Never Late, Never Away

Chapter: 2597

Several people next to each other kept whispering.

“Hey, what are you talking nonsense! It’s not about Zhao Enuo’s business at all!” Zhou Yang couldn’t stand it anymore and shouted directly at them.

“Who is this woman? Mad!”

“That’s right, we didn’t talk about her, why are we yelling here…”

Zhou Yang still wanted to come forward and argue with them, but was stopped by the Bobcats.

“Okay, stop making trouble.” Bobcat said hurriedly.

“Where did I make trouble? Didn’t you hear what they were talking about just now?” Zhou Yang shouted bitterly.

“Okay, it’s not peaceful here, so don’t mix it up.” The Bobcat tapped her forehead lightly and whispered.

Zhou Yang looked around and finally closed his mouth.

Zhao Enuo on the side, looking at the tombstone in front of him, the tears on his face mixed with rain, dripping to the ground, looking very sad.

“Chen Fei!”

Suddenly, Zhao Enuo ran over, clinging to Chen Fei’s tombstone.

All of a sudden, everyone was stunned.

No one thought that Zhao Enuo would make such an amazing move.

“Zhao Enuo, you get me started, and you are not allowed to touch Chen Fei’s tombstone!” Tianxiang shouted while holding her hand.

At this moment, Zhao Enuo didn’t know where the strength came from, no matter how hard Tianxiang used, he couldn’t push her away.

“What’s the matter? I want to apologize to her here?” Tian Xiang stood up slowly, snorted coldly, and said.

“I’m sorry! Chen Fei, I killed you!” Zhao Enuo leaned his head on the tombstone and cried.

The few people next to each other looked at this picture, and their expressions were full of sympathy.

“Gu Wang, don’t you care about your own woman!” Suddenly, Tianxiang shouted at Gu Wang who was next to him.

“I respect her.” Gu Wang replied in a low voice.

In a word, he almost suffocated Tianxiang to death.

Damn, this woman dared to cry cats and mice with fake mercy here!

“You get out of here!”

Suddenly, Tian Xiang used force and directly threw out Zhao Enuo in front of him.


Zhao Enuo’s head slammed directly on the tombstone next to him, and suddenly, a stream of blood flowed on the ground.

“Enoch!” Gu Wang ran over immediately.

Lying on the ground, Zhao Enuo stretched out her right hand and gently stroked Chen Fei’s tombstone with a look of reluctance. Finally, she closed her eyes. Tian Xiang looked at her coldly, then put the chrysanthemum in his hand on Chen Fei’s tombstone.

“Sister-in-law!” Zhou Yang couldn’t help it, and cried directly.

The thunder was getting louder and the rain was getting louder and louder, everything in front of him suddenly became blurred… In the

ward, Zhao Enuo was lying on the bed with a drip, his face was pale and his lips were dry. crack.

“Doctor, how is my sister-in-law?” Zhou Yang asked the doctor next to him with a trembling voice.

“Miss Zhao’s body is very worrying.” The doctor shook his head and replied with a sigh.

“What’s going on! Don’t talk nonsense!” Gu Wang immediately ran to him and asked.

“Miss Zhao is too weak, anemia, and recently overworked, some malnutrition…” The doctor explained sympathetically to the person on the hospital bed.

“However, as long as she is emotionally stable in the later stage, her body can fully recover.” The doctor said immediately.

The doctor was right, the mentality is very important, but the problem now is that Zhao Enuo has no way to get out of the shadow of Chen Fei’s death!

“Chen Fei, don’t go, please, don’t go…” The person on the hospital bed, shaking his head, while muttering in his mouth, looked panicked.

“Sister-in-law, wake up, I am Zhou Yang.” Zhou Yang shouted while shaking her body.

“Chen Fei!” Suddenly, Zhao Enuo sat up, with his big eyes open, looking at everything around him.

“Zhou Yang, where’s the assistant? Where did Chen Fei go?” She asked, clutching Zhou Yang’s sleeves, a little blood was flowing from the cracked lips, but she didn’t care.

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