannuan who was already asleep.
From time to time, look at the situation behind from the rearview mirror.
He clearly saw his young master, holding the young lady in his arms like a baby. Even if he couldn’t see his expression clearly, he could feel that the young master was in a good mood at the moment from the relaxed atmosphere in the carriage.
He didn’t understand, what happened in the bar that made the young master feel so good?
After a while, the car arrived at the door of the villa.
Mu Tingxiao hugged Mu Nuannuan and got out of the car. When he went upstairs, he stopped at the door of his room, and still carried Mu Nuannuan back to her room.
I used to be so coaxed when I was in the bar, and now I fall asleep, I feel much better.
When holding a wine bottle and shouting like a little ruffian, I don’t know who I learned from.
Mu Nuannuan slept a little, her nose closed, her bright lips slightly open, attracting people’s attention.
Mu Tingxiao leaned over and stared at her for a few seconds, still unable to hold it back, and kissed her on her lips.
At the end of the kiss, his voice was already a little dull: “It’s stinking.”
Immediately adjusted the heating temperature for her, covered the quilt, and turned around and went out.

The next day.
When Mu Nuannuan woke up, it felt like the sky was spinning.
She closed her eyes again and opened them again after a while, only to feel much better.
He sat up on the bed, looked blankly at the familiar room, rolled over and got out of the bed and went into the bathroom.
How did she come back last night?
She remembered that “Mu Jiachen” went to the bar to look for her, and the two of them had a drink together. What happened after that…she didn’t even remember!
Taking care of herself, she opened the door and went downstairs, walking a few steps and looking around like a thief.
She had only drank with Shen Liang before, and according to Shen Liang, the contrast between her usual and her drinking was very different.
So she was a little bit shameless in her heart, and she didn’t know that she had done anything excessive to “Mu Jiachen” last night.
Walking all the way to the hall, Mu Nuannuan didn’t even see “Mu Jiachen”, so she was relieved.
“Cousin, morning.”
The sudden sound of the male voice made Mu Nuannuan suddenly startled, and a heart was raised quickly.
Following the reputation, she happened to see “Mu Jiachen” walking out of the kitchen with a glass of water.
Mu Nuannuan smiled reluctantly: “Ho ho, early.”
Mu Tingxiao approached. Seeing that Mu Nuan’s heating was good, his tone was mixed with a hint of dissatisfaction that was not easily detectable: “You slept well last night?”
Mu Nuannuan answered truthfully: “It’s okay…”
“Hey.” Mu Tingxiao sneered and walked past her.
She slept well, which made him have a beautiful and charming dream all night.
Mu Nuannuan followed, and thoughtfully said: “Yesterday, you drank with me…Thank you.”
While she was speaking, she noticed the change in “Mu Jiachen”‘s expression.
She really can’t remember what happened after last night.
Mu Tingxiao looked at her sideways and saw that she looked the same, so he understood that she didn’t remember what happened last night.
His eyes flashed and he said unclearly, “Don’t drink casually in the future. Fortunately, I will pick you up. If it is someone else…”
Mu Nuannuan’s heart sank with his hesitant expression.
What did she do last night?
But “Mu Jiachen” looked like she didn’t want to say more, she could guess that it was definitely not a good thing, so naturally she didn’t dare to ask, what if it was embarrassing?
Mu Tingxiao looked at Mu Nuannuan’s shock with satisfaction, and headed to the building on the water.
This woman usually looks weak and calm, and she doesn’t expect to be able to coax things after being drunk.
If he wasn’t by his side, who would tidy up the mess if she coaxed her?
Mu Nuannuan was just too sad yesterday. Shen Liang was in Shanghai and the filming was so hard. Mu Nuannuan didn’t want to disturb her with these bad things.
In addition to drinking to relieve boredom, there seems to be no other way to make myself feel better.
Calm down now, feel that I am quite useless.
Xiao Chuhe probably didn’t feel that she was sorry for Mu Nuannuan, and Mu Nuannuan was the only one who was sad.
Mu Nuannuan has a distinct love and hatred.
She listened to Xiao Chuhe’s words so much, but she was looking forward to getting some attention and love from Xiao Chuhe.
She already understood that her pitiful extravagance was impossible.
But she and Mu Wanqi’s Liangzi had already grown up, so Mu Wanqi naturally refused to give up easily.
Coincidentally, she will not give up easily even now.
They used her thoroughly, and they had a clear conscience to use her against her everywhere, where is there such a good thing?

When Mu Nuan warmed to Mu’s family, he went directly to Mu Liyan’s office.
When Mu Liyan saw Mu Nuannuan, he frowned slightly, and his tone was not very good: “What are you here for?”
“I can’t do the job of a market researcher well. I applied to be transferred to the project department and wanted to learn more from my sister.” Mu Nuannuan said with a sincere expression, making it difficult for Mu Liyan to tell whether this was from the inside Her sincerity.
Market investigators are grassroots personnel, while the project department is the most important department of the company.
Mu Liyan transferred Mu Nuannuan to the marketing department from the beginning, just because she didn’t want her to contact the project. In this way, although she holds Mu’s shares in her hand, it is not very useful.
“You can’t even do the job as a market researcher, and you want to study with Wanqi. Do you think you can do it well?” Mu Liyan thought for a while, but still didn’t believe Mu Nuannuan’s words.
Mu Nuannuan smiled, with a serious face: “Mainly, it is someone who I think my sister is so good. I will be able to learn a lot by following her. I actually admire my sister’s ability since I was a child. When I was a child, I Then you will know how much I like her by listening to my sister. Recently…I was wrong…”
Speaking of the back, Mu Nuannuan’s voice lowered, and she squeezed two tears abruptly.

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