My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 88

Mu Nuannuan’s words were a bit ugly.
But that’s what she thought in her heart. Although Xiao Chuhe seemed to be living the life of a rich wife in Mu’s family, she was relatively easy to support compared to other rich wives.
Most of the time, Xiao Chuhe was doing food and clothing for Mu Liyan and the three of them.
Although 50 million is not a small number, Mu Liyan can definitely get it.
However, Mu Liyan was not necessarily willing to take it.
Mu Wanqi was obviously angry, but she abruptly suppressed her anger and said, “If we have money, of course we are willing to take 50 million? But now the problem is that we don’t have money!”
“If you don’t have any money, raise money.” Mu Nuannuan was too lazy to fight with Mu Wanqi anymore, turned to look at Mu Liyan, and called him: “Dad!”
Mu Liyan frowned tightly: “If this matter is true, I will collect 50 million ransoms anyway, but there are only two hours. Where can I go to raise this money!”
Mu Nuannuan was a little surprised, thinking that Mu Liyan was willing to raise money.
“It counts as much as you raise.” Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, looking down her mobile phone address book.
Only then did she remember that she had almost no friends except Shen Liang.
Mu Liyan had already taken out his mobile phone and started making a call.
Mu Nuannuan walked aside and called Shen Liang.
Shen Liang quickly answered the phone: “What’s the matter? No eating?”
Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips: “Xiao Liang, I want to borrow money from you.”
“Yes, how much do you borrow?” Shen Liang has always been generous to her, as long as she speaks, Shen Liang will definitely lend her.
After all, the matter is very important, Mu Nuannuan can only bite the bullet and say: “How many do you…?”
“There is… three or four million, right? I don’t know very well, I have to see…” Shen Liang said, he went to check his deposit on his mobile phone.
Halfway through, she suddenly realized something was wrong and asked her aloud: “Why do you want so much money? What happened?”
“My mother was kidnapped and needs a ransom of 50 million.”
“Then you call the police!”
“You have to redeem the people first.” Mu Nuannuan was still worried that something would happen to Xiao Chuhe, for fear that the kidnappers would tear the ticket.
Actually, Shen Liang wanted to say, just let her careless mother die.
But she knows Mu Nuannuan too much. If Mu Nuannuan doesn’t know about this matter, it’s fine if Mu Nuannuan knows now, she will definitely take care of it.
“Well, I’ll call you the money.”
“Thank you.”
After Mu Nuan warmed her body, Mu Wanqi and Bu Mu Liyan kept paying attention to her movement.
When she heard Mu Nuannuan say “Redeem people back first”, Mu Wanqi’s face showed a triumphant smile.
She walked to Mu Liyan and whispered, “I knew Mu Nuannuan would not leave her alone.”
Mu Liyan nodded, and the two smiled tacitly.

Seeing that two hours are almost there, a few talents have raised less than 6 million, which is far from 50 million.
Mu Nuannuan walked back and forth in a hurry.
Suddenly, Mu Wanqi called her: “Mu Nuannuan, I remember you have a black card from Mu’s family in your hand!”
Mu Nuannuan looked back at her fiercely.
Mu Wanqi continued: “Now it’s a matter of life and death. Whether Mom can save it alive or not is up to you. We have done our best.”
Mu Nuannuan was too anxious just now, she had forgotten that she still had a black card on her body!
“I’ll go back and get it right away!” Mu Nuannuan can’t take care of that much anymore. The top priority is to redeem Xiao Chuhe.
Mu Liyan spoke out at this moment: “We will take you back to get it together, and then go to the trading place.”
The two-hour deadline was approaching. In order to buy time, Mu Nuannuan accepted Mu Liyan’s proposal.
The group soon returned to Mu Tingxiao’s villa.
Mu Tingxiao and “Mu Jiachen” were still not coming back, Mu Nuannuan took the black card and came out.
As she walked, she took out her mobile phone and called the police.
Before she received a call from the kidnappers, she was so nervous that she had forgotten the matter of reporting to the police.
Seeing her on the phone, Mu Wanqi asked nervously, “Who did you call? Or did the kidnapper call you?”
“Report to the police and prepare for the case.” These fifty million can’t be taken by the kidnappers in vain.
Xiao Chuhe wants to be rescued, and the money cannot be made cheap by the kidnappers.
When Mu Wanqi heard that she was going to call the police, she was stunned for a while, and then she said: “Don’t call the police first. Redeem her mother first. She must have seen the kidnappers, and it will be as easy to catch the police when the time comes. Human.”
“No, I have to call the police first.”
Seeing Mu Nuannuan’s resolute attitude, Mu Wanqi was heartbroken, and she grabbed her mobile phone and hung up, with words and accusations: “What are you doing in such a hurry to call the police? Do you want to kill your own mother? The kidnappers know, they tear up the ticket? I admit that she is better to me than to you? But you don’t have to hurt her like this! Anyway, she is the mother who gave birth to you and raised you!”
Mu Wanqi spoke proudly, and she almost believed it herself.
“Shut up!” Although what Mu Wanqi said was true, she still felt harsh in Mu Nuan’s ears.
She didn’t care what she said, but that was her biological mother after all.
The kidnapper’s phone call came again.
The kidnapper gave an address, and then said: “You are only allowed to come here alone. Once we find a policeman or other people coming with us, we will-tear the ticket!”
The phone was activated, and Mu Liyan and Mu Wanqi also heard the kidnappers’ words.
A strange feeling rose in Mu Nuannuan’s heart.
She felt that the kidnappers seemed to be directed at her from start to finish, and they didn’t even mention Mu Liyan.
Is it just because she is the Mu’s grandmother that they thought she was rich, so they kidnapped Xiao Chuhe?
Although this statement is reasonable, the behavior of the joint kidnappers always feels a bit far-fetched.
Mu Wanqi was the first to ask her: “Why do you only need to go alone?”
“It’s not safe.” Mu Liyan said: “You drive Wanqi’s car and go ahead, and we will follow you behind.”
Mu Liyan and Mu Wanqi showed enthusiasm and integrity that they had never had before in saving Xiao Chuhe.
Although Mu Nuannuan felt surprised, she didn’t doubt too much. After all, Xiao Chuhe had lived with them for more than 20 years.
After Mu Liyan finished speaking, he asked Mu Nuannuan: “Can you drive?”
Mu Nuan curled her lips and smiled mockingly: “Yes.”
During the four years of university, she supported herself by herself, and also took on some small jobs of writing scripts, sometimes earning more, sometimes earning less. Excluding tuition and living expenses, she saves the money for learning a driver’s license.

The address given to her by the kidnapper was an abandoned garage in the suburbs, and the name was desolate.
After she located the location, she edited a text message and sent Shen Liang the address of the abandoned garage, asking Shen Liang to call the police for her.
She is going to rush over now, it is very likely that the kidnappers will be watching on the road, so she can only ask Shen Liang to help her call the police.
After the newsletter was successfully sent, Mu Nuannuan deleted it.

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