Never Late, Never Away

Chapter: 3379 (END)

An Tianxiang’s domestic business is in a state of steady development. Instead, it is the Swedish project that needs to be followed up and developed by itself. It starts with opening the Swedish market, thereby opening up the international market. Taking this opportunity to focus on management, the business will definitely have quality. leap.

When he came to Sweden, Yang Ning listened to An Tianxiang’s arrangement. It turns out that An Tianxiang also has a lot of industries in Sweden. Yang Ning really marveled at An Tianxiang’s business ability and looked at An Tianxiang with admiration.

“What’s wrong, looking at me so stupidly.” An Tianxiang gently stroked Yang Ning’s hair.

“Nothing, I just want to take a good look at you.”

After breakfast, An Tianxiang took Yang Ning for a walk.

“Yang Ning, are you still feeling well today? I want to drive you to see the scenery in Sweden. It’s boring to stay in the garden every day. I’ll take you out for a walk.”

Yang Ning often stayed at home alone, listened to prenatal music, accompanied by flowers, and regularly went to prenatal check-ups and prenatal classes. The rest of the time was really boring.

“Okay, Tianxiang, thank you.” Yang Ning looked happy.

An Tianxiang kissed Yang Ning’s cheek, this certain stable happiness, An Tianxiang likes to feel very at ease, this is the home he wants.

An Tianxiang drove all the way, Yang Ning looked at the rice ears and various vegetation in the field, took a deep breath of fresh air, felt happy physically and mentally, and stroked the child in his stomach.

“Baby, thank you for being in your mother’s belly.” Life can always bring joy and wash away those sad stories.

Driving, Yang Ning felt sleepy, An Tianxiang was not in a hurry, drove slowly, parked the car in front of a solemn and mysterious church, and quietly waited for his princess to wake up.

Because he is all ready.

The prince is going to give the princess a castle, a castle of love, a promise of love.

An Tianxiang looked at Yang Ning who was sleeping, not knowing what dream he had, his brows were furrowed.

Yang Ning felt the temperature on his forehead, opened his eyes, what fell into his eyes were An Tianxiang’s clean eyes and the corners of his mouth raised, An Tianxiang saw his Sleeping Beauty woke up, and kissed him, An Tianxiang was warm His lips greedily sucked Yang Ning, unable to stop, Yang Ning was also teased, but An Tianxiang was still enough.

“Let’s get out of the car and walk.” If he didn’t leave, An Tianxiang was afraid that he would not be able to control himself.

So, An Tianxiang slowly pulled Yang Ning out and walked like a church.

“This church is so beautiful, and the phone calls are average.” Yang Ning was amazed.

“Do you like it?” An Tianxiang asked.

“I really like it, thank you for bringing me here.” Yang Ning said happily, his pace quickened a lot, and he wanted to go in and have a look.

Before entering the church, I heard a happy tune coming out of the church. I didn’t know when I broke free from An Tianxiang’s hand, and I heard the sound and walked into the church.

Yang Ning was stunned, someone was going to propose in the church.

The whole church is covered with crystals and flowers, as well as a carousel, and many cute little flower girls.

As if he was a flower fairy, he was infected by this atmosphere. But there is no protagonist in the church.

Yang Ning walked towards the middle, and just as he reached the middle of the church, the music suddenly stopped.

“Yang Ning, meeting you is the greatest luck in my life. Please allow me to protect this luck. No matter what difficulties will be encountered in the future, I will shelter you from the wind and rain. Please give me this opportunity.” Tianxiang’s promise descended from the sky and surrounded the entire church.

Yang Ning was stunned by this, and he didn’t see where An Tianxiang was. The petals fell from the sky, and he was in the sea of ​​flowers. When the petals fell slowly, An Tianxiang also appeared in front of Yang Ning.

An Tianxiang knelt down on one knee, holding the diamond ring in his hand, waiting for Yang Ning’s reply.

Yang Ning was so moved by this rich atmosphere that she left tears of happiness and was speechless.

Carefully extending his right hand, An Tianxiang smoothly put his fingers on Yang Ning’s hand.

The two embraced and kissed.


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