Never Late, Never Away

Chapter: 2578

“They cheated us first!” A man shouted at the door.

“Okay, you said they cheated you. What about the evidence? Have you ever been here to take photos? Let’s not talk about the level of this photo studio. To put it ugly, just like you, it’s just to go to a second-rate photo studio. , Other photographers can take pictures of you, they are considered worthy of you!” Tianxiang said unceremoniously.

He was right. None of the troublemakers underneath had ever been to this studio to take photos. They were all just being instructed to act in a play.

“What’s your business, this photo studio is not yours,” a woman shouted.

“Yes, this photo studio is indeed not mine, but you are picking things up for no reason. I’m sorry, I can’t watch it!” Tianxiang put his arms on his chest and replied.

Really a stubborn young man! The people underneath looked a little impatient at Tian Xiang’s stubborn appearance of defending Zhao Enuo.

“Brother, I advise you to leave, otherwise, we will be rude.” A man reminded Tianxiang in front of him.

“You’d better investigate who I am, otherwise, you won’t even know how I died in the future.” Tian Xiang shouted fiercely.

In an instant, the people underneath stepped back unconsciously, with some fear on their faces.

“Who is this person? It’s so horrible!”

“I don’t know, it looks strange,

he doesn’t seem to be a local!” “Is his family rich?”

The few people behind kept muttering He has been guessing the identity of Tianxiang.

Seeing the horrified look of these people, Tian Xiang was even more sure that they were a group of bullying and fearful people, so he straightened his waist even more.

“What’s your name?” someone in the crowd asked.

“My name is Tianxiang.” He replied loudly.

Suddenly, the name Tianxiang appeared directly on the phone screens of the group of people.

“I’ll go, real or fake, rich second generation!”

“President of a large domestic enterprise, sole heir!”

“Study abroad, start your own foundation!”

Among the onlookers, the girls opened their eyes wide, looking at Tianxiang in front of them, with a look of admiration and admiration.

“Let’s go, this man, we can’t afford

to offend !” “Yeah, if this offends others, they might still tell us how to die!”

Soon, the crowd at the entrance of the photo studio slowly dispersed NS.

“Master Tianxiang, can you give me your contact information?” Suddenly, a beautiful young woman ran up to Tianxiang and asked shyly with her head down.

“No.” Tianxiang said, casting a glance at her, and went straight into the hall.

The woman stayed on the spot, looking at his leaving back, a little sad.

“Okay, don’t worry, they have already left.” Tianxiang said while patting Zhao Yinuo’s back.

“Thank you.” Zhao Enuo answered softly, coughing.

“Did you catch a cold?” Tianxiang asked worriedly, placing his right hand on her forehead.

“No.” Zhao Enuo replied.

But at this time, her eyes were a little blurred.

She suddenly felt so sleepy, so sleepy. Finally, she fell straight down.

“Enoch! Wake up!”

“Mr. Zhao!”

When he woke up, Zhao Enuo was already lying in the hospital ward. Next to him, Tianxiang was sitting on the sofa, looking very tired.

“Are you awake, are you thirsty? Are you hungry?” he asked hurriedly.

Zhao Enuo shook his head lightly, without speaking.

“Are they all gone?” Zhao Enuo asked.

“Don’t worry, they’re all gone.” Tianxiang tucked the hair on her forehead for her, and replied softly.

And this scene happened to be seen by Gu Wang who had just entered the ward.

“Are you okay?” Gu Wang walked to the hospital bed and asked faintly.

He had always been very anxious, but after seeing the scene just now, his whole heart felt like he had fallen into an ice cellar, feeling cold all over.

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