Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1000

The other person was not surprised at all, but said coldly: “Then we are looking for an opportunity. It is not too long since the eighth day of the eighth day. If we can’t take him back, we have to apologize with death.”

This time happened to be the time mentioned in the letter, and it happened to be Chen Feng that they planned.

“But he has been hiding in Qianjia. If he wants to take him away, he must be alarmed. The grandmaster of Qianjia cannot be dealt with at all by our people.”

After speaking, the other was also silent, and he also knew that Qianjia was great.

After thinking for a while, he said, “If that’s the case, find another chance to lead him out. Since we can use that Zhao Dong’s, then now we can use another person, as long as it is suitable enough.”

The opposite person nodded in agreement.

At this time, the owner of the shop came over with the dinner plate, and the two immediately closed their mouths, like two extremely ordinary diners.

When they finished eating the noodles, they went out, and there was a guy wearing a mask standing at the intersection.

But fearing that they would reveal their identity, both of them just glanced at them and quickly walked towards the other side of the person.

But I didn’t expect the other party to follow, his steps were not hurried, he just kept this relative distance, and could neither shake him off nor approach him.

These three people walked to the remote road, and the two people turned around and asked, “You followed us all the way, who are you?”

The other party didn’t seem to intend to take off his mask, but just smiled and said, “It’s the one who has come to take your lives.”

The two tattooed ghosts looked at him in surprise. One of them seemed to recognize him and shouted, “It’s you!”

“Since you recognize me, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, you are going to die soon.”

With that, a sharp dagger fell into his hand from the cuff.

One of the two took a step forward and said to the other: “Go back and inform everyone that he has appeared. I will stop him.”

The other person glanced at him, didn’t say much, and immediately ran towards the distance.

“Want to run? Neither of you can run today.”

The dagger in his hand flew directly towards the running back, but after passing through the person in front of him, after a sharp metal crash, the dagger was blown into the sky.

The man was holding a short stick that he did not know where he had taken out.

Even on both sides of such a remote road, street lights were erected, and the street lights were on, extending to the end of the road.

And under the street lamp, the noisy thing lasted only a few minutes, when a short sharp dagger rubbed another person’s neck and cut the blood vessel there, everything was no more suspense.

Under the light of the light, the blood splashing from the throat rose three or four feet high, like a firework tree falling on the ground, a little bit, there was a bleak beauty.

He used his cuffs to dry the blood splashed on the dagger, lowered his head and looked at the fallen corpse, but his heart was extremely quiet.

Every time they kill with a dagger, every time they watch the death of these guys, it is like a kind of redemption to him. He is more willing to believe that this is a kind of justice, a kind of justice that even gods do not want to come.

Maybe he himself was a person saved by God, he thought so.

But the other guy has long since disappeared, a little regretful, but today’s harvest has been good.

Putting the dagger away, he also left.

Chen Feng hasn’t returned for two days since he left the courtyard. Finally, after thinking about the argument with Long Ling, he felt that he had gone a little too far.

But now let him go to see Long Ling, he will feel a little embarrassed, he thought that after a while, when both of them can calm down.

Sitting on the bench in the garden of Qian’s family, a family of Qian came over.

“Shao Chen, I have your letter.”

As the man said, he handed over a piece of letter paper, Chen Feng was a little surprised, now it is rare to see such an old contact method.

However, I took a closer look, but there was nothing strange. I pinched the envelope and touched it, and there was nothing similar to the mechanism.

Then he opened the letter paper with confidence. There was only one piece of paper inside, but the paper was blank.

Chen Feng was a little strange, and again picked up the envelope and inspected it, wanting to see who sent it.

Seeing the sender’s column, the frightened person directly threw the thing in his hand.

Three words were written there impressively: pull silk thread.

He threw things out naturally because he was afraid of Qian’er’s poison, but he had been in contact for so long just now, if he was really poisoned, he might have had an attack now.

And after thinking about it, this method is not very reliable. Naturally, he will not be the first person to contact the letter.

He then took the things from the ground back to his hands.

But looking at this blank paper again, there is nothing.

Does it require any special unraveling skills, thinking about it this way, came to the pond on the side, scooped up some water with my hands, and poured it on the letter paper.

But the drops of water dripping on the letter paper only soaked the paper, and did not reveal any words.

Chen Feng glanced, returned to sit on the bench.

Putting the envelope and letter paper aside, I didn’t intend to bother.

He doesn’t have time to play such boring games with each other.

But after a while, the person who sent Chen Feng the letter just now came again, still holding a letter in his hand.

When he took it over, although Chen Feng wasn’t sure whether it was dangerous or not, he saw the three words “Pull the silk thread”, but he didn’t turn it on.

Just put it on the letter paper just now.

The person who sent the letter was a little strange, but naturally he wouldn’t say anything.

But when this incident happened three times, Chen Feng also had to be curious.

He asked the person who delivered the letter: “Did you see who delivered the letter?”

“It’s a woman.”

“Is it the same woman?”

The man nodded.

Chen Feng probably guessed that the other party might be Qian’er, but he hesitated, he didn’t know how to face it.

But thinking about it, he still went out with him.

I waited at the door for a long time, but the so-called fourth letter did not come, nor did I see Qian’er’s figure. Chen Feng felt like he was being teased again.

Maybe Qianer just wanted to tease him boringly.

Chen Feng thought for a while, and opened the other two letters.

Sure enough, it was the same as the first one. There was only a blank piece of paper. He also wiped it with water, naturally, nothing appeared.

But Chen Feng is not easy to throw them away. Maybe he will know what secrets are hidden in the end.

Just when he was about to go back, Qian Xueqiu just came back from outside, and when he saw Chen Feng, he walked over.

Chen Feng was a little surprised. At this time, Qianjia was still discussing the position of Qianjia Patriarch, but he was not there.

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