Reborn at Thirty-Eight

Chapter: 2824

The two were watching Aunt Zhou cooking and giving instructions.

The rich lady pursed her lips, said “I know” to the other end of the phone, then put away her phone and walked to the kitchen door, quiet and well-behaved.

Big bear…

Feng Nanshu couldn’t help but grumble.

Jiang Qin turned his head and looked at her when he heard the sound: “Huh? Why are you crying?”

“No, I yawned.”

“Ah? Can’t you go to bed later…”

Feng Nanshu was frightened and couldn’t help hitting him: “I didn’t say I wanted to sleep, I’m not addicted.”

Jiang Qin looked at her: “Why are you still a little happy?”

“Because you wanted to marry me in your sophomore year.”

“Nonsense, we were pure friends in our sophomore year, and we didn’t even kiss. Later, you spread rumors in Hongrong Home that I would marry you at the end of the year, and you tricked me into becoming your husband.”

Feng Nanshu couldn’t help but kick him: “You wanted to marry me in your sophomore year.”

Jiang Qin looked at her: “I don’t admit it!”

The little rich woman didn’t care whether he admitted it or not, she already knew in her heart that her brother wanted to marry me in his sophomore year.

Jiang Qin felt strange about the inexplicable joy of his little rich woman, and felt a little guilty about her firm statement that she wanted to marry her in her sophomore year.

Time has passed too long, who knows when I, who was entangled like a Tianjin hemp flower, started to want to marry her.

Maybe it was in the sophomore year, but maybe it was earlier.

He was originally a love-brained person, and he couldn’t resist meeting Feng Nanshu. It was because his obsession in the previous life was too deep that he could keep his mouth shut.

Jiang Qin even thought about what he would say if he had the opportunity to talk to his previous life one day.

He felt that he would definitely brag, but he would not necessarily brag about how powerful the group buying was or how high the valuation was, but he would proudly say that he married a little rich woman and had a daughter with her.

Who would make money after rebirth? He was confused. He might have been reborn to marry a little rich woman.

There was no way. There was no instruction manual for rebirth, so it was understandable that he couldn’t tell what he was going to do.

After a while, after lunch, Jiang Qin dressed his little rich woman and planned to take her out for a stroll.

But when they walked out of the villa, they suddenly found a large truck parked at the door of the next door, and the workers were moving furniture in.

The man standing at the door surprised Jiang Qin.

“Old Jiang, I moved to a new house. Come to my house for dinner tonight. I will cook it myself!”

“Fuck, why did you move here?”

“Ding Xue and I have discussed buying a house here. When the child is born, we can have someone to take care of him when we go to school together.”

Jiang Qin’s eyes were full of murderous intent after hearing this. He thought, “Take care of him, take care of your sister, you idiot!”

I worked hard in the business war and finally saved up such a big fortune. Why do I always feel that there is a yellow bird watching behind me.

Jiang Qin picked up his daughter and turned to look at Feng Nanshu: “Go to bed as soon as possible after playing.”

Feng Nanshu: “?”

“Try hard to give Jiang Ainan a younger brother, teach him boxing from a young age, and protect his sister. From now on, I am afraid it will be a real business war.”

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