Never Late, Never Away

Chapter: 2574

“However, it should not be easy for you to support such a large photo studio alone?” Li Ling asked.

Bitter, really bitter, Zhao Enuo smiled. She admitted that when she first took over the photo studio, she had thought about giving up, and she thought about selling the photo studio directly and disbanding the entire team, but in the end, she persisted because of the expectations of her staff. She had never expected the photo studio to resume its normal development in such a short period of time.

“Fortunately, as long as there is a team, I am not afraid of anything.” Zhao Enuo replied.

In fact, the team is indeed one of the reasons for her persistence. She was reluctant to bear this group of passionate and dreamy people, and she couldn’t bear to see their lost faces.

Li Ling looked at the woman in front of her, truly shocked.

It was said that Zhao Enuo would only follow a man’s ass, but she had never heard of it. It turned out that this woman is also affectionate and ambitious.

It seems that the scandals of the outside world cannot be completely believed.

But what Li Ling always believed was that Ling Chen had given up a lot for this woman.

“What’s the matter, Miss Li?” Zhao Enuo asked in a low voice.

“It’s okay, it’s fine.” Li Ling immediately recovered and replied.

Li Ling suddenly hesitated. She really felt worthless for Ling Chen, and wanted to help Ling Chen grab this photo studio, but she felt that the Zhao Enuo in front of him was actually pretty good.

Ling Chen’s house.

“What did you say? Did you go to the photo studio? What did you do there?” Ling Chen asked loudly.

“What are you excited about? I didn’t take her to Zhao Enuo.” Li Ling replied.

He is so nervous, not because he has Zhao Enuo in his heart!

“Didn’t I tell you? My business can be solved by myself, and you don’t need to mix it up.” Ling Chen said hurriedly.

“I didn’t mix it up either.”

“Then what do you want to do?” Ling Chen continued to ask.

“Buy the photo studio.” Li Ling replied lightly.

At this time, Ling Chen was completely blinded.

Quite simply, Li Ling is trying to force the man in front of him to start his own business. If he can’t do it, she will do it herself!

Ling Chen naturally understood Li Ling’s intentions, but he still had some hesitation in his heart.

“Anyway, this photo studio is not yours or mine.” Li Ling said after taking a sip of tea.

It’s really unreasonable! Ling Chen walked out of the living room angrily.

People always have to be forced, otherwise others will never know how good they are. Just like this Ling Chen, because of Zhao Enuo, he reduced his edge and gave up many opportunities for further studies, but in the end, he didn’t get anything.

She, Li Ling, will tell Ling Chen that in this world, love is not the only thing that matters. Some things can override love, such as a great career.

“Mr. Zhao, I think we should be more cautious.” The assistant came over and said.

“What are your thoughts?” Zhao Yinuo asked.

“This Miss Li, we are working with her for the first time after all. I don’t think we need to be so anxious to cooperate with her for the second time. Also, we need to understand her personal situation…” The

assistant said a lot. Also very sincere, but Zhao Enuo never wanted to give up this big customer.

“She can bring me a lot of business.” She reminded the assistant in front of her.

“Then we should know more about her situation, don’t we?”

“Don’t I have information here, you can look at it.” Zhao Enuo replied calmly.

“Mr. Zhao, those are all downloaded from the Internet…”

“Ding Ding Ding…”

Suddenly, Zhao Enuo’s cell phone rang, it was Gu Wang.

“Where?” Gu Wang asked.

“Photo studio.”

Looking at Zhao Enuo who was answering the phone in front of him, the assistant sighed and left the office, praying in his heart that Li Ling was just a normal ordinary customer.

Seeing the assistant walking out from the back, Zhao Yinuo turned away and continued talking on the phone.

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