My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 80

Mu Liyan could say that Mu Wanqi had been spoiled lawlessly without thinking.
Naturally, I like to hear people praise Mu Wanqi.
To put it bluntly, Mu Nuannuan has been in the hearts of Mu’s family for so many years and is no less obedient than a domestic dog, so when she said this, Mu Liyan believed a little bit.
What’s more, Mu Nuannuan squeezed out a few tears.
Mu Liyan finally loosened: “Okay, I will transfer you over first, if you are not competent, I will transfer you back.”
Mu Nuannuan smiled sweetly at him: “Thank you Dad.”
People are visual animals. Mu Nuannuan is now beautiful. Even Mu Liyan thinks she looks a lot pleasing to the eye. This “Thank you Dad” naturally sounds very pleasant.
“You go back first, I’ll tell Wanqi about this first, and then I’ll tell you to move over.”
Mu Nuannuan left Mu Liyan’s office, the smile on her face faded, she reached out to wipe away the tears on her face, and a sneer burst out on her lips.

As soon as Mu Nuannuan left, Mu Liyan hit the inside and called Mu Wanqi over.
As soon as Mu Wanqi came in, she said impatiently, “Dad, what are you looking for? I still have a lot to do.”
Mu Liyan didn’t mind her attitude, and said gently, “Mu Nuannuan just came to me and said that she wanted to transfer to you to work and learn from you. What do you think?”
“She took the initiative?” When Mu Wanqi heard it, her eyes widened in surprise.
“Yes, she volunteered.”
“She would really want to learn from me? She is probably making some horrible idea again.” Mu Wanqi snorted, in a non-discussable tone: “Dad, don’t you transfer her to me.” , It’s annoying to look at her.”
Mu Liyan originally used the attitude of discussing with Mu Wanqi, but Mu Wanqi’s attitude was so tough that he didn’t give him any face. He couldn’t help but get a little angry: “Wanqi! Anyway, you are also sisters, let alone we still She relied on her to persuade Mu Tingxiao to invest in our company. This is all set. I will transfer her to your part, and you will take her well.”
Mu Wanqi was unhappy in her heart and lost her temper directly: “Dad! How can you do this! I said I didn’t want her to go to my department, don’t you understand?”
Mu Liyan said loudly: “Mu Wanqi!”
Feeling that he was really angry, Mu Wanqi had no choice but to say: “It’s all right, it’s up to you.”
After Mu Wanqi finished speaking, she went out angrily.
When I went out, I slammed the door with a bang.
Mu Liyan frowned fiercely, wondering if she was too accustomed to Mu Wanqi to let her lose her temper casually in front of him.

Mu Nuannuan soon received a notice to transfer to the department.
She simply packed her things, said goodbye to a few familiar colleagues, and went to the project department holding the box.
She stood at the door of the manager’s office and knocked on Mu Wanqi’s office door.
After a while, Mu Wanqi’s voice came from inside: “Come in.”
Mu Nuannuan opened the door with a big smile: “I will ask my sister for advice in the future.”
Mu Wanqi didn’t have a good face when she saw her.
“This is in the company, call me Manager Mu.”
Mu Nuannuan cried out in a kind-hearted manner: “Manager Mu.”
Looking at the smile on her face, Mu Wanqi felt as if she had been crushed.
So she asked Mu Nuannuan to photocopy a bunch of useful materials, and then asked her to smash the materials.
Mu Nuannuan was doing this all day.
I thought that Mu Nuannuan would lose her temper and come to her after doing it for a while, but I didn’t think that Mu Nuannuan would just do it obediently all day, and there were no complaints at all.
This made Mu Wanqi feel a little strange.
Yesterday Mu Nuannuan came to the office aggressively to ask her for trouble, but did she change her sex today?
She didn’t believe it anyway.
When it was time to get off work, Mu Wanqi asked Mu Nuannuan to take a pile of materials for her to photocopy.
Mu Nuannuan didn’t finish the photocopy until everyone else left.
Mu Wanqi went to the photocopying room. Seeing that Mu Nuannuan was still seriously copying the materials, she narrowed her eyes and walked over: “Mu Nuannuan, what tricks do you want to play? You can fool my dad, you think you Can you fool me?”
“What did I lie to you? I really think that sister, you are very good, so I want to come to learn things under your hands.”
Mu Nuan warmly said here, and suddenly the conversation changed, and her tone became meaningful: “If I can’t learn anything all the time, do you know if others think my sister is incompetent?”
Mu Wanqi sneered: “I knew you were kind!”
Mu Nuannuan took a look at her, slowly sorted out the files in her hand, and ignored her.
I have heard from people in the company that Mu Wanqi sat in the position of the project manager and did nothing. What she picked up was all the credit of the people under her hands.
“As long as Dad knows that I came here to study with you sincerely, does it matter if I have a good heart?” Mu Nuannuan smiled contemptuously, took out the last file of the photocopy, turned around and went out.

Winter nights always come early.
Mu Nuannuan came out of the Mu family, and it was already dark at nearly seven o’clock.
Shi Ye has been waiting for a while.
She got in the car and said to Shi Ye: “You don’t have to pick me up every day, I can go back by myself.”
She had never enjoyed the treatment of a private car before. Although she knew that Mu Tingxiao was kind, she always felt that she was not used to it.
Shi Ye’s tone was as rigid and serious as ever: “The young master ordered it to be my business.”
Back at the villa, Mu Nuannuan suddenly remembered the black card “Mu Jiachen” gave her last time.
She put down her bag, took the black card and went to the study to find Mu Tingxiao.
When he was at home, he spent most of his time in the study, and he didn’t know what he was doing.
Mu Tingxiao still did not show up, sitting with his back to her, with a hoarse voice: “What’s the matter?”
“I found a black card at home, I guess it should be yours.” Mu Nuannuan could not say that this card was given to her by “Mu Jiachen”.
Mu Tingxiao was silent for a while before he said, “Since I found it, keep it for use.”
“But I heard people say that this card seems to be very valuable…” Shen Chuhan and Mu Wanqi were scared, can it not be expensive?
Mu Tingxiao’s voice couldn’t hear any emotions: “No matter how valuable it is, someone has to spend it. It is a useful thing.”
Mu Nuannuan was taken aback for a moment, and she felt that what he said was particularly reasonable, and she couldn’t find words to refute it for a while.
Seeing that Mu Tingxiao had something to say, Mu Nuannuan turned around and went out.
In the evening, Shen Liang called her and said that he would be back tomorrow.
“Book a place and have dinner together.”
Mu Nuannuan glanced at the black card in her bag and said quietly, “Then go to Jinding.”
“You won a five million grand prize?”
“Almost… right.” Mu Tingxiao said, no matter how valuable things are, someone needs to use them to give full play to its effect.
So, she decided to use it!

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