Never Late, Never Away

Chapter: 2599

In fact, Zhao Enuo just wanted to divert his attention through work.

As long as people are free, they will always think wildly, and Zhao Enuo is no exception.

In the photo studio, it was still quiet and busy as always, and everyone’s face was extremely calm. Zhao Enuo knew that they were all sad for Chen Fei’s death.

“Mr. Zhao, are you okay?”

“Yeah, Mr. Zhao, are you okay?”

Several employees gathered around her, constantly caring.

“It’s okay.” Zhao Yinuo looked at them and replied with an awkward smile.

Everyone knows that Chen Fei was involved in a car accident while delivering documents to Zhao Enuo, so naturally she did not dare to mention anything about Chen Fei.

“Mr. Zhao, this is the latest order from our photo studio. Take a look.” A young girl came over and said softly.

This employee is a new assistant recruited by Zhao Enuo in the photo studio.

“Are you?” Zhao Enuo asked in a low voice, looking at the pretty girl in front of him.

“She will be your assistant from now on.” The supervisor on the side reminded.

When he heard the word “assistant”, it was obvious that Zhao Enuo’s body trembled.

In this world, there should be no more dedicated assistant than Chen Fei!

“From tomorrow, you will be their assistant, I don’t need an assistant.” Zhao Enuo replied.

The employees next to him hesitated for a moment, and did not raise any objections, so they obeyed her arrangement.

“You assign the assistant to them, will you come here busy?” Zhou Yang hurriedly asked on the sofa.

She knew that in Zhao Enuo’s heart, there was only one assistant, and that was Chen Fei.

“Come here busy.” Zhao Enuo replied.

Soon, she devoted herself to work. Zhou Yang looked at her busy and serious look, and walked away silently.

“Is she okay?” Gu Wang asked in a low voice, standing at the window.

“Sister-in-law is working hard to restore her previous state.” Zhou Yang replied on the phone.

“Well, if you have anything, feel free to contact me.” After speaking, Gu Wang directly hung up the phone.

“Mr. Gu!” Suddenly, his assistant shouted directly into the office.

“What’s wrong? Be more stable.” Gu Wang shouted loudly.

“That, M company cancelled the cooperation with our company!” the assistant panted and replied.

This news did not surprise Gu Wang. Because he knew that the current president of Company M was none other than Tianxiang.

“I see.” Gu Wang replied, waved his hand to the assistant and motioned to let him out.

“Mr. Gu…” Looking at the boss in front of him, the assistant hesitated to say something.

“Get out!” Gu Wang continued to roar.

In the office, Gu Wang sat on the sofa, took out a cigarette, and lit it directly. He hasn’t smoked for a long time, but today, his mood is really affected.

For a long time, Gu’s and M Company have had close contacts, and there has never been any mistake during the cooperation period, until the appearance of Tianxiang.

Tianxiang is the newly appointed President of M Company, and has the power to direct everything internally and externally. And this Chen Fei incident really made him hate Zhao Enuo, and naturally, he also extended his revenge hand to the Gu family.

“Big Brother, what’s the matter?” Bobcat asked in a low voice as he walked in.

“It’s okay.” Gu Wang replied, turning his face away to look at the employees outside the office.

“I don’t care what method you use, you must help me get that photo studio!” Tian Xiang said loudly in the office.

Seeing Tianxiang’s biting eyes in front of him, Old Wu felt a little embarrassed.

“But that photo studio is no longer mine now.” Old Wu hurriedly explained.

“I said, at all costs!” Tianxiang said loudly again.

It seems that he must get that photo studio! Forget it, think of a way! Old Wu picked up the phone next to him and walked out of the office slowly.

Looking at the dark sky outside, Old Wu sighed, with a trace of sadness in his eyes.

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