Never Late, Never Away

Chapter: 2584

“If you like it, it’s no big deal. Be brave, maybe happiness is right in front of you.” The

assistant curled his mouth, a little inferior.

Who is Tianxiang, the president of a large company, and how can people appreciate him?

After the assistant reported to Zhao Yinuo about his work in the last few days, he went out to work.

Looking at the documents placed on the table, Zhao Enuo pressed his temple and continued to read.

“Madam, I’m working overtime tonight, so I won’t go back to eat.” Zhao Enuo said while holding his mobile phone while signing.

“Why are you so busy? Do you want Gu Wang to help you?” Mrs. Lin asked worriedly.

“No, Gu

Wang has been very busy recently, so don’t tell him…” But Zhao Enuo’s sudden focus on career situation made Madam Lin feel a little uneasy.

“Then are you coming back tonight?”

“Not necessarily.” Zhao Enuo replied.

“Mr. Zhao, are you still going?” the assistant knocked on the door of her office and asked.

“You go first, see you tomorrow!” Zhao Enuo waved his hand.

Although the photo studio incident has ended, it is undeniable that the credibility of the photo studio has been severely affected. Many old customers have refused to take photos anymore, and new customers detour directly when passing by the studio, which hinders the development of the studio. Zhao Yinuo tried every means to find Li Ling’s friends, but to no avail.

“Miss Li, do you know where your friends have gone?” Zhao Enuo asked anxiously in Li Ling’s office.

Li Ling got up, walked to the window, a little cold light in her eyes.

It seems that Zhao Enuo’s ability to do things is nothing more than that!

“This, I really don’t know.” She answered deliberately.

“Miss Li, if you think about it, did they really say nothing to you before they left?” Zhao Enuo asked again.

“No.” Li Ling replied.

“What? The studio is going to close down?” Li Ling asked deliberately.

“No.” Zhao Enuo lowered his head and continued to answer.

Looking at Zhao Enuo in front of him, Li Ling’s momentum was a bit compelling and a bit arrogant.

“If you can’t keep running, you can transfer the photo studio to me.” Li Ling said suddenly.

This remark really attracted enough attention from Zhao Enuo. If this word came out of Ling Chen’s mouth, she really didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, but she was really surprised when this word came out of Li Ling’s mouth in front of her. She never thought that Li Ling had been coveting her photo studio.

“Miss Li, what do you mean by this?” Zhao Enuo turned around and asked directly.

“Pop!” A

bunch of photos were thrown on the desk by Li Ling.

“Here, this is the picture your photographer took for me.” She said, pointing to the picture on the table.

Zhao Yinuo knew that there was a problem with this photo, but it was Li Ling who asked the photographer to take it like this!

“Miss Li, at first you let…”

“I went to your photo studio to take pictures. All I wanted was beauty, but your photographer took me like this. Do you think it’s appropriate? Also, don’t worry. What am I talking about, the photographer should be very clear about the purpose of taking pictures?” Li Ling said deliberately while sitting on the sofa next to her.

What she said was obvious, meaning that she didn’t care what she said to the photographer when she took the photo, but at least the photographer should take the “beautiful” effect.

“I didn’t say anything about this that day. I just thought we might have a chance to cooperate in the future, but I really didn’t expect you to do such a stupid thing to my friend now!” Li Ling shook her head and pretended Said with a very innocent appearance.

She really knows how to act! Zhao Enuo looked at the person in front of him, his eyes hurt.

“What do you want to do?” Zhao Enuo asked bluntly.

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