My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 83

Si Chengyu was silent for a moment, and his tone was open and upright: “I saw it once before by chance.”
Mu Tingxiao’s tone became colder and colder: “She is Mu Nuannuan.”
“I know, she is your newlywed wife, Mu Nuannuan.” Si Chengyu’s voice suddenly became a little ethereal.
Mu Tingxiao frowned, he stopped talking, and finally said nothing, and hung up the phone.

Early the next morning.
Mu Nuannuan got up and made breakfast, and when she saw “Mu Jiachen” coming downstairs, she couldn’t help but remember what happened yesterday.
As she brought out the breakfast, she sneaked a glance at “Mu Jiachen” with her eyes.
Mu Tingxiao lowered his eyes slightly to look at the phone, took a sip of water from the cup, and suddenly said, “What am I doing?”
Mu Nuannuan raised her eyebrows and looked at him provocatively: “Seeing that your complexion is a bit bad, would you like to braise some bullwhip for you?”
Hearing this, Mu Tingxiao paused, raised his head, and smiled unclearly: “You are the only woman in this family. What do you stew for me to replenish the kidney?”
Mu Nuannuan glared at him, then turned and walked into the kitchen.
She is seldom an opponent of “Mu Jiachen” in terms of playing tricks.
The two finally broke up again.
As usual, Mu Nuannuan was sent to Mu’s work every night.
In the car, Mu Nuannuan couldn’t help but ask: “At this time, your young master, has always been like this without seeing people?”
Shi Ye remembered Mu Tingxiao who was running around every day, and said without conscience: “Yes.”
“Has he ever seen a doctor?” After Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, she realized that what she said could be misunderstood, and then explained: “I mean, it is impossible for him to stay out of sight for the rest of his life. Human life.”
The Mu Tingxiao who needed to lead a normal life, but at this moment called Shi Ye.
“Excuse me, I’ll answer the phone.” Shi Ye finished speaking and answered the phone.
Mu Tingxiao’s voice was a little serious: “Look closely Mu Nuannuan.”
Mu Tingxiao’s order was a little inexplicable, but Shi Ye didn’t ask much, and he responded, “Yes.”

When Mu Nuannuan came to the door of the company, she met Mu Wanqi.
Mu Wanqi glanced at the car that sent Mu Nuan Nuan over, and a flash of jealousy flashed in her eyes.
If she was the one who married into Mu’s house, she was the one who used that car to go to work every day.
Mu Nuannuan tucked her hair, walked to Mu Wanqi, who was only as tall as her in high heels, and said with a smile, “Mr. Mu, morning.”
Mu Wanqi snorted coldly and ignored her.
When he arrived at the office, Mu Nuannuan continued to photocopy the rest of the information yesterday, just like yesterday.
Mu Wanqi’s approach clearly made it difficult for Mu Nuannuan. Everyone in the project department could see it clearly, but no one dared to say anything.
However, this did not prevent them from discussing this matter in private and passing it to Mu Liyan’s ears.
When the lunch break was approaching, Mu Liyan called Mu Wanqi to the office.
“Even if you don’t want to see Mu Nuannuan, don’t be so obvious! This will let others see and gossiping!”
Mu Wanqi didn’t seem to care at all: “I am the daughter of the chairman and the manager of the project department. Who dares to say anything?”
“You have to suppress Mu Nuannuan, and you have to suppress it like a bit.” Mu Liyan hates iron for not making steel. He used to think Mu Wanqi was clever, but now she seems to feel so stupid!
“Yes, I will take her out to talk about the project this afternoon.” Mu Wanqi was too lazy to listen to Mu Liyan’s tirades, turned around and walked out.
Mu Nuannuan basically lived in the photocopying room these past two days.
When someone came to print the file, she greeted them with a smile. She was beautiful and good-tempered. She also had a relationship with the chairman. In this way, her colleagues had a better impression of her.
A kind colleague reminded her: “In fact, you don’t need to photocopy everything, these files are useless.”
Mu Nuannuan showed a surprised expression, with a face of disbelief: “Ah? What’s the use of this?”
At this time, Mu Wanqi’s secretary came to look for her: “Mu Nuannuan, the manager is looking for you.”
“Then I’ll go to the manager first.” Mu Nuannuan stopped working with a smile and went to Mu Wanqi’s office.
As soon as she entered, Mu Wanqi threw her the information: “This is the information about the cooperation project that I am going to talk about today. You can take a look at it and go with me this afternoon.”
Mu Nuannuan took a look and made sure that she couldn’t understand at all, and there were quite a lot of professional words on it.
Interlaced like a mountain, if you don’t understand, you don’t understand.
She transferred to the project department herself and she was kind, and Mu Wanqi would definitely be kind to take her out to talk about the project.
She has to check this company first.
After investigating for a while, there was nowhere to be found.
Shen Liang certainly didn’t understand this kind of thing, Shen Chuhan might understand, but she couldn’t ask him.
After thinking about it, it seemed that I could only ask “Mu Jiachen”.
I don’t know why. Although “Mu Jiachen” seems to be doing nothing all day long, he is a member of the Mu family after all, and he should understand this.
During the lunch break, Mu Nuannuan called “Mu Jiachen”.
She was still a little worried that no one would answer, but surprisingly, the phone was connected after a few rings.
Mu Nuannuan remembered that she had only attacked him in the morning, and her tone was a little uncomfortable: “Mu Jiachen, are you busy now?”
“Mu Jiachen” cherish the words like gold: “Something?”
Mu Nuannuan said with a guilty conscience: “I want to invite you to lunch…”
“Mu Jiachen” said casually: “Talk about the important points.”
Does this man have clairvoyance?
Mu Nuannuan didn’t squeeze anymore, and said as if to risk it, “I want to ask you for a favor!”
“Mu Jiachen” also ridiculed her uncharacteristically, and made a direct decision: “I will come to the Mu family to pick you up.”
“Oh.” Mu Nuannuan responded subconsciously.
I didn’t think something was right until I hung up the phone.
She asked “Mu Jiachen” for help, shouldn’t she go to him?
He actually wanted to drive to pick her up!
“Mu Jiachen” came quickly, and Mu Nuannuan was waiting for her at the Mu’s door, but instead went to a nearby intersection to wait for him.
When Mu Tingxiao found her, his face was ugly: “Get in the car!”
In her heart, he is so shameless?
Mu Nuannuan also guessed why his face was unsightly, and apologized in a small voice: “I’m sorry, many people on the Mu family have seen you before, and I’m afraid of being photographed again and guessing about our relationship.”
Mu Tingxiao said nothing, but smiled coldly.
This feeling of hiding is very uncomfortable. If I knew that the night she was drunk, I should have handled her directly!
Mu Nuannuan was shivered by “Mu Jiachen”‘s expression as if she was trying to swallow her alive, and she shut her mouth very practically and stopped talking.
“Mu Jiachen” drove her to a restaurant with a small family.
The two of them sat down to order a meal, and “Mu Jiachen”‘s eyes fell on the portfolio she was holding, and his voice was low: “Take it out.”
Mu Nuannuan looked at him in astonishment, and slowly took out the file: “How do you know that this is what I’m asking for your help?”
“Mu Jiachen” glanced at her like a fool.

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