My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 84

“Mu Jiachen” took the file in her hand and said indifferently: “What major do you study do you not know?”
Mu Nuannuan remembered that when she married into Mu’s house, they had already checked her up and down, naturally they knew what major she had studied, and knew nothing about business.
“Mu Jiachen” scanned the file roughly, then set it aside with a slight frown.
Mu Nuannuan asked him suspiciously: “What’s the matter?”
“Mu Jiachen” took a look at her and said, “There is nothing worth seeing in this file. This project is not in agreement with Mu Family.”
At exactly this time, the food was served, and Mu Tingxiao directly picked up the chopsticks and started eating.
Mu Nuan dubiously picked up the file and looked at it again. She really couldn’t see anything famous.
However, since she asked “Mu Jiachen” for help, she should trust him and stop asking more questions.

In the afternoon, Mu Wanqi took a group of people to discuss the project.
The company that went to talk about the project was called Tengsheng, and it was also considered a medium-sized company in Shanghai and Yangtze.
A group of people went to the conference room, and after a while, the person in charge of the project came.
The project leader is a middle-aged Xie woman, nearly forty years old, with meticulous combing of her hair, she looks like a very powerful woman.
Mu Wanqi stood up and greeted her with a very arrogant attitude: “Manager Ke, we meet again.”
Manager Ke glanced at her and sat down directly, as if he could not hear the arrogance in Mu Wanqi’s tone, in an official tone: “Last time, I made it very clear that Mu wants to cooperate with us. For this project, we must show our sincerity.”
Mu Wanqi smiled and turned to look at Mu Nuannuan: “You are also my father, Chairman Mu. This time he sent our two sisters to discuss the project together. Isn’t that sincere enough?”
Manager Ke glanced at Mu Nuannuan, her complexion worsened. She hated this kind of useless relationship households the most in her life. She didn’t look down on Mu Wanqi at first, and now she adds another Mu Nuannuan. Even more despised.
“Sorry, I’ll have a meeting at three o’clock later, and I’m missing.” Manager Ke stood up straight and walked out the door.
Mu Nuannuan finally understood why “Mu Jiachen” said that this project could not be discussed well with Mu Family.
At first glance, Manager Ke was a strong woman, and it was obvious that she looked down on Mu Wanqi, and Mu Wanqi even thought of herself as a scallion, and wanted to pull her up and hate Manager Ke.
Mu Wanqi said to Manager Ke’s back: “Although my sister is just a rookie, she is also working hard. Manager Ke, you think about it again?”
Manager Ke’s footsteps are quicker.
Mu Nuannuan frowned and vaguely understood what Mu Wanqi’s purpose was for bringing her here today.
Manager Ke should be an old employee in the company at his age. Experienced has a certain deterrent effect, but the Mu family sent a Mu Wanqi who didn’t understand anything, so let’s just add a Mu Nuannuan…
This is an insult to Manager Ke, and it is also a lack of attention to the project.
When Manager Ke went out, Mu Wanqi turned around with a cold face and reprimanded Mu Nuannuan: “Daddy values ​​this project very much. You messed it up now. See how you go back and explain to him!”
Mu Nuannuan: “???”
From the time Manager Ke entered and left, she didn’t even say a word clearly, the pot of messing up the project fell on her head, and let her memorize it?
Mu Nuannuan turned to look at the other two people who were accompanying him. After feeling Mu Nuannuan’s gaze, the two people just turned to look away, obviously they were with Mu Wanqi.
“What are you doing in a daze, and expecting Manager Ke to come back?” Mu Nuannuan raised her chin, gave Mu Nuannuan a contemptuous look, and went out first.
Mu Nuannuan followed behind and walked out slowly.
She feels that Mu Wanqi is simply a fool, and would rather mess up a project that is very important to the Mu family, and step her on her feet.
Mu Wanqi is really spoiled. She can enjoy the life of Miss Qian Jin with peace of mind. It’s not because of the Mu family, but she treats the company’s projects as a trifle.
If this goes on, the Mu Family will finish playing sooner or later.

Upon returning to Mu’s family, Mu Wanqi asked Mu Nuannuan to go to Mu Liyan’s office together.
When Mu Liyan came back after the meeting, seeing that they were both there, he asked aloud: “How did you talk about the project today?”
Mu Wanqi bit her lip, her eyes reddened: “Dad, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t indulge Nuan Nuan to let her follow Tengsheng’s project…”
She didn’t finish her words, and was interrupted by Mu Liyan angrily: “Tengsheng? Who told you to talk about Tengsheng’s cooperation project?”
His own daughter, he knows how many catties she is. He attaches great importance to Tengsheng’s project. Knowing that Mu Wanqi is not good at talking, he is ready to start a long-term discussion and find a suitable person to talk to.
“It was Nuannuan who said that I wanted to prove myself and talk about big projects. I felt reluctant for a while and agreed to take her to talk about Tengsheng’s project…”
Mu Wanqi’s words are actually full of loopholes, but Mu Liyan loves her, even if she knows that Mu Wanqi is lying, she will only spread her anger on Mu Nuannuan.
“Mu Nuannuan! I agree that you should be transferred to the project department for you to study, not for you to pull Wanqi’s hind legs and mess up the company’s project!”
Mu Liyan had a sullen face, as if he couldn’t wait to come up and slap Mu Nuannuan.
Mu Nuannuan looked at the father and daughter of these actors with cold eyes and sneered: “Mu Wanqi still needs me to drag her hind legs? She herself can do nothing like a broken leg! Ask yourself, she After joining Mu’s, how many projects have been negotiated for you, and how many projects have you messed up?”
“Mu Nuannuan, what nonsense are you talking about! There are countless projects negotiated in the company every year, and these are all taken down by my hard work with the team!”
Mu Wanqi shook her head with a sad look on her face: “I’m all about the company, but you want to express yourself for your own desires. You messed up such a big project. Now you still blame me, are you honest!”
It’s… it’s the same as it really is.
“Is it for the company? You know in your heart.” The smile in Mu Nuan’s eyes didn’t reach the bottom of her eyes.
Mu Wanqi was involuntarily guilty when she looked at her like this.
“Of course I am dedicated to the company!” Mu Wanqi raised her voice to hide her guilty conscience.
Mu Liyan saw that the two of them were arguing very hard, and yelled, “Okay! You two will go back to me!”
Mu Wanqi still refused to leave. The purpose of her doing this today was to drive Mu Nuannuan out of the project department.
“Dad, Nuannuan is really not suitable for the project department! You can transfer her back to the marketing department!”
What Mu Nuannuan said before has actually been in the heart of Mu Liyan. Since the project department was taken over by Mu Wanqi, the performance has indeed been worsening year by year.
He was annoying: “Get out!”
“Dad!” Mu Wanqi called to him, and she had no choice but to turn around and leave.

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