My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 85

Mu Nuannuan took the lead to go out, standing at the door waiting for Mu Wanqi.
Mu Wanqi didn’t have a good face when she saw her: “See how long you can be proud of, wait for Dad to drive you out of the Mu family!”
“Oh? Drive me out of the Mu family?” Mu Nuannuan smiled softly: “Don’t want Mu Tingxiao to bet funds for the Mu family?”
Mu Wanqi snorted coldly, “Do you really think that Mu Tingxiao has any money in his hands?”
“Keep your mouth clean.” Mu Nuannuan glanced at her coldly.
“You are not clean, so you are embarrassed to talk about others?” Mu Wanqi raised her chin and smiled triumphantly. When she suddenly thought of something, the smile on her face narrowed slightly, and she turned back to Mu Liyan’s office.
Mu Nuannuan glanced at the closed office door, turned and left.
Inside Mu Liyan’s office.
Mu Wanqi sat opposite him with a serious face: “Dad, there is something I forgot to tell you. Mu Nuannuan has a black card inside Mu’s house that only has the global limited edition!”
“How do you know?” Mu Liyan asked in shock, “How long did she go to Mu’s house before Mu Tingxiao would give her a black card?”
“Last time I went to Jinding for dinner with Chu Han, I watched her pay with that black card with my own eyes!” Mu Wanqi looked excited: “I heard that Mu’s black card is unlimited?”
Mu Liyan is not very clear about whether Mu’s global limited black card is unlimited.
As a top giant, even if it is not unlimited, there must be astronomical figures inside.
Seeing that Mu Liyan had listened to her own words, Mu Wanqi continued: “If we can get the black card in Mu Nuannuan’s hand, we won’t have to worry about funds!”
Mu Liyan is also a little tempted, but he is a veteran of the shopping mall, he is not as impulsive as a young man, and he is much more cautious.
He thought for a while and said, “But, anyway, the black card was also given to Mu Nuannuan by Mu Tingxiao. Will she use it for us?”
Seeing Mu Liyan’s heart moved, Mu Wanqi’s eyes flashed a successful light: “Dad, you are Mu Nuannuan’s biological father. You gave birth to her and raised her to love her, but you just used her black card. What’s the big deal, even if she misunderstands you and doesn’t want to give you the card, at least there is still mom…”
Hearing this, Mu Liyan was silent for a moment, then nodded.

Mu Nuannuan returned home from get off work, and the meal was still not ready, “Mu Jiachen” came back.
The heating was turned on in the villa, and he took off his jacket as soon as he entered the door, leaving only a thin dark shirt and suit trousers, very tall and straight.
He went to the kitchen to find Mu Nuannuan for a sound.
He leaned on the door frame, his voice was low and quiet, “How was the project talk?”
Mu Nuannuan happened to be cutting vegetables, and said nonchalantly, “It’s messed up.”
He said with a faint smile: “The first project was messed up.”
The emotion in the tone was not so obvious, it was difficult to tell if she was laughing at her.
Mu Nuannuan looked back at him: “It was Mu Wanqi who messed up, but it wasn’t me.”
Although Mu Wanqi had already smashed the big pot of messing up the project on her, she would not admit it.
After she finished speaking, she turned her back and went to chop vegetables.
Mu Tingxiao lowered his head and laughed silently.
The next day is Saturday.
Mu Nuannuan got up early to make breakfast as usual, and “Mu Jiachen” even got up quite early.
When Mu Nuannuan saw him, she said, “Did your cousin get up? You bring him breakfast.”
“Misconduct.” Mu Tingxiao thought but refused.
Other people here, what else to serve breakfast.
Mu Nuannuan glared at him and called a bodyguard to bring breakfast to Mu Tingxiao.
She went out after eating.
She usually doesn’t go out much on weekends. Mu Tingxiao was a little curious about where she would go, so he called Shiye to drive to follow.
As a result, Mu Nuannuan went to a psychotherapy clinic.
Across the road, Mu Tingxiao was sitting in the car, looking at the door of the psychotherapy through the window: “What is she going there for?”
Shi Ye thought of what Mu Nuannuan had said in the car yesterday, and said carefully: “The young lady may be there because of the young master.”
because of him?
After thinking about it, Mu Tingxiao understood what was going on.
This woman thought he had a mental disorder, so she went to the psychology clinic?
Mu Nuannuan hadn’t seen “Mu Tingxiao” after coming to the Mu’s house for so long, so I am afraid that he would think that Mu Tingxiao had a mental disorder if he changed to another person.
This woman really spent some thoughts on “Mu Ting Xiao”.
Shi Ye looked at his young master’s constantly changing face, and said tentatively: “When does the young master plan to let the young lady know your identity?”
Mu Tingxiao stopped asking this question.
At this moment, a familiar figure appeared at the door of the psychological clinic.
Shi Ye realized that the man was Si Chengyu, and said aloud, “Master, is that the master of the big watch!”
Mu Tingxiao looked in the direction Shi Ye was pointing, and at a glance he recognized that the heavily armed man was Si Chengyu.
He was too familiar with Si Chengyu, and he could recognize it easily.
When Shi Yezhen waited for Mu Tingxiao’s answer, he was puzzled and heard the sound of the car door being opened.
Mu Tingxiao had gotten out of the car and walked towards the door of the psychological clinic, and hurriedly followed up all night.

Psychological treatment room.
After listening to Mu Nuannuan’s description, the doctor said with a serious face: “This type of symptom is also a type of post-traumatic sequelae. This should be related to his previous experience. In this case, we must rely on the guidance of people close to him.”
Mu Nuannuan repeated subconsciously: “Previous experience?”
The doctor explained to her one step closer: “It’s just that something that irritated him more mentally, usually related to his childhood and teenage experiences, because people’s minds were not fully mature and relatively fragile during these two periods. There will be sequelae.”
The doctor was simple and straightforward, and it was easy to understand.
This is similar to what Mu Nuannuan thought in her heart.
She didn’t even tell the psychiatrist of Mu Tingxiao’s condition completely, but said that the newlywed husband didn’t like to see people and lived very away from the world.
Mu Tingxiao’s situation is an open secret in Shanghai and Yangtze markets. If she explained Mu Tingxiao’s situation too clearly, the doctor might guess that it was Mu Tingxiao.
“Okay, thank you doctor.”
Mu Nuannuan thanked the doctor, got up and walked out.
As soon as I came out and took a few steps, I saw two men approaching.
Two men walked over here one after the other. The man walking in front was heavily armed, but his figure was a bit familiar.
Gradually approaching, the man took off his glasses, whether it was the smile on his face or the voice he spoke, it was just right and gentle.
“Mu Nuannuan, meet again.”
“Si Chengyu?”
Mu Nuannuan looked at the man in front of her in astonishment.
She…and occasionally met King Si again! ! !
Si Chengyu glanced over her expression, and said with a smile: “How come you are so surprised to see me?”
Mu Nuannuan nodded: “In just one month, I have met you three times. I think I can buy a lottery ticket.”

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