Never Late, Never Away

Chapter: 2595

She had never seen Zhao Enuo suffering so much before. Even though they had been awkward with Gu Wang before, the two of them were only the cold war, but this time, it was obvious that Zhao Enuo had already ignored his life.

“Sister-in-law, if you are like this, Chen Fei won’t be happy in the sky.” Zhou Yang reminded her.

“Chen Fei!”

Zhao Enuo cried again, as if her tears would never end…

Looking at the people on the ground, Shangguan Nana and Zhou Yang stopped persuading…

“What to do?” Zhou Yang Asked Shangguan Nana next to her.

“I can’t help it.” Shangguan Nana replied.

The two of them can see that in Zhao Enuo’s heart, they have already defined themselves as a murderer who killed Chen Fei. No matter how others persuade and comfort, it will not help.

“Otherwise, we will use some extraordinary methods.” Shangguan Nana turned around, looked at Zhou Yang in front of her, and said seriously.

Zhou Yang was stunned for a moment. After reacting, he looked at Shangguan Nana expectantly, wondering what she could do.

“Let’s tie her home directly!”

This…is it really okay? Zhou Yang looked suspiciously at Zhao Enuo on the ground, with some hesitation.

Why is she so reluctant to listen! Zhou Yang sighed.

After thinking for a long time, the two women finally reached a consensus.

“What are you doing? Let me go! I won’t go! I want to accompany Chen Fei here!” Zhao Enuo yelled while struggling.

“Why don’t you accompany me? Chen Fei isn’t here, okay!” Shangguan Nana exhausted her strength, replied, holding Zhao Enuo’s thigh and leaving the ward.

“Let go of me! Otherwise I will be rude to you!” Zhao Enuo shouted loudly.

Shangguan Nana and Zhou Yang had already made all the preparations, and naturally they would not be mindful of Zhao Enuo’s threat.


Suddenly, Shangguan Nana screamed, her face extremely painful.

“What’s the matter?” Zhou Yang asked hurriedly.

Shangguan Nana lowered her head and looked at a row of teeth marks on her arm. That’s right, Zhao Enuo gave her a bite. In an instant, her arm bleeds.

“How are you? Quickly, put her down! Go to the doctor quickly.” Zhou Yang was about to put down Zhao Enuo.

At this moment, the two women of them, one raised Zhao Enuo’s two arms and the other raised Zhao Enuo’s two legs, the picture looked very embarrassing.

“No! Hurry up! Carry her into the car first!” Shangguan Nana shouted.

Without any hesitation, Shangguan Nana quickened her pace and walked to the car. Seeing her with a forbearing appearance, Zhou Yang felt a little heartache.

Soon, with the efforts of the two women, Zhao Enuo was finally stuffed into the car. At this time, Shangguan Nana’s arm was not just as simple as a row of teeth marks, her arm was bleeding all the time. .

“Quick, hurry up, go to the doctor…”

“Go home!” Before Zhou Yang could finish speaking, Shangguan Nana suddenly shouted.

“Nana, your arm…”

“It’s okay, there is medicine at home.” Shangguan Nana replied.

She was afraid that Zhao Enuo would have something wrong during the time he went to the doctor to rub the medicine!

“Chen Fei, where are you? I don’t need the files anymore, will you come back soon, okay?” Zhao Enuo next to him muttered as if looking for something.

“Zhou Yang, drive

quickly .” Soon, the car started, but the two women didn’t know where to go.

go home? Whose home? Mrs. Lin’s house? Now there is a child in the family. If Liangliang sees her mother turning into such a decadent appearance, she will naturally feel uncomfortable. Go back to Shangguan Nana’s house? But there is a child under one year old in her family, which is even more inconvenient.

“Go back to my house!” Suddenly, Zhou Yang said.

“No, I don’t want to go home! I’m going to find Chen Fei!” Zhao Enuo suddenly yelled like crazy.

It’s really not worrying! The two women looked at her and sighed.

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