Never Late, Never Away

Chapter: 2593

Impossible, she can’t die!

“Doctor, please help her again, okay, you will definitely have a way, right?” Tianxiang clung to the doctor’s arm and said pleadingly.

“Sir, we have tried our best, sorry.” With that, the doctor left.

“Chen Fei, open your eyes and see if I am OK?” He turned around and hugged the person on the hospital bed tightly, shouting.

The people in the corridor sighed when they saw this scene in the ward.

“This girl is too miserable. She is gone at such a young age.”

“Yes, no luck!”

The family members of the patients next to her kept talking, looking at Tianxiang’s painful expression, very regretful.

“What did you say? The assistant had a car accident?” Zhao Enuo immediately stood up and asked loudly.

“Yes, Mr. Zhao, we just found out.” An employee said hurriedly.

“We still…” Before the employees could finish speaking, Zhao Enuo picked up the phone and ran out of the office directly.

It’s no wonder that Chen Fei didn’t rush to the coffee shop, and there was an accident on the road when co-authoring!

“Mr. Zhao, I’ll go with you!” the employee shouted from behind.

“No, I will go by myself!” As she said, she disappeared directly into the photo studio.

Probably because of the sudden cold weather, there were more patients in the hospital than before. Zhao Enuo ran to the front desk out of breath, looking very anxious.

“Which ward is Chen Fei?” she asked hurriedly.

The nurse at the front desk looked up at the person in front of him, wanted to say something, but finally pointed to a ward not far away in the corner without speaking.

“Chen Fei!” Zhao Yinuo rushed in and shouted.

I saw Tianxiang kneeling on the ground, grabbing the small hand of the person on the hospital bed, with tears on his face, looking very haggard and painful.

What’s wrong? Why is he crying? Zhao Enuo walked over slowly and looked at Chen Fei on the hospital bed seriously.

Finally, she mustered up the courage and carefully placed the index finger of her right hand on Chen Fei’s nostril…

Suddenly, she was shocked.

She just knew that Chen Fei had an accident, but she didn’t know that she was dead.

“Tianxiang, what the hell is going on?” Zhao Enuo asked with a trembling voice, tears filled his eyes.

After hearing her voice, Tian Xiang immediately raised his head with a fierce expression.

“Zhao Enuo, you are a murderer!” he roared loudly.

Suddenly, she was blindfolded. She didn’t know why the person in front of her suddenly said such a thing.

“Tianxiang, what are you talking about?” Before

Zhao Enuo finished speaking, Tianxiang ran to her in two steps and took one step, pinching her neck fiercely with a vicious manner.

“If it weren’t for you, how could Chen Fei die? If it wasn’t for you to ask her to send some ragged documents, how could something happen to her!” Tianxiang yelled and pinched her neck tightly.

Finally, Zhao Enuo understood everything.

Xu was hit, she didn’t pay attention, and she collapsed directly on the ground, her eyes dimmed.

“Why? Are you still pretending to be pitiful? Zhao Yinuo, let me tell you, I will never forgive you in my life!”

Yeah, let alone Tianxiang, even Zhao Yinuo can’t forgive herself in this life!

“Chen Fei, wake up, I’m Enoch, I’m Mr. Zhao!” Zhao Enoch climbed up to Chen Fei and shook the body of the person on the hospital bed vigorously.

But Chen Fei never opened his eyes.

“She is dead!” Tianxiang who was next to him shouted loudly.

“Impossible, she must have fallen asleep, Chen Fei won’t die!” Zhao Enuo continued to shake the corpse, muttering incessantly.

“Zhao Enuo, don’t touch her! You are not worthy!” Tianxiang threw her aside.

Finally, Zhao Enuo couldn’t help it anymore, looking at the person on the hospital bed, he cried hysterically.

The passing patient cast a pair of sympathetic eyes, and left helplessly.

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